Be in to extend fiber to enhance composite material the applied limits of wind report domain, german Saertex company was developed new-style pull crowded product AERplanks, will complement perfect Liang Maoyong of lamina of this company fan to be not curly fibre glass and system of product of carbon fiber fabric. In last few years, this company is being developed new-style draw crowded profile product line, raised product strength and stiffness respect to begin a large number of works. Product line will begin operation in Saertex headquarters plant. SAERplanks is new-style draw crowded product line with big silk bundle carbon fiber is a foundation, use new technology production, need not traditional impregnation chamfer. “SAERplanks series product has two large dominant positions. On one hand, union of its photograph of system of new-style and jumbly colophony carbon fiber and AOC got new data system; On the other hand, be based on enclosed colophony injection system developed a kind of new technology, manufacturing efficiency is taller, ”Saertex pulls Hans Plug of crowded business manager to express. The existing product photograph on “ and market is compared, new technology offerred a kind of production methods that can last more, acquired quality more stable pull crowded product. ”AOC is the high-powered jumbly colophony that Saertex develops technically, the production that can produce efficiency and low percent defective contented function dependability, high asks. Develop iteration and meticulous experimental design through many second product, researcher can have undertaken upgrading to colophony composition and critical process. From this, the technological equipment of Saertex can move steadily continuously, realized product quality promotion and function to optimize thereby. Additional, saertex expresses, besides the development of crowded to pulling product, still will continue to use one-way belt and much axial fabric to have thorough research to wind report. For instance, this company developed a Bo towing tie that the name is Easy Drape recently one-way belt product, have carbon fiber of a new-style Liang Maoyong additionally one-way strip makings will be rolled out at the near future.

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15-18 December

New York City