Activity of butt joint of development of move of 2023 China industry (Guangxi) in July 29~31 day is in Guangxi Nanning is held, industry and Jin Zhuanglong of informatization ministry minister are in video speech, to implementing spirit of the Party Central Committee, push our country industry orderly move raises a requirement, analysed the development condition that our country industry changes. Chinese oil and Fu Xiangsheng of vice-chairman of chemical Joint Industry Conference suffer invite delegate petrifaction federation to attend plenary meeting, make in ” of activity of butt joint of special subject of industry of “ green chemical industry " drive an industry to transfer, accelerate compose to build new development structure " special subject report.

Comrade Fu Xiangsheng is challenged to what the current situation knead dough that joined conference representing to introduce industry of our country petrifaction faces above all, the key analysed an industry to shift the influence of industrialized to accelerating the whole world process, think industrial move is the inevitable trend that economy marchs toward high level at the same time, it is the significant step that solves current our country to develop lopsided inadequate contradiction not only, also be the important way that our country high quality develops. Return key and ginseng to met a representing share the relevant policy that the country is encouraged and supports industrial move. Extract and compile the report content of Comrade Fu Xiangsheng as follows now, in order to offer reference:

One industry move promoted global industrialization process

Those who see today's economic internationalization rate is tall divide the work with the industry with in coordination, can saying is industrial move is driven with deepened result. Review world industry phylogeny, ever had had 3 times since Industrial Revolution big transfer with apparent industry, every time move is right was risen to urge action puissantly by the industrialized process of move area.

World first time is great transfer with apparent industry. The birthplace of Industrial Revolution is in England, move of first time industry should be move of northerly American of England and Europe. We learn industrial phylogeny to be able to know, england makes technology, cotton spinning technology in machinery at that time, the production world that spins loom instrument especially is banner, external technical blockage is very severe. Some people are to risking life risk to bring the component of spin machinery to North America, assemble afresh rise; Some people are to depend on his preterhuman memory, write down the blueprint of component of spin machinery key and structure in his brain, will to North America make the best of time to be drawn afresh by memory later alone, begin to make spin machine, open the process of North America textile.

Of Du Bang of current world's famous transnational corporation —— be born not to have nothing to do with the industrial move with inchoate Industrial Revolution is: 1802, e.I. Du Bang pulled apprentice of lab of made of baked clay stannum to master the technology that gunpowder manufactures in France, emigrate next newborn United States, in Telahua city city built Weimingdu factory of a gunpowder, through the development of nearly hundred years, du Bang company becomes the gunpowder company with the biggest at that time North America; Enter the 2nd hundred years later, du Bang takes innovation seriously, accelerate and buy, make Du Bang company makes the whole world in 20 centuries development the chemical with famous, the strongest competition ability and data company; Today's Du Bang recombines with contented family name namely again the Xin Dubang after fractionation, transition is versed in for globalization 50 strong company of medium special type chemical.

Capital and financial industry also are accompanying hypostatic industry transfer and transfer, the position of American banking empire and consequence also are accompanying rapid industrialization and modernization and form, morgan financial group cannot be done not have in the result in this one process. Because of Morgan the predecessor of financial group is a commercial bank that established in London 1838, hind more the name is J.S. Morgan company, and 1873 change reachs wall street, financial group aids the Morgan at that time the rapid industrialization of force United States and open the brilliant years of oneself. Morgan after financial group reachs wall street from London change, arise first and form card to be able to bear or endure with 20 centuries for 19 centuries end base steely empire, Vanderbilt carries king and Luokefeile oil empire, Ford car, the rapid industrialization that is the United States and modernization produced main effect. Say the formation of empire of banking of American whole world and position so, as close as industrial move, industrialization and modernization and economic power concern.

The world is mixed greatly the 2nd times obvious industrial move, it is the United States after World War II to day Hanhe passes “ Marshall to plan ” to Europe, and subsequently to “ Asia the ladder of 4 Xiaolong ” second move.

The world is mixed greatly the 3rd times obvious industrial move, should be from on 80 time begin the century, 90 time are quickened, the move of beautiful Europe and day Han to China.

The 2nd times the move of world industry has some of person is understanding, the 3rd a lot of people are more familiar. See big move 3 times of industry of the world on the history, see those who reach the development of pair of world economy reachs its industrialization process drive with stimulative action, right even division of labor of the pattern of world economy, industrialized layout, internationalization and deepness are shirt-sleeve today, had very apparent and main effect.

Is the world mixed greatly the 4th times when is obvious industrial move started? Someone says since nearly one paragraph of period: We are faced with big move the 4th times of world industry today. But also someone says: Of move tonetic although a few taller, but it is under this “ high-key ” , the next carries on the ground had not have searched where. Of the propulsion of the development as Chinese type modernization, industrialized process and industrial standard upgrade, world industry is transferred the 4th times greatly will be hasten of general trends place. When perhaps build basically in Chinese type modernization or building in the round, the next carries on world industry transfers the 4th times greatly carry on to ground condition is had and mature.

2 industries move promotes development of Chinese high quality

The 20 big reports of the party point out: Accelerate compose to build new development structure, exert oneself drives high quality to develop. Industrial move is compose proposes the new development pattern, important step that promotes industry and development of economic high quality, it is to solve current development lopsided inadequate contradiction, solve ministry of our country thing to develop the main way of lopsided state especially, also be to push the industrial structural adjustment, inevitable option that accelerates economy to develop means to transform. Carry on in what next world industry transfers before the ground has condition and maturity, industrial move of home needs serious research, deal with concrete matters relating to work is advanced.

Actual strength of Chinese overall economy already jumped new development platform. The development that passes reforming and opening more than 40 years, gross of our country economy and economic actual strength come true to promote considerably, reside the world firmly all the time in recent years commerce of system of the 2nd old economy, goods is the biggest country, foreign exchange reserve is the biggest country, the world of economic gross is occupied be in than be stabilized a few years all the time 18% the left and right sides, the contribution that economic increment increases to world economy is stabilized a few years all the time 38% the left and right sides, the effect of world economy loco and stabilizer is increasingly apparent.

Our country development is lopsided inadequate contradiction is very outstanding still. Economic progress success is remarkable, but development is lopsided inadequate contradiction is very outstanding, especially the eastpart part and the lopsided sex western are more apparent. Difference of objective analysis north and south, east mid lopsided also be existence, it is mid with western its are lopsided the gender also is clearly. This is our country population distributinging disequilibrium of wide, resource creates much, district, also have an area the element of measure of advantage, policy and management and idea.

Industrial move of home has been started. In market element, especially below the action of a variety of elements such as price of cost of resource element, labor, the sources of energy and management and administration, domestic industry move has been started, industrial move is shown since a paragraph of period east the northerly characteristic austral Xiang Xihe.

The company that the eastpart part transforms to the west or industry are main is to leave adequately to send and use the coal western and natural gas resource, also have a plenty of see cost of price of the sources of energy of ministry of Chinese and Western, labor wait, the enterprise such as the caustic soda that is like the eastpart part, pvc, chemical fertilizer, methanol and contemporary coal chemical industry, electric power; Because danger is changed,have a plenty of article superintend and management of division of garden of area of the eastpart part is rigorous with each passing day, for instance among pesticide, medicine body, and the product that companion has the reaction process such as nitrify, chloridize, hydrogenation or device are faced with cannot enlarge is produced, the unscientific state that cannot drive normally even.

Because of the resource western, the sources of energy and cost belong to to the company that transforms on the west or industry active model, and superintend an element because of the eastpart part and belong to passivity to the company that transforms on the west or industry model, even some enterprises still have trifling and helpless. But why to plant no matter element, as the new requirement of economic development and new level, also solve the lopsided problem that area develops to accelerate, domestic the eastpart part to ministry of Chinese and Western, south northerly industrial move, will be the serious content that structural adjustment of economy of our country of a paragraph of period and layout adjust the near future and future, perhaps be the space with growth of our country economy and new development and dynamical source, perhaps be the important way alternative that company future can develop continuously.

Of Yantai 10 thousand China, peaceful and new material already arrived layout of Ningxia Ningdong base, 10 thousand China those who take a fancy to is western the raw material that what the market with broad future, peaceful and new material take a fancy to is production of ammoniac black silk ribbon is supplied. Divine China builds 4 million tons to Ningxia / year coal makes oil project, medium coal energy resources sets coal to make alkene project wait in Yu Lin Jian, it is the coal resource that should develop place adequately. The island is promoted in big company commander on constant force north already put into production 20 million tons / year refine converts unifinication plant, realized “ to arrive from one dribble the layout of entire industry catenary of ” of an a silk, cloth, since took a fancy to big company commander to begin position of insular “ country ” expands one of base of 7 big petrifaction the advantage of large petrifaction industry, also was to value grow the division that starts an island to overlook the lake advantage.

3 industries move gets take seriously of the country highly and be encouraged

The State Council and relevant ministries and commissions are encouraged to industrial move takes seriously highly and giving and support.

It is the State Council is in early was made with respect to research 2010 and print and distribute " carry on about center-west region the directive opinion that the industry changes " . Below the guidance of overall guiding ideology, made clear “ to hold to the market to direct, reduce administrative intervention; Hold to adjust measures to local conditions, strengthen classified guidance; Hold to energy-saving environmental protection, severe estate admittance; Insist to deepen reform, ”“ of innovation system mechanism holds to the basic principle of ” 4 times, the fundamental sex action that deploys resource to developing the market adequately, reasonable and certain property carries on key, prevent low-level repeat construction, forbidden pollution industry and backward productivity turn, development loop economy, breakthrough development bottleneck, optimize development environment, enhance development vigor and motivation to wait, made clear demand. Wait for an advantage to how relying on basis of center-west region property and labour force, resource, drive an industry to carry on development, expand further industrial dimensions, accelerate industrial structural adjustment, breed an industry to expand new dominant position, compose builds modern industry system and carry on to promoting the industry centers layout and improvement to carry on industrial move environment, strengthen resource managing with environmental protection, strengthen policy supports and guide etc, made specific deploy and demand.

2 was 2021 the 10 ministries and commissions such as ministry of base industry letter were released " the directive opinion that changes in order about promoting manufacturing industry " . " directive opinion " transfer to advancing industrial home gradient, guide each district play to compare an advantage to carry on industrial move, encourage special kind area to carry on the system mechanism that industry of mode of collaboration of move of development characteristic industry and collaboration of international of stimulative industry move, innovation industry, perfect support changes and optimize an industry to change policy, the requirement that puts forward to make clear on the foundation of thorough research, made specific guidance. Be in " directive opinion " in emphasize particularly: Drive manufacturing industry to be transferred in order, it is to optimize productivity space distribution, drive area to coordinate the development, important way that extends manufacturing industry to develop new space, it is to maintain industrial catenary to supply chain stable, safeguard the integrality of system of our country industry, urgent need that accelerates compose to build new development structure.

3 be a few days ago national hair changes appoint newest print and distribute " carry on the industry transfers demonstrative area to run way " . This " run way " in all 22, point out “ carries on clearly ” of industrial move demonstrative division is established in ministry of Chinese and Western or northeast area, must change via the State Council or national hair appoint give an official is established, control of demonstrative division number is controlled in 20, in principle saves area city every not to exceed 1. " run way " of ” of clear “ demonstrative area declaring a condition is: Accord with a country to develop program, area major strategy, area coordinates strategy of area of function of development strategy, main body and land space to plan to concern a requirement; Area good, industry develops traffic condition foundation solid, industry bears the weight of latent capacity is bigger, open cooperative foundation environment of better, development is favorable. " administrative measure " declare a process clearly also: Provincial hair changes appoint basis " carry on the industry transforms demonstrative division overall program writes a guideline " , the ground city that guidance and organization accord with a condition (also can be city of ground of many photographs adjacent) write demonstrative area overall program, change to national hair appoint the ask for instructions that the newspaper sends application to create demonstrative division and overall program. National hair changes appoint the directive job that is in charge of demonstrative area construction, provincial hair changes appoint the responsibility main body that is demonstrative division management, be in charge of advancing demonstrative area construction as a whole, fulfil a country to concern carry on the policy document that the industry transfers, dog regularly demonstrative area construction develops a case. Government of people of demonstrative area seat is the responsibility principal part that demonstrative area builds, refine development target and key task according to overall program, catch good job to fulfil, carry on actively industrial move, raise an industry to shift capacity, optimize battalion business environment, begin statistic to monitor study with the analysis. " administrative measure " make clear at the same time: National hair changes appoint the organization begins demonstrative area year to sum up evaluation and 5 years of comprehensive assessment to evaluate, provincial hair changes appoint be in charge of organizing pair of demonstrative areas to begin year summary to be evaluated oneself, national hair changes appoint on the foundation that evaluates oneself in the place, take ration and the kind that qualitative photograph ties, economic integration development, carry on environment of construction of area of industry, garden, development, organization is fulfilled wait for each index, to setting an example the area begins price of year general comment; Always evaluate eventuate basis with year, establish rewards and punishment and incentive mechanism, to year summary evaluates the demonstrative area with outstanding eventuate, when the budgetary central invests related below arrangement one year, give tilt support. On the foundation of price of year general comment, national hair changes appoint begin comprehensive assessment 5 every years to evaluate, evaluate eventuate to comprehensive assessment outstanding with nice demonstrative area, continuance sets an example periodic; Evaluate eligible demonstrative area to comprehensive assessment, put forward practical after rectifying and reform measure, continuance sets an example periodic; Evaluate the demonstrative area with poorer eventuate to comprehensive assessment, continue no longer demonstrative cycle. Above these policy along with 2018 edition " industrial development and move guidance catalog " , be worth us to study seriously, mental have a thorough grasp, understand regulation and requirement reach the designated position, had done carry out fulfil, drive an industry to shift healthy and orderly and efficient development.

4 Guangxi carry on petrifaction industry move is having a lot of advantage

Photograph of the petrifaction industry of Guangxi and Shandong, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu is compared, in industrial dimensions, yield dimensions and the contribution that develop to saving region economy are having certain difference, but Guangxi also is having oneself to develop petrifaction industry and carry on a lot of dominant positions that industry of petrifaction of the high end in province of the eastpart part changes. The region with coastal Guangxi the advantage is clear, in light of the reality that imports in great quantities from our country crude oil and liquid gas resource, guangxi is located in the Na Duan of the mainland, advantage of cost of the carriage distance of area of as rich as the resource such as thalassic, Africa collect, content shedding is outstanding. Guangxi still has state resembling admire such program layout reasonable, industry and company base are good, yield dimensions and level of management all rank region of garden of chemical industry of countrywide front row. China friendship group is besides Shanghai the mainest base of layout is chosen was in admire city is best and paradigmatic, proved Guangxi admire city carries on already the advantageous condition that industry of petrifaction of the eastpart part changes and area advantage, the business of petrifaction of the eastpart part with also carry on more, better for admire state future and industry laid a foundation. Guangxi still has the distinct advantage that an other province does not have, it is Guangxi is located in upper bay, face southeast Asia and the market that RCEP lengths and breadth of land directly, if serve as admire city harbor again western action of significant key position has developed Liu Haixin channel adequately, guangxi carries on the market dominant position that industry of the eastpart part changes, dominant position such as radiation area will be more prominent. Guangxi fosters strengths and circumvent weaknesses in “ below the premise of ” , in carry on attention of the key in the course that petrifaction industry changes nods a few times:

It is Guangxi refine changes an enterprise to need to pay close attention to “ two trends ” . Guangxi is the construction of project of 1 million tons of ethylene of base with admire city, its refine changes unifinication dimensions and industrial catenary layout to have stronger competition ability. The first raw material that is oil refining device is changed gently character. Device of current oil refining changes the main delegate of transition gently character, it is oil refining process is the crude oil of raw material to make chemical new technology directly with light qualitative crude, the transnational corporation that realizes industrialization the earliest is dust gram Sen Meifu, a of island of its abundant corridor 1 million tons / year device is industrialized already operation 7 years many, also be the plant of only industrialization of a megaton on eye preexistence bound, its ethylene cost compares dollar of low 100-200 of traditional naphtha craft / ton. Current, shateamei, medium petrifaction, medium oil and in sea oil also announces research and development is successful in succession this one new technology, the achievement that experiments with industrial sex tries in was being obtained, among them plinth industry company is building Shateamei and Shateji industrialized device.

The 2nd “ that is product structure decreases oil to add change ” . Chinese oil refining always is produced already can amount to 920 million tons / year, year capacity of crude oil treatment makes an appointment with 700 million tons, finished product fat yield makes an appointment with 360 million tons, finished product is oily year consumption makes an appointment with 330 million tons, overall see finished product oil already showed superfluous state, fractionize sees derv consume already consumption of hasten saturation, gasoline is added slightly, aviation kerosene still is in rise period. But, synthetic resin of market of our country spending imported quantity prep above last year 27.6 million tons, 21.2% what import a quantity to take apparent consumption, especially polyethylene imported an amount last year thirteen million four hundred and sixty-six thousand tons, 36.9% what import a quantity to take apparent consumption, polycarbonate project is plastic imported 1.386 million tons last year, 48.3% what import a quantity to take apparent consumption; Additional, organic chemistry is tasted, stuff of film of fiber of special chemical, special type, high end, high pure the high-end product such as reagent has a large number of imports every year. When putting forward oil refining to device chooses in technical course and devise plan in the light of this kind of current situation, product program must “ little manufactured goods is oily, ” of new material of productive chemical industry and careful chemical.

Consume the current situation of the market according to oil of current finished product, “ decreases oily ” to want base oneself upon to integrate big market already, want area of base oneself upon to consume the market again, steam coal bavin is reasonable adjusting control, gross looks should go out less as far as possible derv, measurable yield coal of reasonable and benzine, productive boat and low sulfur boat are lighted. “ is added change ” to ask refine converts plant as far as possible productive olefin, petrifaction of this constant force, short for Zhejiang Province, Cheng Hong build refine to change unifinication device and the abundant dragon that building insular project is carried out easily, finished product oil yields rate all can accuse to be in 40% the following. Can to already does the refine of put into production transform device and old petrifaction base how can does “ decrease oil to add change ” ? Should base oneself upon already some refine change unifinication dimensions and industrial catenary standard, use adequately sufficient convert unifinication plant with the refine that already built and is about to build very much deputy the light hydrocarbon raw material that produce, study seriously and prove good “ to decrease oil to add the way that changes ” and measure, enhance the raw material such as natural gas, ethane, propane to supply capacity, increase proportion of low carbon raw material. Can consider complement a few naphtha or light hydrocarbon resource are productive alkene, masked buy and petrifaction base also can prove conditional refine use “ to pledge crude oil makes olefin of increase production of ” of chemical new technology directly gently, highlight and aggrandizement is downstream of industrial catenary extend catenary, filling catenary, strong cable length.

In oil admire city the start working of project of 1 million tons of ethylene and construction, for industry of petrifaction of progress of Guangxi admire city outspread industry catenary decreases oil to add with executive “ changed ” strategy to create good condition, also the condition that to carry on the enterprise of new material of chemical industry of the eastpart part and careful chemical and industrial move created good raw material and industrial catenary to cooperate with chooses with more method.

2 it is Guangxi refine changes an enterprise to pay close attention to two heat: A heat is alkene raw material is light change character, make alkene for raw material with light hydrocarbon namely, swift and violent propane dehydrogenation develops to make propylene and ethane splitting decomposition make ethylene since 935 ” of “ namely. Compare with photograph of traditional craft of naphtha splitting decomposition, flow lowest of the shortest, cost, also be the cleanest craft. So of global olefin raw material change transition gently nearly 10 years to appear character quicken posture, to 2020 the world is occupied for the ethylene of raw material with light hydrocarbon always produce can 53.5% , among them ethane splitting decomposition is occupied 40.3% ; China is seasonable also trend of this one transition mixes follow-up pace, ethane splitting decomposition makes ethylene also be paid close attention to by numerous home company, include plan to build with extend category.

Chemistry of the oil in already building the ethane of put into production to make alkene have at present, new riverside, 10 thousand China the 7 suit buy such as petrifaction of chemical, satellite, with ethane or mix light hydrocarbon to make ethylene for raw material, produce can 6.18 million tons / year, produce can occupy our country ethylene to always be produced about can 13.2% . The light hydrocarbon such as propane makes propylene device be built quickly for raw material dehydrogenation, already built plant of put into production two, already formed produce can fifteen million three hundred and forty-one thousand tons / year, occupy our country propylene to always be produced can 27.1% . Among them, 17 propylene of put into production had 8 in device 2022, take new last year increase production can 6.01 million tons / year 62% above; The future since this year drafts 57 5 years to build propylene plant, total new increase production can 36.04 million tons / year, among them propane or light hydrocarbon are occupied for raw material 59.6% what add a cycle of songs in a traditional opera newly, occupy aggregate produce can 65.4% . Overall the high attention that sees domestic olefin raw material change transition gently to already got industry colleague character.

Another heat is the issue that the raw material that make hydrogen turns gently character. Masked buy and device of coal chemical industry need current refine hydric, home is multi-purpose coal makes hydrogen, and the developed country basically uses natural gas to make hydrogen. If make coal hydrogen be transformed,make hydrogen for natural gas, the carbon that people pays close attention to today discharges a problem to also can be improved greatly. If go further as technical progress instead green hydrogen, it is OK that carbon arranges an issue from go up at all improvement.

3 it is enterprise of Guangxi chemical industry needs to pay close attention to biology to change transition. Produce petrochemical and material to be raw material by the fossil resource such as oil, natural gas, coal namely, it is raw material transition to raw material resource, the process that produces petrochemical and material to biology technology transition.

Forecast according to OECD, the petrochemical that will not 10 years have 20% above at least but by biology base the product is replaced. European Union " far seeing plan of industrial biology technology " also forecast: Biology radical raw material will replace the industrial chemicals of 6~12% 2030, the careful chemical of 30~60% will by biology base obtain.

Pledge to biology in petrifaction industry transition respect, the dominant position of Guangxi is very prominent. Wait for raw material resource because of straw of Guangxi cassava, sugar cane, plant and wood fibre element very rich, guangxi also takes advanced line in the research and development of biology technology and applied respect. For instance raw material makes ethanol, dehydrate of raw material alcohol makes ethylene, pass chemical synthesis to obtain organic chemistry to taste for raw material with ethylene, obtain polyethylene through polymerization plastic wait for polymer. There is the company that reports the state such as the United States, Korea and Brazil recently, making propylene and whole live thing in development alcohol dehydrate base polypropylene technology, the United States still puts forward to want 1.5 million tons to construct scale / year plan, see a technology mature basically at present, it is cost issue remains only test and verify. Still can achieve live thing through biology technology but degradation material gets together lactic acid, acid of biology law Ding Er, third is 2 alcohol, fourth 2 amine of 2 alcohol, the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem, and polyester of biology radical nylon, biology radical, biology radical gets together carbon waits a series of organic chemistry a moment to taste.

Petrifaction industry of China had left the times that the product is in short supply. 2013 is industry of our country oil refining a year of significant turn, its are important indicate even if finished product oil appears to be exported completely first, from now on oil refining is produced can structural sex is superfluous the trend begins to show, industry of our country oil refining subsequently open the road that transition upgrades. Guangxi petrifaction industry is having certain foundation and good development space, carry on industrial move is having a lot of advantages, while petrifaction and chemical enterprise are paying close attention to above side key, the high end that should accelerate fundamental chemical further changes poor dissimilation, accelerate transition of low carbon of the digitlization transition of traditional industry and green further. Outstanding attach most importance to bit of base with admire city, increase the strength that breeds group of world-class petrifaction industry, the 70 petrifaction base that because of “ of admire city since 945 ” plan to be bred mainly and one of chemical garden areas, also be 5 macrocosm of “ the main component of group of industry of petrifaction of world-class of area of big bay of the extensive in ” of group of class petrifaction industry. Bay of north of base oneself upon of hope admire city, face southeast Asia, east couplet the North sea, Mao Zhan, Na Wangyang riverside, north is connected western Liu Haixin passageway, become through ” of through traffic of “ harbor iron east the significant key position that alliance and Asia-Europe hinterland each other open. Admire city is become it is important to cultivate group of industry of coastal world-class petrifaction one extremely position and action will more protruding shows, the petrifaction base with make admire city construction coastal and main in innovation and development, become “ ” of group of industry of 5 macrocosm petrifaction more of bright one extremely.

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