Golden wind science and technology will be released on April 26 the quarter reported 2022, this year first quarter, the company realizes business income 6.383 billion yuan, implementation puts in parent net profit 's charge 1.265 billion yuan, grow 15.27% compared to the same period; Implementation buckles blame net profit 1.427 billion yuan, grow 36.82% compared to the same period. In wind report dimensions of comprehensive par market is changed, custom-built turn a tide lead, company product structure is optimized continuously, straight drive permanent magnetism and ” of drive of double round of “ of course of technology of middling speed permanent magnetism ensure business grows steadily. First quarter, implementation of group of company wind electric machinery sells a capacity external 1, 411.20MW, grow 29.31% compared to the same period. Among them, product of 3S/4S of straight drive permanent magnetism sells capacity 779.50MW, grow 145.2% compared to the same period, occupy than 55.24% ; Middling speed permanent magnetism (MSPM) product implementation sells capacity 152.30MW, the four seasons spent afterwards last year after second implementation is sold, annulus compares promotion 39.4% . Look from order circumstance, up to on March 31, 2022, golden wind science and technology adds up to in hand order 16, 965.45MW, ministry of its China and foreign countries waits for executive order dimensions 13, 561.65MW, exterior win the bid to did not sign odd dimensions 2, 941.85MW. Those who deserve attention is, company MSPM product is in hand order gross 5, 450.1MW, the trend that makes company core product already was decided; At the same time company overseas market is achieved in hand order dimensions 2, 734.30MW, grow 37.7% compared to the same period, the advantage of product quality gets the market is approbated extensively. Since this year, company and market just strengthen cooperation each. In Feburary, company and have an informal discussion of 3 gorge group, both sides is will all-around, multidimensional degree begin collaboration, realize win-win; March, company and electric power sign strategic cooperation agreement, both sides is in the domain such as the sources of energy of prefectural region development, integrated wisdom will erect cooperative surveyor's pole; With the month, the wind report that the company breaths out and other places of city of close, Mu Lei, tower to invest build in Xinjiang equips industrial base in succession start working; April, company and lukewarm state municipal government establish strategic partner relationship, lukewarm state municipal government pushs supportive company level in Wen Zhou tile of far-reaching sea, big sign, float style of great capacity is windward base of 0 carbon headquarters builds cable. The company will continue to be extended steadily onshore, maritime reach overseas market, develop the trade that makes solution of banner clean the sources of energy and whole of energy-saving environmental protection to get the person that run hard.

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15-18 December

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