Recently, cong Yuedong exposes group of electric machinery of a batch of maritime wind start shipment of haven of garden of industry of harbor of advent of benefit of in relief city, send the project of Dogger Bank of maritime wind electric field with past big England. This is to approve by General Electric Company (GE) the Haliade-X13MW of great capacity that assembles production in base of general assembly of group of electric machinery of maritime wind of Jie Yang city is windward electric machinery group. “Haliade-X” is general and electric give muscularity, power at present unit of strong maritime wind cable. Base of general assembly of GE Jie Yang approves large part of series of maritime wind electric machinery to deliver goods. Uncover exposure of data of in relief government, this aircrew is designed according to grade of IEC-IB wind speed, can answer the extreme weather such as the typhoon effectively, maintain safety, efficient, stable operation, apply to southeast to wait for a typhoon littoral the maritime wind electric field of active maritime space. 2019, GE uncovers base of in relief general assembly to start construction, it is general and electric a base of general assembly of group of maritime wind electric machinery in Asian layout, august 2021 put into production. This year in Feburary, base success consign batch of Haliade-X13MW set that assemble production. “ this base will continue to devote into benefit to come next prefectural sea is windward chain of electric industry garden is allied, be made through developing high end and swim up and down supplier resource advantage, promote development of industry of energy of green low carbon actively, the cogent Jie Yangbin that help strength ‘ of sea new developed area development of two garden ’ builds one wall. ”GE uncovers base of in relief general assembly to say about chief. According to Guangdong province government released in December 2021 " Guangdong saves marine economy to develop 945 ” of “ to plan " , project of maritime wind cable invests 90 billion, in relief Changjiang Delta of maritime space of canal of key construction province is roc island, sanded gather up, Qing Zhou, outside Zhan Jiang collect, Xu Wen, new small house, zhuhai laurel hill, Jin Wan, benefit city harbor, the lake after Shan end, a cycle of sixty years, head of spring of the god that uncover this world, Shan straps the project of maritime wind cable such as the door, sea door. The municipal government that uncover this world also will be released in September at of the same age " the executive plan that windward cable project develops stimulative of great capacity of the city that uncover this world in order and relevant industry can develop continuously " . This plan plans, advance benefit to come the county faces harbor industry garden construction of industry of maritime wind cable, according to mode of ” of harbor of mother of report of “ maritime wind, build base of catenary of entire industry of maritime wind cable. To 2025, whole mechanism of report of whole town maritime wind is built produce per year can achieve 272, system of form a complete set 500, build dimension of sea labour, carry and form a complete set basically to assemble base.

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