Sina finance and economics: Culture of dimensions of simple introduction company, property, company, advocate gold of Dong Bi of answer god eagle is bright in battalion product and   of management state   : Inc. of carbon fiber of answer god eagle held water 2006 in, be subordinate to belongs to building materials group, it is the class that collect carbon fiber and research and development of its composite material, production, sale is an organic whole company of new and high technology, also be one of carbon fiber suppliers that have force domestic and internationally. On April 6, 2022, the company appears on the market successfully in Shanghai stock exchange (stock abbreviation: In answer god eagle, stock code: 688295) , become division achieve board carbon fiber. Answer god eagle remembers “ well to be motherland win honour for from beginning to end in, for the heart at the beginning of the development of ” of ethical try to make a good showing, with “ innovation, shirt-sleeve, act vigorously is entered, responsibility ” is core value, realize key of industrialization of carbon fiber of wet spinning of high-powered dry in season successfully to the technology is broken through and build home carbon fiber of 10 thousand tons of class produces base, the product enclothes excel in model, the distinct category carbon fiber such as the model in excel in, tall model, excel in tall model, apply extensively at aerospace, pressure vessel, carbon / construction of lamina of report of carbolic answer material, wind, traffic, sports is recreational wait for a domain. Sina finance and economics: Epidemic situation is affected to the company how, gold of Dong Bi of answer god eagle is bright: Below the big environment that relapses in epidemic situation, to in for the business level of answer god eagle, can go against force growth ” to generalize with “ . With was 2018 fiducial, company 2019-2021 year business income year all compound increase rate is 68.13% , profit of net putting in a mother 's charge year all compound increase rate is 226.47% . 2022, the company works first quarter the bureau is good, achieve anticipate, realized season get off to a good start. Catch node of Spring Festival key through grabbing, scientific plan is produced; During city of the harbor that connect the cloud breaks out new coronal epidemic situation, essence of life is prevented definitely accuse to use strategy, implementation all fronts is produced completely move. Up to March 2022 end, company implementation does business receive 460 million yuan, grow 229% compared to the same period; Realize profit of attributive parent net 118 million yuan, grow 200.80% compared to the same period. Sina finance and economics: Carbon counteracts setting to fall, the company is how gold of Dong Bi of answer god eagle is bright in the     that carry out goes: In answer god eagle answers call of ” of “ double carbon actively, much arrange develops simultaneously carry out travel is energy-saving fall bad news. In process of production of whole technological process, the company manages a system to be grasper with GB/T24001-2016 environment, deepness identifying produces the environmental ingredient in the process, perfect environmental management system ceaselessly, make important environment canal accuse measure, the water in pull current Cheng, gas, sound, broken bits all gets be controllinged effectively. Xining company answers clean energy act actively to implement plan, since building go into operation production is managed give priority to with ” of “ green report all the time with report, cleanness uses phone aggregate occupy than 92% . In addition, development of answer god eagle pushs work of contaminative prevention and cure in, discharge a category to make a canal control a standard according to differring. Answer god eagle optimizes manufacturing technology in 2021, reasonable use the sources of energy, integrated specific power consumption drops 12% , be judged to be environmental protection of city of the harbor that connect the cloud to notify plasticity company in of the same age. The company is in perfect production is energy-saving reduce cost while also adjusting product structure actively, increase a product to be in wind report, smooth hot season, hydrogen can, the application of the domain such as car of new energy resources, lead green of catenary of carbon fiber industry development, to realize “ society of economy of target of double carbon ” , stimulative our country develops comprehensive green transition to make positive contribution. Sina finance and economics: On product sale, the company has the experience with good what; Is sale channel what kind of? Gold of Dong Bi of answer god eagle shines in: The market of answer god eagle extends experience in basically is the characteristic decision that combines company product. Of the company advocate battalion product is “ dry in season is wet the high-powered carbon fiber that ” craft produces (T700 class, t800 class) , basically apply at aerospace and field of new energy resources. Amount to a peak to realize “ carbon, carbon neutralizes the development goal of ” , in recent years, wind report, smooth hot season and hydrogen can wait for the field of new energy resources that can develop continuously to rely on policy of industrial structural adjustment to direct, stare at “ carbon closely to amount to peak ” and “ carbon to counteract ” the sources of energy to develop a program, greeted industry high speed to send exhibition period, potential of product market space is tremendous. The company shifts to an earlier date layout makes overall plans afore-mentioned markets that use a field are developed, form strategic partner concern with the bibcock enterprise of each industry, and signed agreement of long-term strategy cooperation. Pass the powerful powerful combination with industry bibcock enterprise, drove the development rate of whole industry, active market echo constructed inside the industry in the meantime, other the client that has particular market force also expressed cooperative desire in succession, make company market has rate year after year to stabilize growth. Sina finance and economics: Gold of Dong Bi of answer god eagle is at present bright in the scale of production of the company and located in the market position and characteristic     : The key that answer god eagle took the lead in breaking through carbon fiber of T700/T800 of wet spinning of dry in season in home in manufactures a technology and implementation dimensions turns production, satisfied domestic key domain to be opposite the demand of homebred high-powered carbon fiber, solved crucial “ to block issue of neck ” technology, answer god eagle does technology of key of carbon fiber of gush wet spinning and industrialization project to have the honor to win first prize of progress of 2017 year science and technology in. Current, answer god eagle connects base of production of cloud harbor cadre in full load moves, xining first phase 10 thousand tons of base are current already overall put into production; Xining 2 period the project also is clutching in construction, predict 2023 Xining 2 period will build in succession and put into production, produce can will release further. Model of company main product is SYT49S (T700 class) , SYT55S (T800 class) , SYT65 (T1000 class) , SYM40 (M40 class) etc, among them the homebred market of carbon fiber of T700 class above is had rate more than 70% , came true to be in aerospace, carbon / recreational, traffic builds lamina of report of carbolic answer material, pressure vessel, wind, sports those who wait for applied domain is complete enclothe. Sina finance and economics: Is the management mode of the company what kind of? Gold of Dong Bi of answer god eagle shines in: In last few years, downstream market demand increases carbon fiber quickly, the product demands exceeds supply, the company is timely adjust sale strategy, through with aerospace, pressure vessel, carbon / the strategic client of the domain such as construction of carbolic answer material, traffic signs strategic agreement preferential safeguard its product is supplied, in order to enhance the stability that business manages. Sina finance and economics: Below competitive environment, where is the advantage of the company, in how answering     gold of Dong Bi of answer god eagle is bright: The company is mixed in technical method market territory respect, open up the technology that accords with company profit to be changed greatly and management course. Aid force to fall in capital market currently, the new history opportunity that grasped composite material industry to develop quickly period, change “ high end, dimensions is changed, green changes ” to regard the strategy as fixed position, continue aggrandizement technology innovates, promote dimensions the advantage, enhance core competition ability. Sina finance and economics: 3 to have inside 5 years how development plan, what specific idea does the respect such as responsibility of the outer development that extend pattern, financing, society have? Gold of Dong Bi of answer god eagle shines in: 2022 is 945 ” of “ deepen year, stand in new start, answer god eagle will be grabbed in seize opportunity, accelerate layout to grab anticipate opportunity, the company will be right enterprise of bibcock of mark international industry, promote level of management in the round, increase investment of research and development, accelerate platform of class research and development to build a course; Begin research of technology of filature of T1100 class carbon fiber, carbonization, develop product of product of high standard series to realize stable production, break through technology of key of M55J form product; In development high standard beforehand dip material product, preliminary building beforehand dip makings research and development and production system, carry high yield to taste additional cost ceaselessly; Enlarging scale of production while, strengthen design carrying a layer on the head, compose builds enterprise green to develop route chart, promote domestic own equipment, industry and applied zoology development, improve international competition dominant position further.

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