Airline will be in GE to did not develop multinomial ground and flight test in order to explore new revolutionary technology, next generation trade that are used at may beginning to enlist in army in acting 2030 metaphase use plane motor. Airline expresses GE, advanced engine framework, if open thrust of type fan, mixture report to be mixed into the system new compact model engine core design, will make the crucial item that attention deserves after was being reached 2022. Besides make these technologies mature besides, airline still supports GE increase those who replace fuel to use with usability, can last for example aviation fuel (SAF) and hydrogen. GE airline thinks, revolutionary technology and replace fuel to come true in aviation industry commercial flight is clean 2050 the respect of long-term climate target that 0 carbon discharge will produce crucial effect. Fan opening type and   of   of CFM RISE plan since GE airline took the place of 1980 second since rolling out fan of the path that do not have contain, design of engine of fan opening type has rotated through only course the new method such as lamina of fan of carbon fiber composite material and fixed exit guide vane becomes simpler, lighter. Group of GE airline He Saifeng was started jointly in June 2021 can last engine is innovated (RISE) plan, the target is compare with current and efficient engine photograph, will oily bad news and carbon dioxide discharge capacity reduce 20% above, core is advanced propulsive efficiency. Regard RISE as the one part of the plan, mature technology will become the basis of next generation CFM engine, this engine may take the place of 2030 metaphase investment is used. GE is developing his to issue generation engine technology to cover at present, include framework of type fan engine, mix dynamoelectric advance and advanced heat government idea. Mix dynamoelectric     Summer 2021, bureau of American space navigation (NASA) announce the airline that it is GE offers report to advance a flight to demonstrate (the fund that EPFD) plans. In more than 10 years before this, airline is advancing GE all the time the electrification of plane and engine system, its engineer developed those who mix electric system each component, include electromotor, dynamo and power source converter. Adopt the plan with NASA, the million made of baked clay class that airline matures development mixes GE dynamical system, use 340B of improvement Sa rich company to fly experiment platform and from some CT7-9B eddy axes engine, predict to undertake in acting 2020 metaphase the ground and flight experiment. Smaller core, a technology that RISE of taller efficiency     is researching in the plan is compact model engine core machine. In the plan of the dollar of another value millions that announces in NASA 2021 the end of the year, airline obtained GE to check to change the contract that machine of core of new reaction engine designs with maturity, incorporate compressor, firebox and high-pressured turbine technology, in order to improve thermal efficiency. Develop radical of pottery and porcelain composite material also is to raise fuel efficiency to reduce discharged crucial share thereby. Airline predicts GE will be in this 10 years undertake the ground experiments later on. Can last aviation fuel (SAF)     on December 1, 2021, operation of use 100% SAF of American combination airline wear passenger transport flight number, this airliner provides power by CFM LEAP-1B engine. This historic flight broke through the mixture scale of SAF at present the limitation of 50% . The SAF that at present approval uses is the mixture of oil radical Jet A or Jet A-1 fuel and SAF constituent, limitation of large mixture proportion is 50% . Use 100% SAF is meant do not need to mix with traditional jet fuel. In fact, once had undertaken the SAF of 100% flies in the past, but of this second flight lie distinctly to be together at mixing the SAF of two kinds of different types, obtain complete “ to add what use ” namely to be able to synthesize jet fuel continuously namely. “ is added namely mean with ” namely need not change engine or infrastructure to be able to use fuel, and can be used at current aviation equipment. Airline has planned GE to had the trial flight of more 100% SAF 2022, include to be in nearly enlighten Bai Hang is exhibited on the announced plan that carries Ha Dehang to cooperate for nothing with aviation of A couplet chief of a tribe and A. Mix now future, airline and CFM engine can use all GE the SAF of classics approval, these SAF are used replace a gender to raw material produces treatment through specific technology and be become, by replace raw material and craft production, with photograph of oil radical fuel is compared, can reduce lifecycle carbon to discharge.

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