Current, 30 thousand tons when machinery of You Tianhua chemical industry and design of limited company of automation research designing institute make / year get together benzene aether (PPE) colophony drier synthesizes data limited company to move smoothly to already exceeded half an year in Jiangsu Nantong stars, the “ that solved the dryer inside the industry to need an import blocks neck ” problem, the home that help strength is large get together production of benzene aether colophony achieved new breakthrough. Get together benzene aether spends tall project as entrance depend on sb or sth for existence plastic one of, hair be includinged changes appoint industrial policy coachs catalog encourages kind of construction project. Because its produce technological process long, engineering technology camp of complex, technology is tall, a few enterprises master only minority on international 10 thousand tons of class get together benzene aether industrialization manufactures a technology. Long-term since, the market gets together benzene aether material basically relies on an entrance. 2005, the Nantong stars below chemical group division develops new material research and development to create a dominant position, built cover 10 thousand tons of class to get together benzene aether industrialization produces device, came true at that time get together of benzene aether material homebred change, cast off get together the situation that benzene aether counts an import for a long time. But the core equipment of dry unit in device still unfulfilment is homebred change, the American Bepex high speed that needs to rely on many entrance makes combination of lever type drier smooth with a rake to use. But this entrance facilities exists in producing a course crystal is easy cost of broken, investment specific power consumption of big, production tall, after service is not seasonable wait for a problem. How to search “ to block breach of neck ” technology, raise product quality, economic installation cost, accelerate a project to build plan, break foreign equipment technology forestall? In Nantong stars 30 thousand tons / year get together in construction of benzene aether project, day China courtyard and Nantong stars combine bilateral advantage look, join forces assault fortified positions 10 thousand tons of class get together benzene aether industrialization manufactures a technology. They get together Nantong stars large dryer serves as benzene aether project homebred change tackle key problem project, establish dryer indigenous chemical industry is made group, begin from small-scale test, understand drier stage by stage rate, master dry maths model, affirm dryer type and norms, in technological process, production quality of operation, product is optimized wait to the respect communicates for many times and be discussed, decide dimensions changes the core equipment parameter that production needs eventually. In producing initial stage to debug a process, drier appeared problem of sealed leakage makings. For this, bilateral from equipment sealed structure is improved, craft cop and hand of dissolve of operation parameter actor, this one difficult problem was solved inside shorter time, this item construction makes new generation 30 thousand tons / year get together benzene aether project. Via this “ one battle ” , day China courtyard came true to get together benzene aether device is dry and unit of core equipment homebred change, nantong stars also became minority to be able to get together two kinds benzene aether the manufacturing unit of engineering technology industrialization. At present this device is produced can can amount to 50 thousand tons / year, and the product is broken lead stability of low, quality tall, drier maintains output of simple, only station big, adaptability is strong, each index all satisfies manufacturing need, can replace entrance facility completely, in get together benzene aether industry is in lead position.

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