PEEK performance is so so good, steady, still need to undertake modified? Can you still undertake modified? The answer is affirmative. Get together ether aether ketone (PEEK) is current application is wide high-powered thermoplastic the project is plastic one of, have excellent mechanical performance and hear resistance, exceedingly good insulating property and intensity of Gao Kang exhaustion, stability be able to bear or endure chemical sex, and exceedingly good biology consistence, be defended at medicine of aerospace, biology, ocean by wide application and the domain such as auto industry.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
But, PEEK is material of laziness of a kind of biology, the biology laziness surface of PEEK and inherent chemical laziness restricted his to apply. Because this needs to search,the method of its surface active and wearability rises while one kind is not changing PEEK oneself good point, expand its use a field thereby. Current, the modified kind that has in the light of PEEK basically includes: Exterior modified, fill modified, polymer mixes modified in all. Exterior modified basically passes physics or chemical technology undertakes modified in the light of PEEK surface, in order to increase the tie that its surface can promote biology member, fill modified and the preparation that mix modified to basically apply at composite material in all, improve its tribology performance. Exterior modified PEEK has received wide application in domain of biology medical treatment, be in especially respect of artificial bone joint. PEEK is material of laziness of a kind of biology, inside embedded human body when won't produce undesirable reaction. But, when should needing to undertake bone conformity directly between embedded content and host organization, the wetability with PEEK inferior surface restricted cellular conglutinate and protein to absorb, this meeting reduces the cut heal capacity in bone conformity. The exterior modified that undertakes through physics or chemical technology can raise PEEK surface active, current, main exterior modified method has radiation to handle law, plasma to handle law and chemical solution to handle a law to wait. Radiation handles a law to have high resolution, Gao Cao to make the characteristic such as speed, low cost, the appearance that can improve PEEK is active. If somebody applies pulse laser to undertake to PEEK surface modified is handled, discover the addition as laser power strength, the osculatory horn of PEEK surface is reduced, freedom can be mixed cut stick receive intensity to increase accordingly. Still research issues will transparent qualitative acerbity methylic acrylic preparation to be in in ultraviolet illuminate PEEK surface, the PEEK surface after making clear processing has better biology consistence and hurried to fight ability of cellular ossification become divided. The graft that causes through ultraviolet ray is aggregate, in PEEK surface preparation an acrylic acid (AA) polymer, result discovery AA can arrive through ultraviolet illuminate graft PEEK surface, the PEEK surface wetability that passes modified and tribology function get ameliorative, the PEEK coefficient of friction after modified is about 0.021, and it is about without the PEEK coefficient of friction of processing 0.282. Laser radiate and ultraviolet radiate have response rate fast, finished cost is low characteristic. This method can be passed introduce a target luscious group comes luscious change polymer face, and do not change its whole character, the appearance that improves PEEK further is active. The exterior modified that handles through plasma is used extensively at polymer material. Research application plasma handles a law to undertake modified to PEEK. The result makes clear, put in polar group in PEEK plasma surface (C=O and COO) , and the chroma of this kind of polar group and exterior freedom can be put in certain dependency. The concentration of the polar group of the PEEK appearance that handles via plasma is higher, increased exterior freedom further can. The research such as Gan Kang discovers, the appearance of form of accept rice form to PEEK and exterior chemistry have modified of nitrogen plasma surface to be affected significantly, can enhance its biology active and the function that fight bacterium. A. The research plasma gas such as Dupuis is air, nitrogen and argon gas respectively, the result makes clear, in base material apparently the polarity of graft is luscious round property depends on uses gas, nitrogen and air plasma processing can raise PEEK surface active significantly. Use air applies Central Africa to often go to the lavatory in industry as plasma gas, can reduce production cost greatly, and can change the face processing equably, did not cause a harm to the environment. In addition, chemical solution handles a law to also can improve the performance of PEEK. Liu Lyuhua undertook exterior phosphation to PEEK, the result makes clear, the PEEK that the phosphoric acid modified of 30% handles has the exterior active of actor, the second birth that it is bone offerred more advantageous appearance, this increased orthopaedics and dentistry embedded content faces the latent capacity in bed application in future. Besides onefold processing technique, researcher still handles physics law and union of photograph of chemical processing law to undertake to PEEK modified is handled. Handle a law to combine preparation through handling plasma law and chemistry for instance the PEEK of phosphatic modified. The result makes clear, modified of its hydrophoby surface is hydrophily surface, maintained primitive exterior form appearance and surface roughness at the same time. Compare with unsettled PEEK photograph, drawing force added one times. Modified of fill modified fill is normally add in raw material enhance material in order to achieve the goal of modified. Be aimed at the fill modified of PEEK, oxide of fiber, metal, inorganic filling can be added to wait in raw material. This method can improve the partial blemish of PEEK, improve the integral performance of material greatly. 1. Fiber carbon fiber (what CF) increases is thermoplastic polymer composite material has superior performance, be spent like Gao Gang and high strenth, good machinability, small hot coefficient of expansion. Researcher adds CF the with raising PEEK tribology performance in PEEK. Picture graph source: Share Zhao Xiaoduo grinds to wait in use hot pressing to shape legal system had PEEK / CF composite material, the result makes clear, what the water of composite material contacts horn to compare pure PEEK is small, exterior wetability rises, and it is when CF content 25% when the coefficient of friction of composite material and wear rate are low, it is about respectively 0.11 with 2.5×10-6mm3 / (N·m) . Fibre glass (because GF) has tall stiffness, high standard to measure wait for a characteristic with high carrying capacity and be regarded as to enhance material to be used at enhancing polymer material. Li Enzhong studied GF enhances PEEK composite material to lubricate in dry attrition and water the attrition below the condition wears away behavior. The result makes clear, as the addition of load, the coefficient of friction of PEEK and PEEK/GF composite material and wear rate increase gradually, tend eventually stable. Compare with pure PEEK photograph, the coefficient of friction that in water lubricant condition issues and wear rate are PEEK/30%GF composite material respectively 0.11 with 5×10-5mm3/(N·m) . 2. Grain of metallic oxide wear-resisting has the characteristic such as tall hardness, tall brittleness normally, be like ZrO2, the grain of pottery and porcelain such as SiO2, in PEEK fill metal and its oxide can raise his mechanical function and tribology function. What composite material can rise in adding ZrO2 to PEEK is microscopical hardness, improve the tribology performance of composite material. The research such as Song Jian makes clear, the coefficient of friction of the PEEK compound coating of the fill of grain of ZrO2 accept rice of 5% is low, it is about 0.12, compare with pure PEEK photograph, reduced 49% , of PEEK/ZrO2 compound coating wear away mechanism is mixed for adhesive wear spend abrasive gently to wear away. The affiliation of grain of ZrO2 accept rice raised the hardness of composite material, improve its tribology performance thereby. To improve the performance of composite material further, still can mix metallic oxide grain the fill when fiber adds wild phase to be the same as is in PEEK, use the compound effect that adds wild phase to improve PEEK performance. Peng Chunzheng use double screw to squeezed a legal system to have grain of accept rice ZrO2 enhances PEEK/CF composite material. The result makes clear, mix into can improve the drawing performance of composite material effectively into grain of accept rice ZrO2. It is when ZrO2 content 10% when, the tensile strength of composite material and quantity of drawing flexibility model are 150MPa and 11GPa respectively, rose respectively 16.5% with 28.19% . The introduced through reducing the stress on CF interface to center effective ground to restrain CF invalidation of accept rice ZrO2, low coefficient of friction can come true below taller sliding velocity. Particle of SiO2 accept rice and particle of ZrO2 accept rice have similar physical quality. Liu Houbao in contain the short carbon fiber of 7.5% (SCF) increases the particle of SiO2 accept rice of 7.5% is added in PEEK, the result makes clear, particle of SiO2 accept rice improved the weak interface felt between fiber and matrix, as a result of the stronger interface interaction between filling and matrix, the coefficient of friction of composite material of SiO2 of / of PEEK / SCF and wear rate are respectively 0.16 with 0.62×10-6 Mm3 / (N·m) , did not reduce with the score of composite material photograph that did not add SiO2 16% with 29% . 3. Inorganic filling black lead has exceedingly good conductivity, thermal conductivity, chemistry stability and self-lubricating the gender. Because of its superior performance is regarded as to add wild phase to be added in of all kinds material. Black lead is added in PEEK the tribology function of ameliorable composite material, researcher had a large number of research to this. The preparation such as Shang Yingshuang PEEK/ graphite composite material, consider to make clear, compare with pure PEEK photograph, the coefficient of friction of PEEK/ black lead is inferior, because the structure of typical layer shape in the black lead in attrition wear process is formed in the surface of composite material,this is self-lubricating film. It is when black lead content 25% when, the coefficient of friction of composite material and wear rate are low, it is respectively 0.35 with 7.0×10-6mm3 / (N·m) . In addition, the bead way of black lead is smaller, interfacial union is better, can improve the wearability of composite material and mechanical performance effectively. The preparation such as wear-resisting modified PEEK Lin Leyu composite material of graphite of / of PEEK / SCF studies its tribology function. Study the result makes clear, should add SCF and mark of black lead quality to all be 10% when, the coefficient of friction of composite material is about 0.15. Because be in attrition process,this basically is, composite material surface generates self-lubricating film. MoS2 is good solid body like black lead together lubricant material. The research such as M.Zalaznik makes clear, it is when the content of MoS2 5% when, PEEK/MoS2 composite material has the tribology property of actor, coefficient of friction and wear rate are respectively 0.45 with 2.22×10-6 Mm3/(N·m) , did not reduce with score of pure PEEK photograph 25% with 20% . The reason that MoS2 and black lead improve to function of composite material tribology is same, it is in composite material the surface formed to have self-lubricating the move film of function, lowered the coefficient of friction of composite material and wear rate. When the advantage of fill modified depends on preparation composite material simple and efficient, the compound effect that can use a variety of data improves the blemish of raw material. But often meet in fill of fiber of the application when fill modified and inorganic stuff stuff the consistence of occurrence material is poorer, be like the blame polarity property of CF and low wetability, make the interfacial agglutinate sex between CF and PEEK matrix poorer, affect the integral performance of composite material. The fundamental that polymer mixes modified in all in all is principle of similar photograph dissolve, pulling force of solubility value, surface is large between the material that because this undertakes,mixes in all small must close. PEEK and material of other high polymer mix the composite material of preparation to be able to have the integral performance that mixes material in all in all, basically introduce PTFE here, get together benzene sulfur aether (PPS) and get together ether sulphone (PESU) . PTFE has a lot of superior performance, for example low attrition, high temperature resistant the chemistry with stability, this makes its become ideal filling. Cai Zhenjie honest legal system that adopts high temperature mould pressing had composite material of PEEK / PTFE, as the addition of PTFE content, the hardness of composite material and intensity all drop somewhat, coefficient of friction is shown reduce a current, after the wear rate of composite material is reduced first, lift, it is when the content of PTFE 5% when, composite material has low wear extent, the experiment undertakes below dry attrition condition the wear extent of 2h is 1.0mm3 about. Additionally research makes clear, compare with phase of pure PEEK data, the wear rate of the PEEK/PTFE composite material that adds 25%PTFE is former 1/10. PPS and PESU all are belonged to high-powered thermoplastic the project is plastic, have good mechanical performance to reach be able to bear or endure exceedingly goodly chemical sex. Ma Zhonglei pass melt in all mix up squeezes a composite material of PPS of / of methodological preparation PEEK to study its are mechanical function. Study the result makes clear, the tensile strength of composite material of PEEK / PPS and impact strength are higher than pure PEEK, the crystallization of composite material is spent also prep above pure PEEK. The preparation such as M.Sharma compound coating of CF of / of PEEK / PESU, study the result makes clear, of PEEK basically wear away the micro-crack that mechanism causes for fatigue invalidation; Of amorphous PESU wearing away basically is cause as a result of the transverse crackle of plasticity area destroy, the accretion of PESU improved the consistence of fiber and matrix, because this improved its tribology performance. The common characteristic that polymer mixes modified and fill modified in all is modified means simple, efficient, free from contamination. But of PEEK mix modified in all can of bureau be confined to and other high polymer mix, restricted the accretion of the material such as inorganic filling, metal and its oxide, this limitted the function such as its hardness, intensity greatly rise. In will working in the light of the research of PEEK henceforth, the modified that should take the following respects seriously studies: (1) PEEK is in the position of biology medicine domain is very significant, PEEK regards artificial bone as articulatory substitute, its surface active affects the cut heal ability in bone conformity directly. Can wait for means to study PEEK base material expects further through exterior modified and preparation composite material after embedded human body, the exterior active with the PEEK when bone conformity undertaking between host organization is mixed to cellular conglutinate the influence circumstance that protein absorbs. (2) PEEK application is when industrial domain, the means such as the interfacial consistence that can add wild phase through adding and raises PEEK and fiber, inorganic filling and metallic oxide to wait, improve the mechanical function of PEEK and tribology performance further. (3) uses PEEK to undertake 3D prints artificial joint false body to already had the case inside successful and embedded body, but about its biology tribology function studies less, the applicable 3D technology that print will shape henceforth PEEK material is artificial and articulatory false body, study performance of its biology tribology further.

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