On evening exposure half an year will sign up for abb new material on August 8, the company realizes business income first half of the year 650 million yuan, decrease compared to the same period 33.95% ; Net profit thirty-two million and four thousand four hundred yuan, decrease compared to the same period 12.34% ; Implementation vest in appears on the market of company shareholder unless,buckle regular the net profit of increase and decrease thirty million six hundred and forty-five thousand nine hundred yuan, relatively on year the corresponding period decreases 17.24% .

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Does business income change the reason shows: ?

Go up at present abb already achieved series of vinyl ester colophony, particular kind lamina of series of colophony of not saturated polyester, wind report uses lamina of report of perfusion colophony series, wind to paper lamina of report of colophony series, wind to use traffic of adhesive series, orbit to use safe material series, environment with the hand friendly model.

On abb new material advocate business Wu is environmental protection high-powered anti-corrosive the research and development that lamina of report of material, wind uses material, new-style composite material to wait for new material product, production and sale. Company product belongs to new material domain, domain of downstream and main application includes energy-saving environmental protection and new energy resources two big fields. Among them domain of energy-saving environmental protection basically includes orbit traffic to use safe material and batteries of new energy resources, electric power, petrifaction, electron the project of contaminative prevention and cure of the industry such as project of electric, metallurgy, semiconductor, construction; Field of new energy resources includes wind report lamina to use material, car light quantify the respect such as material.

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