After target of “30·60” double carbon is promulgated, social all circles has pressed the “ that decrease carbon quickens key ” , 0 carbon became an industry to heat up a word. … of traffic of building of area of garden of 0 carbon the sources of energy, 0 carbon, 0 carbon, 0 carbon is in the instantly with climate increasingly severe problem, 0 carbon future was gifted by us too much period make, and advance green the sources of energy to replace tall carbon the sources of energy, but the only way that second birth the sources of energy replaces fossil the sources of energy is 0 carbon future. Those who serve as clean the sources of energy get run enterprise, golden wind science and technology precipitates with research and development of technology of permanent magnetism of 15 years of middling speed and inheritance of gene of wisdom of group of several typhoons electric machinery, the survey that is based on science, argumentation and technology are accumulated, hold to innovation to design a concept, roll out brand-new fan of intelligence of permanent magnetism of generation middling speed, with a series of high reliable, high income, more friendly high-powered flagship products solution locks up 0 carbon future. Deep ploughing 15 years, of middling speed permanent magnetism change also changeless     on October 19, golden wind science and technology is released brand-new product of platform of permanent magnetism of generation middling speed, include sea land product inside in all 15 type. Among them, the applicable wind area of onshore aircrew is enclothed from the limits of full wind speed in exceeding 5m/s of low wind speed to arrive, apply to collect Chinese style, large base, dispersive type, convention and high height above sea level to wait for all sorts of application setting; Maritime product side, released 9.5m/s of area of wind speed of focusing Yu Zhonggao to use the new generation model of setting. Grind one sword 15 years, give scabbard to need ability, this golden wind science and technology rolls out new product, also be to changing with changeless in exploration is forward. Changeless is inheritance of 15 years stands fast to assure with dependability. What deliver line of technology of middling speed permanent magnetism as domestic precocity is overall business, from 2006, golden wind science and technology began the technical reserve of middling speed permanent magnetism, amount to prototype of GWH100-3.0 of stage of slope city hoisting at was in in December 2009, the follow-up research that is this technology from this and product development provided a large number of data that prop up and experience. In addition, golden wind science and technology has experience of rich dimension of motion of gear case unit, can set out from client angle make the product with higher reliability; The Gao Ke of 91% relies on combinative straight drive sexual component and corresponding design system, product of permanent magnetism of new generation middling speed experiences dependability experiment countless times, all things all has, walk up downstage. Those who change is the technical course that takes all the way upgrades to be carried out with innovation. Golden wind science and technology insists to regard the core that promotes industry development as motivation with innovation of science and technology from beginning to end, the transmission catenary load that this the technical innovation advantage of new product includes to use curved quadrature torque to solve Ou is delivered optimize a design, make the core component gear case of transmission catenary and dynamo suffer the complex degree of force to be reduced substantially, with extremely shaft coupling of class of high speed of avoid of brief drive structure rotate the risk that the component brings, reduce integral load while the reliability that promotes transmission catenary. In the meantime, apply a series of foundation technologies to study achievement and intelligence control a technology to wait to ensure farther raise the quota for product reliability. The times after par, product of permanent magnetism of middling speed of new generation of science and technology of wind of gold of   of earnings growth geometry is used exceed diameter of large vane wheel, have exceed strong generating capacity. Diameter of onshore aircrew large vane wheel achieves 191 meters, it is with GWH191-4.0 aircrew exemple, can be below the premise of 4.5m/s of year of average wind speed the electricenergy production that comes true 1800+ hours, product of brunt of the generation on photograph comparing, promote yield 0.6% above. On the other hand, the pattern that extends perpendicular space wind energy to use through tall mast hoists income, this new product achieves a breakthrough on freeboard mast, tall hub height is 185 meters, can choose pure steel tower and the plan that mix a tower. At first sight, it is the earnings growth that longer impeller and taller mast bring, but the cerebra that this backside is more important is a wisdom, otherwise, fan also is “ limb only develop, shallow-brained ” . New generation product controls a technology through introducing intelligence, those who realize profit promote again. According to characteristic of wind electric field, the product can carry intelligence correctional, specific power consumption is optimized, field level cooperates with wait for core to control module, have one opportunity one plan, quantity field is custom-built, achieve “ wind to use up its to use, machine use up its can ” . Annulus netizen is good,   is in a more responsible fan associate to promote group of wind electric machinery dependability and economy further model on the foundation, product of permanent magnetism of new generation middling speed strengthened the research of annulus netizen good sex and application. It acceded permanent magnetism electric machinery + full power changes flow and netizen good sex, can more efficient answer attemper instruction, more have rendered great service of accurate implementation of essence of life, control without result, frequency, voltage; Can more flowing pass through through breakdown voltage, satisfy the requirement of different area electrified wire netting. To promote a project friendly sex, the over all dimension of product large part all undertook be controllinged strictly, engine room but fission is carried and fission hoisting, the carriage road choice, choice of construction of road of field inside and outside and hoisting car is more agile; Be based on the comfortable sex of man-machine project to design, can reasonable optimize dimensional size, make the overhaul is reached defend safety convenient. Meanwhile, environmental protection concept is perforative products plan whole segment. Aircrew has noise and operation pattern of smooth shadow flicker, rotate according to impeller frequency and environmental illumination intensity, adjust fan actively to run state, control frequency of smooth shadow flicker, the environment of contented fan is friendly quality; Fall to having the wind electric field that a confusion of voices asks, be based on acoustical source model and transmission the model is forecasted directly and control assigns a feature sound controls social estate, with achieving wind field accrual and environment the beautiful between friendly sex is balanced. Brand-new platform of permanent magnetism of generation middling speed is the new starting point that golden wind science and technology drives the sources of energy and even more industry, enterprise to march toward 0 carbon future. We will be the product of core with high quality and strong service, intelligence controls the digitlization capacity that is core, tall tower and tower crane are the project ability of core, answer feature of new-style power system to be core and net technology, and intelligent small network serves for the energy group of core, with the partner that comes from all trades and professions collective implementation “ can last, the 0 carbon of better ” did not come.

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