[guide language] suffer carry and store conditional limitation, different man becomes loose aldehyde value is little yield benefit, influence of sky of the benefit inside cost week is given priority to. Xin Wu merchandise on hand of 2 pure markets is nervous, the horizontal stroke offers inside week dish exchange views, price of high-end supply of goods is strong, the market fears tall mood brewing continuously, a few end weak prices shake 2 class market apparent.

   Different fourth aldehyde:

Profit of company of production of fourth aldehyde of the different inside week China beneficial, Yantai 10 thousand China, petrifaction of Jiangsu Hua Chang, Jilin restarts in succession, different fourth aldehyde is downstream continuance of go into operation of mellow ester trade is low, 2 pure industries prop up Xin Wu stronger, crop still is not worth Yu Wei to maintain downstream production in light of supply and demand of integral different fourth aldehyde, but gap is apparently narrow, factory of overlay early days all exceeds somewhat sell, market merchandise on hand still manages tight situation. Fourth aldehyde of the different inside week comes because of growing a holiday to fall, let benefit shipment receive the order inside the holiday ahead of schedule, drop in the process, xin Wu 2 pure companies follow buy is active, bibcock of mellow ester industry is in 8500 yuan / ton around, proper stock up, epicycle drops bottom arrives at enterprise of fourth aldehyde of the different after anticipating to finish a library smoothly, the price is in draw near small on the weekend rebound 50 yuan / ton. In light of whole, short-term supply and demand still has different fourth aldehyde prop up, but accompany stop lathe work factory to restart, different fourth alcohol and different fourth aldehyde are supplied after the holiday increase considerably, the market worries about a mood apparent, whole is propped up general.

   Xin Wu 2 alcohol:

Price of fourth aldehyde of the different inside week becomes loose continuously, tight situation of 2 mellow merchandise on hand issues Xin Wu, quoted price is tentative look forward to is firm, price of different fourth aldehyde stops drop after small rebound, partial plant price follows to be reduced appropriately, but because supply of goods of entrance high end is too nervous, the price is relatively strong. This 2 alcohol week sums up new the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem in light of, homebred in low end supply of goods exceeds sell a situation to alleviate, partial plant begins those who have merchandise on hand to accumulate. Hua Chang of the Jiangsu inside week, Yantai 10 thousand China device restarts stage by stage, next week device of Ji Hua Ba Sifu also is about to restart, 2 pure industries are the same as Xin Wu different fourth aldehyde is same, situation of the insecurity after the section or will alleviate slowly as the elapse of time, supply and demand anticipates below, most course of study person later period appears those who supply pressure is anxious. This week new the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem 2 alcohol clinch a deal to just needed insipid, downstream and exalted resentment is apparent, circumstance of the stock up before the section is insipid, whole supplies an area short-term maintain strong, anticipate nominal holds dominant gradually for a long time.

   Polyester colophony:

The price inside this month gets polyester resin raw material lasts exalted influence, the value is little are pulled go up, xin Wu sluggish of occurrence perch of 2 pure industries goes up, but PTA industry is driven in upper reaches pull considerably go up, after cost pressure just alleviates again bear pressure, whole is downstream start working intent slants weak, not tall to intent of the stock up before the section. Growth of demand of downstream coating trade is slow, jin Jiuyin 10 over- half, overlay early days appears branch to divide demand and the increment that will not supply, demand is formed hard prop up strongly, whole just needed to give priority to.

Conclusion: Exalted refuse to budge is given priority to before the section, the market after the section is progressively bear press possibility to increase ceaselessly.

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