Dust gram surpasses composite material manufacturer composite material company (Exel Composites) the Europe that obtained antennae of radar of a communication to overspread a design nearly, should cover aerial system and radar equipment, the characteristic is closed pore was used in aerial cover structure thermoplastic bubble composite material. Excel Composites company shows, cover of composite material antenna can answer the challenge of signal attenuation respect effectively, raise broadband rate. The challenge that “ creates appropriate radar antennae to overspread includes to be in signal attenuation and material acquire a balance between mechanical structure. ”Juha Pesonen of chief of Exel Composites telegraphic branch expresses, “ bubble because its are low the function characteristic of density and tall tigidity is used in the design, transmit easily what it supports radio wave. Combine the mechanical strength of fibre glass envelope, we created a kind of hard and durable material, can protect aerial to avoid suffer enlist in army environmental influence. ”Through research and development of 4 years, radar antennae cover has special sense. Is branch of research and development of Exel Composites technology advanced vice-president Kim Sj? Dahl expresses: “ undertakes production unlike the data that uses identical density so, we can ask to undertake according to the client now custom-built, the material density that material of built-in and specific core will come to change radar antennae to overspread and wall are large, found buy to carry frequency on the head paragraph the window that radio wave needs through place. Still can mix to fiber, colophony foamy combination undertakes custom-built, in order to enhance the specific performance of radar (for example, higher mechanical intensity or the signal attenuation that reduce location) . ”This material designs eventually the target is to support network of the Five Dynasties (5G) high speed develops, help telegraphic company overcome signal attenuation and the challenge that protect aerial facility. “ is in in going 10 years, the radio engineering is swift and violent develop, frequency grows quickly, 5G standard achieves 39GHz. Our engineering capability and material major knowledge make we can prepare for taller frequency, the 6G that will come for example. Current, our aerial cover will make telegraphic client network is benefited, help them use new generation better wireless technology. ”Pesonen is summed up. The plan of Exel Composites is mixed in area of whole North America promotion.

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