Recently, in golden wind science and technology take an active part in and drive below, can last the sources of energy is allied (Global Alliance For Sustainable Energy, allied ” of “ of the following abbreviation) hold water formally. This brand-new constituent birth aims to lead the mankind and world but durative development, achieve traditional the sources of energy through progress of science and technology to can transfer smoothly of second birth the sources of energy. The main manufacturer of report of the power company that allied origin is famous in from 17 of different area, wind and solar energy industry, guild and innovation partner are comprised jointly, include American 3M company, India science and technology of wind of board of the sources of energy of green of Enel of the sources of energy of A Dani green, Portuguese electric power, Brazil electric power, Italy, solar energy, wind energy board, gold, Spain Yiweierdeluola company. Golden wind science and technology attended the news briefing on the line that alliance establishs as virgin member unit, wu Kai of vice-president of golden wind science and technology publishs a theme to make a speech. Science and technology of “ gold wind regards wind report as the banner brand of the industry, explore resource actively in advantage of play oneself major all the time in short supply and amiable the solution that awaits the issue such as change. Golden wind science and technology is promoted with ‘ can develop continuously, achieve good life ’ to be a target in all, will in can developing a concept to carry out whole business activity continuously. In level of ceaseless promotion business management of enterprise while, with companionate joint efforts, through cooperative win-win implementation can develop continuously, in letting green concept blend in our day-to-day professional work and life. ” Wu Kai expresses, ‘ of travel of will sturdy carry out is science and technology of “ gold wind blue sky of water of human dedication green jade, keep the great mission of more resource ’ to future, drive the sources of energy to change continuously, stimulative mankind society can develop continuously. ”2018, wind science and technology built gold to be able to develop administrative system continuously, built a group to be able to develop committee, group to be able to expand the job continuously continuously the office and can last the working organization such as project group, drive fulfil enterprise society responsibility and can develop the administrative concept with become a company important continuously. Annual company basis can develop the strategy to plan to make year job plan continuously, close around sincere letter compasses manage, the respect such as environment of catenary of industry of environmental protection operation, green, fair healthy work and harmonious community concern, executive series can last project and activity, lead catenary of wind cable industry actively to be able to develop continuously, can last what be development make Jin Feng contribute. In future decision-making in running a course with operation, golden wind science and technology can develop basis U.N. the target continuously (SDGs) , international Organization for Standardization " guideline of responsibility of ISO 26000 society " , the international standard such as principle of U.N. bond decathlon, guideline or proposal, with the social responsibility of high level the requirement optimizes its management, promote the consequence of the brand further. Future, golden wind science and technology can last combination the other member in alliance, exert allied collective influence actively, attach most importance to a dot in order to cooperate with innovation, adopt what have the strategy and great ambition more to be able to expand the operation continuously, lead and drive but can last of industry of second birth energy development.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City