First quarter the indulge in wilful persecution of the epidemic situation inside limits, caused huge effect to the development of chemical industry, it is dispirited more downstream on catenary of epoxy resin industry. This moment 2021, epoxy resin had soared 40 thousand yuan / ton day price. Regard epoxy resin as one of solidify agents that main form a complete set uses get together ether amine industry, the effect that suffers epidemic situation is same very big. Late on April 8, yangzhou morning changed new material Inc. to issue the share related epoxy resin industry outstanding achievement is premonitory first quarter: 2022 first quarter, yangzhou morning changes predicting net profit to glide compared to the same period 15%-20% :

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
First quarter of profit glide, because An Chen of the Huaihe River turns company wholy-owned subsidiary,use shell on one hand kind the product line of raw material stops temporarily postpartum have not comprehensive answer produce, produce management effect to company whole as a result of epidemic situation of virus of new-style coronal shape on the other hand, cause company share main product is produced, sales volume under go up year of the corresponding period, because this company does business,income and vest in appear on the market the net gain of company shareholder relatively the corresponding period also dropped accordingly last year. Yangzhou morning is changed basically be engaged in waiting for the careful chemical industry that is main raw material with alkyl of oxygen of oxidation olefin, adipose alcohol, silicon product of new material series, main product includes exterior activator (get together ether, get together glucoside of candy of ether amine, alkyl) , the product such as fire retardant and silicon balata. Wall bulletin of 2021 year outstanding achievement: Business income makes an appointment with 1.192 billion yuan, increase compared to the same period 32.37% ; Vest in appears on the market the net profit gain of company shareholder makes an appointment with 151 million yuan, increase compared to the same period 10.1% .

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