Germany the scientists of structural wear and systematic dependability institute developed Fulaoenhuofu to use fiber one kind only of plastic composite material light quantify batteries to encrust.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
In the course that produces batteries case, in inserting prefabricated component what develop technically for this to note model pattern, next infuse bubble core. The treatment of crust of fiber composite material can be finished inside dichotomy bell. What by the Fulaoenhuofu that is located in Germany to amount to Musidate structural wear and systematic dependability institute develop is light quantify batteries to encrust used fiber plastic composite material. According to the expert introduction of LBF institute, the battery that makes with aluminium encrusts photograph comparing, fiber is plastic the batteries of composite material encrusts weight decreased 40% . This kind of design reduced the mobile quality of electric car not only, and because increased compositive function, still increased the add boat ability of electric car and dynamic performance. The efficient technology that uses special development makes encrust as a result of batteries, and have specific structural design, can realize production with very low cost so. According to the expert introduction of LBF institute, what design according to car is different, the mechanical construction that batteries includes can occupy the 30% above of its total mass. "To gravitational energy density increases below the condition that does not change batteries technology, be about to reduce weight of structure of instrument of batteries charter flight. "Researcher emphasizes. He thinks, in light quantify a domain, specific aim ground uses fiber plastic composite material has apparent latent capacity: "However, the solution must have cost competition ability, consider fire prevention this one crucial link. "  fast profit from former the institute made a LBF of   of   of craft of interlining of fiber composite material increase one kind by successive fiber thermoplastic plastic of the sandwich structure that makes light quantify batteries to encrust. For this, study the group used a kind of new-style technology, efficient bubble inject shapes with thermoplastic photograph of glass reinforced plastics is united in wedlock, namely so called former a craft of interlining of glass reinforced plastics. According to expert introduction, this kind of craft should be OK the production inside the time that influences in dichotomy bell goes out light quantify batteries to encrust finished product, and need not undertake an aftertreatment. Differ with traditional metallic construction material and workmanship, the function such as the adiabatic ability that production battery encrusts is OK and compositive in same technology measure. What become by fiber composite material and suppress of ply of so called grid is light quantify batteries to encrust the case that this structure makes by fiber composite material mixes the light 40%   of the material that compare aluminium batteries composition. Housing is comprised by the UD adhesive plaster of SABIC company, the consolidate after be being braided first. The pane ply pressing plate that produces move of this one craft next shapes beforehand, in the mould of mixture bubble inject that inserts its two sides special development. There is bubble of whole of infuse of specific aim ground between layer pressing plate, formed the case that has overburden of fiber composite material and bubble core capable person. Structure of interlining of adaptability of stress of this kind of load aims to produce high proportion to measure mechanical performance, the material that still can reduce place to use pressing plate of layer of fiber composite material at the same time is devoted. Outside the craft that is based on the efficient production that structure of interlining of fiber composite material has batteries encrusts besides development, the researcher of LBF institute still was developed be based on simulative method. Profit from this, manufacturing quality can be forecasted before production begins, simplified greatly thereby initial design and production.

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