Annulus oxygen market since the first month of the lunar year drop again later partly, half short forthcoming month, the price of the discretion on the market declines difference has 3000 yuan / ton or above, cannot call not soul-stirring. Drop of epoxy resin drop drops so that profit all breaks endlessly, place remnant very few, but downstream market still not buy it, do not agree to move. Pass according to civilian statistic, each shop tired library amounts to epoxy resin nearly 3.5-3.8 10 thousand tons gigantic, whole Jin Sanyin 4 auspicious season are done head of ash head earth is piteously again and again. Or is to be absent silent in erupt to be in silent in ruined. Zhou Si, two BPA factory can'ts bear bearing day after day shade drops to announce to seal in succession dish, stimulated this flimsy market nerve immediately. Arrive hour of the 2-3 before closing quotation, colophony happens to coincide downstream of inquiry, next simple telephone calls are incessant Yu Er, busy picture is like again last year busy season emersion. As we have learned, light is last week hour of 4 short afternoon number, the order that each mainstream big plant has 4 digit in one's hand, have Wen Mou large family of a few colophony issues sheet to even more with respect to each at a draught kiloton, make many works leader exhibit much day knitted brows, light up with pleasure, see the pain that is short of sheet a little. Zhou Si accepts the order quite abundant, pressing a road previously 2 days is to pull for certain go up. But epicycle each factory, showed some little restraining. Although have drop rise,Zhou Wu accepts the order, but have an amount basic good discuss, some factories just cancel privilege, cost price discretion is operated. Although current colophony inventory has drop, but how many follow-up order has still is unknown, can continue to fall inventory is bad to say. The assault of epicycle is purchased in great quantities, not be the market has how old demand to pull move, frighten at high price to petrolic downstream however was afraid of. Colophony drops again, oil goes up again, the ten thousand international oil price that goes up to fokelore of in the bookshops again and again will come high 185 U.S. dollors / bucket, that without doubt high price, take the advantage of the price not to calculate so too tall, barren of equipment combat readiness, also need not take a place. Of epicycle purchase, according to the analysis, agency takes away have one. Trafficker was purchased should sell, this buried a thunder to the market, the market takes a favourable turn to still go, the market still is inanimate depression, trafficker sees situation is bad to throw money, bad, I wish epicycle does not see. Rest through two days city, situation of open quotation market will see sequel walk along situation clue tomorrow. Will look at present, because oil goes up greatly, annulus oxygen double raw material stops drop small go up, saying from cost face is propped up somewhat to colophony, makings drop again all up, can rise than carrying somewhat last week, power to make decisions is in downstream hand, international insecurity condition also can affect home market, appropriate pays close attention to closely.

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