Recently, what factory of Jilin petrifaction synthetic resin passes center of applied ABS research and development to be developed independently is tall change new technology of rate graft polymerization, realized contaminant fountainhead to decrease a platoon, solved the chamber of a stove or furnace of system of this factory 2RCO often the bottleneck problem that total hydrocarbon of firedamp of overheating, blame has risk exceeding bid. System of this factory 2RCO is used at was being thrown 2012. Ever since, as the promotion of ABS installation negative charge, system often overheating, cannot stabilize move, need, deputy line moves at the same time. 2020 end, VOCs of 3 ABS device administers a project integratedly to cast after using, 2RCO system case of overheating of the chamber of a stove or furnace when the line moves is more severe however, exceeded activator to run temperature upper limit, and total hydrocarbon of firedamp of Central Africa of export tail gas exceeds bid. Accordingly, raise graft polymerization to change rate, reduce leftover monomer to discharge, realizing fountainhead to decrease a platoon is the beautiful plan that solves a problem. To solve afore-mentioned problems, center of research and development of this factory ABS begins from 2015, devote oneself to to improve prescription of ABS graft group and technology research, with period raise polymerization to change rate, promote a product property. Subsequently, the researcher was begun when adjusting temperature of dosage of nuclear carapace scale, monomer scale, emulsifying agent, reaction and reaction the influence research that waits for an element to change rate and product property to polymerization. Try research to look as a result as a child, graft polymerization new technology raises polymerization to change not only rate, return the stability that can increase product whiteness and graft latex. Solve problem of 2RCO system overheating for fountainhead, new technology industrialization uses group of executive graft of this plant decision, raise polymerization to change rate, from go up at all reduce leftover monomer to discharge. On Feburary 22, this factory organization begins industrialization of new technology of polymerization of 2 device graft to experiment. 23 days 11 when 44 minutes, experiment latex begins to enter agglomeration system, adjust agglomeration condition, dehydrate through optimizing dry system moves parameter, implementation stability moves. 24 days 2 when begin, experiment pink makings enters the unit that mix refine to produce ABS, each function all obtains the product requirement, whole production process can accuse smoothly. Current, tall change new technology of rate graft polymerization to already moved more than days 10 continuously. Check through dogging continuously, graft polymerization is changed rate is average achieve 98.2% above, increased 1.5 percent than before, latex incomplete odd content falls achieve 47.1% , 2RCO system by deputy line runs instead at the same time the line moves, temperature of the chamber of a stove or furnace reduces 80 ℃ to control, detect artificially content of blame firedamp total hydrocarbon falls apparent, up to mark is discharged be restricted to be worth.

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