A few days ago, england studies without what spin company of cloth manufacturer TFP the report shows, fragrant black silk ribbon is not had spin cloth to use as when layer of composite material surface, can protect composite material component effectively, avoid attrition to wear away.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Pledge gauze of fragrant black silk ribbon can make the component has extremely fast face gently bright and clean degree, it is appliance of substrate of stop a car of roller of high speed composite material, car, motion to wait for the application that needs to bear to chafe continuously to offer durable sacrificial layer at the same time. And normally the circumstance falls, chafe continuously wear away to produce adverse effect possibly to the function of composite material, shorten significantly the service life of the product. The composite material plank that should consider to at the same time correspondence is used and do not apply layer of surface of gauze of fragrant black silk ribbon undertook chafing wearing away checking, with test and verify its effectiveness. Choose fabric carbon fiber to enhance epoxy resin plank to be test object, through selling disk type attrition to wear away experiment opportunity comes those who check sample be able to bear or endure the change that attrition abrasiveness can follow time. The result makes clear, gauze of fragrant black silk ribbon reduced the coefficient of friction of composite material surface significantly, should achieve contrast of group sample wear away degree needs 5 times time at least. By nature, after using yarn of fragrant black silk ribbon, component surface suffers wear away degree is reduced apparently, by wear away the material loss that cause becomes little apparently. This one conclusion is in the electron is microscopical into in resembling a process, also got confirming. The composite material that used surface layer of gauze of fragrant black silk ribbon board express facing only fiber of fragrant black silk ribbon is damaged, but did not rupture, lower level carbon fiber enhances body to not was damaged to was not exposed even come out. And contrast the carbon fiber fabric of group sample happened apparent rupture or injure. The test explained layer of sacrifice of fragrant black silk ribbon defends be opposite in the process in the surface as a result the significant protection action of composite material, this application raised the durable sex of composite material considerably, prolonged the service life of component.

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