◆ electron gauze is goods of Bo fine high end, cloth of extremely tall electron produces industry technology camp technology is relatively sophisticated with Yan Ke, product quality and precision demand are very high, it is important that aftertreatment link is, industry technology camp, capital camp is extremely accordingly tall.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Gauze of electron of ◆ our country rises abruptly along with PCB industry, 5G drives welcome trend of demand of ① of   of   of golden age: 5G radical station is frivolous to electronic cloth change, high frequency the requirement that change rises, benefit good high end is ultrathin, paper-thin and high-powered electron cloth; Electronic product more incline to intelligence is changed, miniaturization, 5G changes machine tide to will drive promotion of permeability of high-end electron cloth; IC encloses substrate homebred replace, become high-end electron cloth to apply new a place with a draught. ② supply structure: PCB group to move, industrial catenary upper reaches obtains growth opportunity. Our country is area of production of big Bo fine, electronic market is occupied than 12% . Domestic electron gauze is in produce produce can 792 thousand tons / year, CR3 city is occupied rate 51% , produce with bibcock enlarge in recent years give priority to, the industry spends farther promotion centrally. But home is produced can be in centrally in the roving spun yarn of low end, high-end domain still is in start level, grand and, smooth far, megalith increase strength of research and development continuously. ③ market judges: The demand of smartphone of communication of car of short-term benefit from benefit from is driven, predict electronic gauze whole demands exceeds supply first half of the year this year, supply and demand of second half of the year tightens a balance; Low end electronic gauze is periodic remarkable, price elasticity is big. Judge for a long time, add via calculating electronic gauze fast add with PCB production value fast for close, predict hopeful of electronic gauze crop achieved one million five hundred and ninety-seven thousand four hundred tons 2024, hopeful of electronic cloth crop achieves 5.325 billion meters, corresponding market of 6.39 billion dollar, year compound add fast 11.2% . ◆ key pays close attention to thick cloth and bibcock of high-end domain fractionize: Megalith and grand with megalith of   of science and technology: Enterprise of bibcock of thick cloth domain, battalion of goods of electronic Bo fine receives 1 billion yuan. Company program 2017~2022 year add electronic gauze newly to produce per year can 180 thousand tons (corresponding cloth of 800 million meters of electrons) , fine of implementation electron Bo always is produced can, city is occupied rate amount to 20% . Cost entire industry is small it is company core competition ability, prospective hopeful degree of finish, thickness develops simultaneously, with low end cloth is a foundation, domain of the high end in marching. Grand with science and technology: Bibcock of high-end electron cloth, minority has paper-thin cloth one of manufacturers of productivity. As poor as the company of big pool kiln such as Bo of megalith, peaceful dissimilation competes, income of high-end electron cloth is occupied in than 98% . Modificatory collect casts a project to be Huang Shihong and manufacturing 5G special electron cloth, future will replace entrance raw material by the electronic gauze of own production, cost hopeful is reduced 10% . Author: Poplar smooth

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