Since this year, the group of the large electric machinery that change wind of canister of domestic high-power, long lamina, tall tower pushs new replacement to be quickened apparently, the onshore fan of 5-6MW level already moved toward batch from prototype, maritime 10MW fan also has entered hoisting, and net phase. Bigger fan needs taller height to prop up, regard the key of group of wind electric machinery as the component, tower canister bear promotes fan height, safeguard the main mission of aircrew safety, the plan of tall tower canister of domestic mainstream has complete steel soft tower technology and with the technology that mix a tower. The height of group of wind electric machinery, more than hereat Lan Chongsen of center of career of canister of tower of   sea outfit points out, “ is current, height of canister of tower of area of low wind speed of south of domestic middle east already was climbed raise 160m level, height of many project tower canister also move toward 3 north area stage by stage 110m is taller even, to fan of freeboard of 160m level above, uncertainty of program of technology of complete steel soft tower is too big, in the meantime, wait for raw material as a result of armor plate rise considerably, also pull further low the economy of program of technology of complete steel soft tower. ”Increase of height ceaselessly as mast, the technology that mix a tower makes the inevitable choice that promotion fan height and safeguard aircrew dependability run. As we have learned, mainstream wind report of home is overall the tower canister that business all mixes tower or other type in development, group of exploration wind electric machinery is large change the canister of actor tall tower below solution. Sea outfit also is exploring new solution actively, this second exhibit also can bring but comfortable the steel tube concrete that matchs rice and 160 taller height mast of case form type. The structure of steel tower canister that group of electric machinery of onshore wind of domestic tall 170m uses tower canister upside is a tradition, bottom is the polygonal concrete structure of 3 layer upon layer nest; Group of onshore wind electric machinery is as high as 230m, used upside steel structure likewise, the program of the technology that mix a tower of bottom concrete. Lan Chongsen thinks, in recent years our country has obtained the breakthrough on certain level on fan height, but future, the height of group of wind electric machinery, will not merely hereat. Data of wind energy association shows, 2018, group of wind electric machinery is 91m on average highly, tall fan amounts to 140m; 2019, group of wind electric machinery is 96m on average highly, synchronous in former years increases 5m, tall fan amounts to 147m, synchronous in former years increases 7m, as progressively maturity of the technology, height of year after year of group of wind electric machinery promotes steadily. Resource of wind of area of low wind speed of middle east ministry has the characteristic of tall wind shear, according to the wind shear computation of 0.3, height increases 140m from 100m, year average wind speed will increase 5.53m/s from 5.0m/s. Accordingly, raise hub height to be able to make aircrew gets the better benefit that catch wind, increase electricenergy production considerably, create more green the sources of energy. Lan Chongsen expresses, project of cable of wind of first phase of city of Juan of sea outfit Shandong year average wind speed is between 5~6m/s, belong to project of typical cable of wind of low wind speed, the course communicates with all possible means and calculate in detail, sea outfit uses program of the technology that mix a tower to go to fan tower tall promotion 140m of actual hub height. Project from and since the net moves, performance of 40 unit that mix a tower is superior, data shows fan month all can use hour of number to exceed theoretical desired value to amount to 293h, row Shandong area is coequal wind condition name, year equivalent can use hour of number to will be in 2900h above. Mix tower technology, the height of safe fort   of freeboard fan reachs the steeliness tower canister of above in 120m, already belonged to flexible tower canister category. Although in recent years application of ” of “ soft tower is relatively wide already, but of its and wind cable unit cooperate to remain a relatively complex system project, the safety of aircrew and move to still existing reliably uncertainty. Level is held in soft tower crane, first-order Guo Zhenhui causes ministry of tall cat head considerably oscillatory, mast is opened in staying a course, 2 rank Guo Zhenze will be fast the fatigue life of loss tower canister, exhaustion is damaged accumulate quickly will bring about its to destroy. Control occurrence deviation is like to cause 2 rank eddy easily also when aircrew moves brace up, resonance harm sex is very terrible, the fan that happens domestic and internationally in recent years pours tower accident to all be steel soft tower. Mixing a tower is the mast that rolled steel and concrete form jointly, have structural stiffness tall, security is good, generate electricity function actor, height suffers not easily be restricted to wait for technical characteristic. Lan Chongsen points out, its distinguish the character at soft tower apparently is “ tigidity ” , mix a tower nonexistent produce syntonic problem with impeller. The tigidity that mixes a tower is similar to tower of 100 traditional meters of the following steel, natural frequency and aircrew running frequency are maintaining tower canister good safe space, won't appear below normal operating conditions resonance phenomenon. Because,be such, even if use identical nose to be faced with identical wind besides, mix a tower not to need completely additional increase complex control strategy and exterior fittings, can answer all sorts of mixed operating mode already, won't increase burden of other carry dimension again, to the project of complex wind resource that soft tower cannot get used to, mix a tower to also can ensure aircrew on the safe side to move. Lan Chongsen expresses, sea outfit puts on the safe side from beginning to end v/arc be on the throne, take transfer of technology sturdily, digest absorb the reasonable development route that innovates again, introduce the technology that mix a tower to begin from 2017, sea outfit mixes tower group last a period of time 3 years to be digested jointly with group of academician of Chongqing university Zhou Xugong absorb reopen to send, built perfect technology to develop a system, the prototype that finish checks attestation and test and verify of objective of multinomial and crucial technology, push those who gave 16 kinds of seriation, standardization to mix tower chart early or late. Respect of craft of production, construction, iron of sea outfit combination is built, in unit of the production with the abundant actual strength such as the nucleus, construction, optimize perfect engineering technology nearly 100, production, construction carries qualitative synergism considerably, the exercise guidance file that formed mature standard, effective charge mass of project construction whole process. The economy that mix a tower, feasibility is not defeated by industry of soft tower   to develop initial stage, because home mixes tower technology to design development system to be not perfected, experience of production, construction is immature, mix a tower to stay in project demonstrative phase only, turn application without dimensions. Progress as wind cable technology, of fan height climb litre, advantage of the technology that mix a tower gradually protruding shows, its economy, feasibility is not defeated by soft tower. Economy respect, be imported iron ore and home to be restricted to produce effect of environmental protection policy, rolled steel price is put stage by stage go up, price of steel tower canister subsequently when the river rises the boat goes up too, tower canister rises in price to invest those who increase owner cost undoubtedly. The tower is mixed to be measured with steel contrast little, and commodity concrete price and relevant burden price rise opposite not quite, although price of reinforcing steel bar and case of prestressing force ask a price have elevatory, what Dan Jicheng holds proportion of the cost that mix a tower originally inferior, steel mixes tower terminal price rises small only. According to calculating data, it is with 140m mast exemple, in buying order of steel tower canister valence is 9500 yuan / when T, steel mixes tower and cost of complete steel tower (embody the support system such as damper) keep balance basically, purchase the price to go tall continuously as steel tower canister, steel mixes tower cost advantage to be sent more highlight, by at present steel tower canister purchases the value 11000 yuan / T, steel mixes a tower to purchase cost to be compared to it reduce 11.3% . Last in aircrew large change, in long lamina process, increase further as load, steel mixes the cost advantage of the tower to will be shown further. Lan Chongsen expresses, to project of cable of wind of middle east south, the feasibility of program of the technology that mix a tower is taller. In technical respect, sea outfit rolls out divide a type steel to mix program of tower canister technology to mature gradually, turn outfit chance to batch from prototype, had accumulated the each field experience such as quite rich design, production, construction, installation. On quality of concrete tower canister, our country has perfect system and standard of relevant technology standard, to the control of concrete the level also belongs to international to precede, these are our country extensive development of industry of concrete tower canister strong prop up. In the meantime, sea outfit basically mixes tower supplier to be strategic collaboration square iron to build 24 bureaus and enterprise of shipping group interior to wait, their scope of business covered area of middle east south, manufacturing base interweaves compositive radiate net, this pair of production that mix a tower, carry waited for link to offer advantage. Set an example lead, make wind report mix   of tower project surveyor's pole up to now, the sea is installed already and net wind report mixes tower project to exceed 10. Among them, embellish of Shandong Juan city China mixes project of tower wind cable, electricenergy production ranks before Shandong area 3 for a long time. Jiangsu treasure project of cable of Ying Guoyuan wind, be located in Yangzhou area, it is home “ divides a type ” steel to mix project of tower canister batch. Because the advantage of its product is mixed,mix tower tube unit to using steel set an example lead, obtained wind energy was achieved 2020 receive vanward award, be in this area before plan of canister of tall tower of domestic and international much home allots n firm crouch with stage athletics two. Obtain afore-mentioned is proud the backside of person achievement, it is the effort that is based on sea outfit to make in the following respects: Produce a field, sea outfit divides a type steel to mix tower canister, duan Cai of concrete tower canister is used modular design, generalization unit, manufacturing efficiency is tall. At present the sea installs limits of radiation of system of industry of form a complete set to cover area of and other places of middle east ministry, associated iron is built wait for strategic collaboration unit to be promoted in Jiangsu appropriate, the base of the production that mix a tower that deploy of and other places of Xu Chang of city of Juan of Xin Yi, Shandong, Henan has major, can realize linkage many a little bit to be produced at the same time, offerred enough assurance for goods for owner. Carriage respect, sea outfit established production - shipment - face put - spell the short line of outfit flow operation working procedure, each link is agile linkage, quick response, efficient consign. Hoisting respect, sea outfit mixes tower canister through dividing a type steel, mix a tower paragraph spell outfit, hoisting to use flow operation, use minicar condole can be finished spell outfit working procedure, craft of paragraphs of whole hoisting can come true two days to finish mix a tower paragraph hoisting. Sea outfit steel finished fan of the hoisting that mix a tower 2020 about a hundred, rate of promotion of year outfit machine is in an industry. This second exhibit the H171-4MW-163 rice height that can issue design attestation steel mixes tower canister, with computation of electric field of wind of 100 thousand kilowatt, cooperate aircrew to be able to be in 5.9 meters year of implementation below average wind speed the high investment gain rate of 11.21% , area batch is about to wait to apply in Shandong, Anhui. Get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, receive   of 0 carbon future to innovate be in not only with par fan domain of the technology that mix a tower, the sea installs what perforative company grows an innovation drive from beginning to end, lan Chongsen emphasizes. On congress of wind energy of 2021 Beijing international and exhibition, sea outfit leads with “ innovation, life of green development force, sea land develops simultaneously, show by force to chart take on”Give priority to a problem, appear for figure with shipping group whole. Rely on center of project of maritime wind cable innovate in coordination the belt of demonstrative project of mechanism and cable of wind of maritime float type in respect of innovation of science and technology move action, the sea installs ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, achieve a breakthrough, roll out platform of electric machinery of onshore par wind H171 - platform of 3.6 ~ 5.0MW, H176 - platform of 5 ~ 6.45MW, H185 - 4.55 ~ 6.25MW, roll out platform of H210 of model of maritime contest price - class of 8 ~ 12.0MW, H260 - 16.XMW. Exhibit during the meeting, the sea is installed with respect to application of construction of wisdom wind field, big data, scene store net of unifinication, source carries on his shoulder or back store the innovation achievement of the direction of integrated the sources of energy such as unifinication undertook revealing. In addition, sea outfit combines energy resources of city of limited company of exchange of green of center of collaboration of energy-saving center, industry and technology of economy of informatization ministry international, Beijing, Chongqing to use the center that monitor, shipping information center to install headquarters and its subordinate to the sea the carbon of 5 base discharged a circumstance to undertake trying to find out the real intention in the round, on the foundation that discharges the current situation in understanding carbon, put forward a series of having of specific aim decrease carbon 0 carbon measure, in future inside two years, sea outfit will be begun in succession decrease carbon 0 carbon act, the plan is counteracted in carbon of the implementation end 2023.

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