The application that adds material to make is increasing, be in car plant or manufacturer of aerospace spare parts is not scarce. Nanofabrica is manufacturer of printer of an Israel 3D, with its proprietary miniature 3D prints a technology to become the leader of this domain. The admiral Tera 250 of this company adds material to make a system aim to produce the part of two kinds of different types: Miniature spare parts and larger part.   of   of union of precision and speed and Tera 250 photograph Tera 250 is in miniature DLP moves on engine solely. Very as similar as printer of groovy DLP 3D, tera can project UV light of photosensitive polymer resinous in the bucket, chase its a structure of 3D of solid melt into next. Those who make a person impressive is, this system can be 50 X 50 X 100mm in dimension (opposite) bigger compose proposes the resolution that 1 micron implements on bulk. Depend on material major knowledge, this 3D printer but with a variety of in-house colophony that are based on polymer (for example ABS and PP) compatible. Tera 250 and miniature part are same, OK compose is built those who have complex miniature detail is large grand spare parts, these miniature spare partses can pass strategy of so called much resolution to be made quickly. This means the area that needs fine detail to print opposite slower, but in detail either in very crucial area, the printing rate of the spare parts rose 10-100 times. This makes the speed of 3D printer compares fast 5-100 of platform of other miniature AM times. This system still has proprietary to get used to optical parts of an apparatus oneself, can the optical job that the electron controls all sorts of keys nods parameter, for example focusing, tilt and resemble coming loose. Installation of DLP unit itself is in smooth rigid structure, this structure is OK real time is corrective and other working parameter, include the position in XY plane and precision. To Tera 250, crucial is the control in producing a course with Yu Zaisheng and the algorithm that optimize hardware. Inside Tera 250, feedback algorithm is used in closed circuit, with rising accuracy is mixed but repeatability, at the same time use laser distance is measured come error of corrective fixed position. In application the respect has a lot of. Besides its outside the engineering capability of small part, tera 250 still gifted the geometry that the 3D technology that print offers normally is free. Accordingly, the custom-built application that this system suits small optics, microelectronics, small fluidics and life science territory very much. This includes those who be used at batch production to be able to apparel bedspring of the electronic crust of equipment, miniature, it is small-sized even, small start medical treatment embedded content and surgical operation equipment. Examine use at carrying a few liquid small fluid passageway, this give typical examples proved the function of Tera 250 surpasses a tradition to make well. Although use conventional small production technology (be like small shape) , because design the limitation that spends freely, in also cannot creating functional strength structure the passageway actually - accept rice fiber is easy hurdle race is bouncing.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
From the point of business angle, this 3D printer still has low setting cost, and do not have tool cost absolutely. To these application, before Tera 250 is commercialized, the only way that enters the market is use price do not poor costly or the traditional production technique of restricted. Look into future, forward the directional development of miniaturization and will add material to make use as large quantities of pace that estimate manufacturing technology won't be decelerated. As effort will more function is compositive to smaller occupying in the area, rely on high speed small printed application will be rapid growth ready-made.

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