On May 12, report casts the sources of energy to release build wind of A Youqi 200MW about investment store the announcement of unifinication project, announcement says: The company drafts investment to build wind of A Youqi 200MW store unifinication project. This project pulls approve of bureau of the sources of energy of alliance of be apt to at obtaining A on December 31, 2021, be located in A of A Lashan west division to pull Teng Ao to hire a guard, distance A pulls urban district of alliance of be apt to to be apart from 190km point-blank, the program designs an area to be located in among 758 counties path and S218. The project builds total capacity 200MW, install the set of 40 5.0MW, configure lithium of iron of 60MW/120MWh phosphoric acid store can device. Build trends of project of a project to always invest one billion three hundred and sixty-three million nine hundred and ninety-five thousand three hundred yuan, among them store can establishment invests 181.2 million yuan (facility cost 180 million yuan, installation expends 1.2 million yuan) . With A Lashan west division report casts new energy limited company to be investment main body, among them company and Inc. of science and technology of Xinjiang gold wind hold a proportion respectively 90% with 10% . 20% what project capital gold holds total investment, the others 80% borrow money by domestic bank.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City