In September 24-25 day, association of meeting, entrepreneur releases cartel jointly “ enterprise a list of names posted up of 500 strong ” is odd. Investment of Ming Yangxin the sources of energy controls a group limited company (” of group of abbreviation “ Ming Yang) receive a train with forty-six billion two hundred and sixty-eight million yuan of battalion 422.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Meanwhile, on September 25, business association released company of “2021 civilian battalion 500 strong ” and “ manufacturing industry civilian battalion enterprise 500 strong ” , ming Yang group is listed respectively the 214th mixes the 117th. Ming Yang group had taken 28 year since holding water 1993, hold to “ to develop green the sources of energy all the time, the company mission of ” of benefit mankind society, dedicated development but the sources of energy of cleanness of second birth green, drive democratization of the sources of energy, Pu Hui to make a progress continuously, innovate through accelerating technology and mode, devote oneself to to build shamrock, ground the beauty with green, Shan Qing, clean water. This second selected 500 strong, it is actual strength of innovation of Ming Yang group is accumulated, the result that position of core technology reserve, industry highlights. The technical innovation that innovation actual strength accumulates group of   Ming Yang to pushing the industry that prop up energetically and platform of research and development build: Already built center of stage business technology, place to combine project lab, Guangdong to save lab of project of wind cable technology, Guangdong to save engineering center and workstation of postdoctoral scientific research up to now, reach the “ such as hamburger of Silicon Valley of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, United States, Germany in layout Zhongshan headquarters the research and development of 5 centers ” innovates and business chain serves all ministry system. In addition, ming Yang group and ECN of domestic and international famous orgnaization (lab of Dutch class the sources of energy) , DNVGL (German fatigue dust heart ship's classification society) , Fraunhofer (Germany Fulaoenhuofu academy) , Romax (catenary of top class drive devises a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale) etc, stretch and mechanical research, gear case is used in gas resource of wind of design of system of catenary of design, drive, complex landform is calculated, advanced control strategy develops domain of technology of forward position of report waiting for wind to break through development. Ming Yang group still mastered equipment of maritime wind phone to make a technology, break the west the forestall of sophisticated to major equipment technology, the development of resource of maritime wind report that makes southeast coastal and giant never may arrive likelihood. Pass integrated resource, emulation group of group of the blade design group that the company has home to precede at present, gear case design, dynamo design group, core research and development, overall research and development of energy of group of test of research and development, wisdom and carry dimension group. Group of Ming Yang of   of core technology reserve is in technology of set of course of technology of half straight drive, high-power, aircrew refuses typhonic technology, super- big lamina technology, float the respect such as ability of solution of two unifinication ” has type fan technology and “ to send an advantage first, created many. High-power set technology: Experience of skill of half straight drive is accumulated via more than 10 years of practice and 3 times the industry upgrades, rely on the congenital advantage of course of technology of half straight drive, in aircrew large change direction to achieve a breakthrough ceaselessly. Ming Yang group rolled out big maritime fan MySE16-242 in August 2021. Course of technology of half straight drive laid a foundation for high-power aircrew on gene, no matter be,generate electricity efficiency is overall still weight and bulk are in unit is large highlight increasingly in the course that change come out. Exceed big lamina technology: The group of research and development of blade technology major that Ming Yang group has nearly 100 people, the iteration design that has structure of pneumatic of complete blade material research and development, lamina, lamina and blade load develops ability, the fan type that is aimed at own design but custom-built the research and development that change, design and manufacturing lamina, have distinctive send an advantage first. In July 2021, by Ming Yang the group paddles his own canoe Bo of carbon of train in excess specified length of 100 meters of class mixes the domestic fund of research and development blade ——MySE11-99A1 lamina gets offline successfully. Float type fan technology: Ming Yang group is collected in storm data, research and development of maritime fan innovation and respect of construction of maritime wind telegram acquired many technology achievement and accumulate, around deep-sea float type technology and domestic and international outstanding research organization undertook technical communication collaboration and technology tackle key problem for many times, offer a kind of load to deliver safety of reasonable, structure, motion to answer for deep-sea typhoon maritime space smooth go partly type floats type foundation and innovation float type foundation, for Ming Yang group of electric machinery of big sign made of baked clay wind is moved toward deep-sea offerred on the safe side, cost to be able to accuse, generate electricity performance is superior deep-sea model fan solution. In May 2021, the stage fights a typhoon to float the MySE5.5MW of own research and development fights group of You Mingyang of type aircrew —— aircrew of typhoon float type gets offline successfully. Industry position highlights business of group of   Ming Yang to cover the equipment of new energy resources such as wind energy, solar energy, electric, lube and project technology to serve a field, at present already work up becomes country the group of banner, wisdom energy industry that has main force. Its banner issues intelligence of bright this world group of electric machinery of the wind inside the the various states makes echelon formation, in layout base of 12 big production, before adding size of outfit machine market newly to be resided firmly 7 years continuously 3, before 6. Up to by 2020, installed capacity exceeds report of wind of accumulative total of Ming Yang group 30GW, amount of the fan that join movement more than 10000. In company of new 2021 energy 500 strong in rank 18, innovation of maritime wind report discharges fame and position. The strategic good luck that current our country is lying to drive energy production and consumptive revolution actively period, since adding double carbon target to put forward, energy company accelerates a technology to innovate pace in succession. Ming Yang group regards solution of whole of clean the sources of energy as the provider, will accelerate technology and mode innovation, maintain “ to hold the general trends, experienced good exercise to benefit the internal organs, strategy that has made him ” to decide force, build hoist the sails La Hai, base the solid base with evergreen course of study, devote oneself to development to become wisdom of clean the sources of energy to change, Pu Hui makes a leader.

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