Experienced 2021 of in full swing grab outfit, report of our country maritime wind entered par period 2022 eventually. By January, short for Zhejiang Province can group of electric machinery of wind of project of electric field of a maritime wind and accessory equipment purchase stage administrative division project open sealed tenders, east is electric with 3548 yuan / the unit price of the canister that contain a tower of kilowatt wins the bid, refresh low record of history of wind cable industry. Depreciate ceaselessly as equipment of maritime wind phone, each province sea is windward report plans gradually clear, inside course of study think generally, maritime wind report will greet high speed to develop. The quote inside half an year is reduced make an appointment with 15% short for Zhejiang Province can the result reviewing bid of project of electric field of a maritime wind shows stage state, this project plans to install machine scale 300 thousand kilowatt, project stand-alone capacity asks to cover with tiles for 7.0-9.0 million, outfit of wind energy of report of intelligence of the sources of energy of Oriental and electric, distant view, bright this world, electric wind, haing electricity, sea and carry amount to share in all 7 overall business shared contest prize. Calculate show, those who share contest prize is overall average price is merchant unit price 4124 yuan / kilowatt. Eventually, oriental wind report with unit price 3548 yuan / kilowatt wins the bid. Research organization of much home trade is calculated think, maritime fan that win the bid (do not contain tower canister) unit price is probable already under 3000 yuan / kilowatt. Past half an year, the trend of be issued to lower levels that fan of project of maritime wind cable quotes is very clear. Afterwards goes to our country of the end of the year project of price of maritime wind n leaves build up to now, price of invite public bidding of fan of project of maritime wind cable already relatively the corresponding period dropped 2020 4 into the left and right sides. Research data shows, invite public bidding of maritime 2019 fan is average the price still prep above 6000 yuan / kilowatt, average 2020 price grabs the element such as outfit to pick up for a time because of the industry reach 7000 yuan / kilowatt above, but will look from project of open sealed tenders of past a few months, unit price of amount to of maritime fan invite public bidding had borne down on 4000 yuan / kilowatt. In November 2021, nanhai of dark green of province of Zhejiang of China embellish electric power is windward electric project open sealed tenders, report participated in the sources of energy of intelligence of Oriental and sea outfit, electric, bright this world, distant view and electric wind to bid, contain mast quoted price is low it is 4061 yuan / kilowatt. With the month, wide nucleus besmears like hill generation set equipment purchases wind-force of wind electric field on Ci Hai in win the bid candidate is fair show show, the sea is installed with 3830 yuan / of kilowatt bid unit price wins the bid, become the industry is small at that time the price. As short for Zhejiang Province can stage city open sealed tenders of project of electric field of a maritime wind, be close to 3000 yuan / the quote of kilowatt is meant, maritime fan quote is in 3 short fall inside the month exceeded one to become. Allowance fall off forces equipment business depreciates to cast Peng Peng of financing alliance secretary-general to look in electric power of new energy resources, of price of fan of maritime wind report drop to have immediate concern with industry allowance fall off. “ does not have allowance in wind cable industry later, fan price is in drop continuously, no matter onshore wind report or maritime wind report are such. ” Peng Peng expresses, “ gets the influence of fall off of allowance of maritime wind report, industry whole forces company of chain of wind cable industry releases space of one part cost, assure yield in order to help investment company. ”Not only such, look inside course of study, fan is large change one of main reasons that also made unit price of maritime fan invite public bidding drop quickly. The basis is in but the statistical data of committee of major of wind energy of second birth society, chance of outfit of maritime wind report is much before 2014 with 3 million tile and the following type are given priority to, came 2014 cover with tiles with 4 million more during 2018 - 4.9 million tile is given priority to, but to 2020, 5 million tile and above type occupy the fan that adds item of maritime wind report newly than exceeding 50% , arrived last year the sea of invite public bidding is windward this year among electric project, 6 million are made of baked clay - the type with 8 made of baked clay million asks already predominate, had appeared even 10 million are made of baked clay - 12 million tile more the fan aircrew requirement of high-power. Report of “ maritime wind is large change can spread out on one hand the infrastructure construction of small project itself and raw material cost, on the other hand large change standard of unit equipment technology opposite taller, hopeful rises generate electricity efficiency. Some personage inside senior course of study is accepting ” when the reporter is interviewed, express, although “ is maritime wind report is large change push tall hoisting probably, carry the devoted cost that waits for domain of form a complete set, but from will for a long time look, large change to maritime wind report cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS drops is good part for certain. ”Although vaster market space is maritime price of fan invite public bidding falls ceaselessly, but look inside course of study, par sea is windward the investment cost pressure of electric project also still not small. According to trade research organization Mai Ken at present calculates Wood, the project of maritime wind cable that considers future will enjoy finance subsidy no longer, yield anticipates the interior that develops business of no use to stick a project to will be reduced probably from 8%-10% to 6% the following. “ as fall off of allowance of maritime wind report, maritime wind report develops business to facing constant cost pressure actually, and from price of current and maritime fan drop in light of extent, maritime wind report invests to business participates in green card to trade or will make the reliable way that achieves impressive return rate. ” Peng Peng expresses. In fact, it is our country not only, inside limits, yield of project of maritime wind cable appears downtrend. But industry thinks generally, the hopeful of industry of maritime wind cable that depends on governmental subsidy no longer greets vaster market space. The data that couplet of the report in the basis releases, 2020 Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang 4 coastal province before the row uses n 4, to coastal province, maritime wind report will make one of important way of demand of prospective complement power. According to the reporter not complete count, a lot of and coastal province such as Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Zhejiang is during 945 ” of “ the gross of project of maritime wind cable of the program had exceeded 50 million kilowatt. The project that plans as each province is progressively mount a horse, report of our country maritime wind develops demand to will get be releasinged adequately.

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