Recently, in complete province domestic —— satisfies the biggest Fu copperplate manufacturer Ningli and limited company of science and technology, the reporter sees, bo fine cloth, colophony, Copper Foil 3 kinds of raw material, through the product line of automation of a height, form copperplate of lubricious Fu of copper of a piece of Zhang Gu. Inside check board workshop, of short duration keeps a station, guide stage, cut out the high speed such as the stage runs, a few member that detect are undertaking detecting to Fu copperplate exterior. Satisfying Ningli and limited company of science and technology is the new-style material such as copperplate of Fu of epoxy resin of high end of research and development of a market, production, sale the high-tech enterprise that is an organic whole, the product applies extensively at consuming the terminal domain such as electron of electron, communication, car and intelligent control, client natural resources spreads all over the whole world. “ can say fill the blank that base material of complete province PCB makes. ” benefit and Bin of the court of a feudal ruler of Zhao of manager of human affairs of administration of science and technology tell a reporter, this project always invests 590 million yuan, have 3 product line in all, this product line day that the reporter sees is produced can be 10 thousand pieces. “ is current facilities of the 2nd product line already approached, predict to begin to install by September, investment of the end of the year is used. ” Zhao Tingbin says, 3 product line predict day is produced after total put into production can will amount to 30 thousand ~3.5 10 thousand pieces, day production value will amount to 3 million ~350 10 thousand yuan. Current, satisfy Information Industry of electron of area of garden of hill of boat of industry of peaceful new and high technology to already formed the force of group: Highlight strong chain filling chain, the key develops the electronic Information Industry that gives priority to with PCB and form a complete set, swim up and down between the enterprise complementary, preliminary the small group of electronic Information Industry that forms mutual form a complete set.

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15-18 December

New York City