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Golden wind science and technology and hill steel share sign strategic cooperation agreement

On July 28, 2021, inc. of science and technology of Xinjiang gold wind (science and technology of wind of gold of the following abbreviation) as steely as Shandong Inc. (share of steel of hill of the following abbreviation) , in hill steel joint-stock company holds source of electric energy of “ green wind to develop strategic collaboration autograph to make an appointment with jointly and associated institute uncovers card ceremony ” . Below the collective testimony of leader attending the meeting, li Fei of vice-president of golden wind science and technology parts Wang Zhongxue of as standing as academy of steel of day of Shao Ming of vise general manager of hill steel stock, hill assistant dean signs strategic cooperation agreement and green advanced wind report reachs agreement of equipment institute cooperation with steely material. According to the agreement, bilateral future will combine development, new-style plank and industrialization of product of excel in steel to use a field in project of new energy resources, begin deepness collaboration. Both sides will produce the advantage of the talent of respective domain, respect such as resource and scientific research adequately, promote an enterprise own innovation ability and integrated competition ability, wait for a variety of forms through service of development of technical communication, combination, technology, undertake advanced wind report uses green jointly the research and development of steely material, equipment and application and development of project of new energy resources. The autograph makes an appointment with ceremonially, li Fei of vice-president of golden wind science and technology combines the strategy and industry backdrop, introduced bilateral collaboration chance, affirm bilateral collaboration course adequately. He expresses, in “ 945 ” program and carbon counteract overall demand to fall, both sides will spread out deepness collaboration, produce respective advantage adequately, increase the applied strength of new material, new technology, promote innovation of green low carbon, make practical carbon counteract method graph jointly. Shao of vise general manager of hill steel stock is right tomorrow the development form of the development course of hill steel share and current and steely industry undertook brief introducing. He approbates bilateral company adequately to grasp jointly held “ green, zoology, environmental protection, can last the development concept of ” , express to hope both sides cooperates through deepening, aid share of force hill steel to realize carbon to counteract jointly, make mild of green of hill steel share develop new calling card. In recent years, golden wind science and technology and hill steel share used steel domain to establish good cooperative relationship in wind report, initiate jointly established high-end wind report to cooperate with with steel material and equipment innovation center. Sign strategic cooperation agreement this, build green in all advanced wind report reachs equipment institute with steely material, it is bilateral and active answer the sources of energy to develop development of source of electric energy of wind of the strategy, stimulative green to reach quality technology to promote reflect, prospective both sides will strengthen each other to communicate collaboration, advance development of innovation of green low carbon jointly, to realize “3060” double carbon target contributes force.

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