In recent years, organic silicone fights oxidisability and heat-resisting exceedingly goodly to be able to bear or endure because of having await function, be expected at besmear by wide application paint, adhesive and organic silicon are plastic wait for a domain. Expand what use a field as economic development and organic silicon ceaselessly, the rate that organic silicon market increases with prep above economy all the time is having all-around development. Develop strategic alliance according to silicon industry green (SAGSI) statistic, although suffer effect of new coronal epidemic situation, silicone of 2020 main areas consumed gross to still grow 0.5% , it is 78 thousand tons / year. Be different from organic silicone to be stabilized in the demand of area of Euramerican and other places, in recent years, build building materials, electron as home electric the flying development that reachs industry of medical treatment sanitation, also begin to come true to grow steadily to the demand of silicone, this is behaved especially go up in the import growth to high-end silicone. In recent years silicone year consumption growth is maintained in 10% the left and right sides; Predict silicone consumption will achieve forty-four thousand nine hundred tons 2025, year all grow 12.8% . Dimensions of market of organic silicon estate is 60 billion, among them monomer takes an in part each with intermediate body 23 billion, product of product of the electronic group group that pack is occupied 37 billion; At present market monomer is produced with intermediate body can serious superfluous, go into operation of most monomer unit leads inadequacy, cause loss. In industrial chain profit, monomer is occupied about 10% , intermediate body is occupied 20% , electronic group takes an in part each with the group that pack 70% , profit is centered at electronic group and segment of product of the form that pack for the most part, and future as consumption level rise and upgrade, market demand can expand further. 0792-3170696 is different from the downstream product of other and organic silicon, silicone estate development is slower, technology of production, application is relatively backward, at present still with in the product of low end is given priority to, although company of a few home realized silicone of a few high end self-sufficient with exit, but the brand still depends on a large number of high end silicone to be imported from abroad at present. And company of domestic silicone production is medium and small businesses more, its dimensions small, product ability of research and development of onefold, technology is weaker, facing the tide of farther conformity. Compare the industry that waits for opposite maturity at silicon balata, silicone industry market has not mature, application development strength is insufficient, high-end silicone faces bigger market gap and consumptive demand. Expand what wait for raw material crop as special type monomer gradually, the enterprise that cross a state and enterprise of native land bibcock also are being produced in layout silicone can, silicone dimensions changes development to already had fundamental requirement gradually, development space is vast.

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