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Expert poplar is transcendental: Aviation of new power extent and composite material develop prospect

The electrification of planes of 50 the following fixed ala branch line may stimulate a new growth era, this may conduce to the traffic in be advanced sky (AAM- Advanced Air Mobility) the plane levels road. As commercial aerospace company go in the decline of coronal epidemic situation anew, a lot of suppliers, include all sorts of composite material maker, had turned to their attention dynamoelectric and perpendicular case fall (EVTOLelectric Vertical Takeoff And Landing) plane, its purpose is the traffic in lighting advanced sky (AAMadvanced Air Mobility) the market, also be called sometimes the traffic in urban sky (UAM- Urban Air Mobility) . Stem from a few people to reckon the likelihood exceeds the long-term requirement of 1 trillion dollar, since 2011, investor and enterprise already to AAM ecosystem infuse 70 much dollars. These capital conduce to accelerate EVTOL attestation and attestation process, because this has reason,continue to pay close attention to a supplier. But AAM eventually the comprehensive implementation of condition depends on a series of technologies, superintend and culture element, all these elements already reached the designated position. This includes the particularly difficult field that urban operation place wants, if high density spends the traffic in sky,manage the perpendicular carriage infrastructure that changes with dimensions. A few EVTOL designs that rely on the challenge sex that flies to the level from perpendicular flight to transfer are faced with the market that cannot foreknow possibly also to enter camp. As the elapse of time, this industry is in the favorable position that answers these challenges undoubtedly. But fall in such setting, the supplier should expand the key —— of new area aviation opportunity includes these opportunities of passenger transport and freight —— to be made by significant AAM can technology (if electric power is advanced) drive, but do not stand a probability the limitation of the difficult element of defer AAM sufficient latent capacity. A lot of component that aviation of area of area aviation journey travels to suit place of AAM of benefit from benefit from to need very much. It in join remote market and passenger are mixed goods and the socioeconomy function that enlarge respect of trunk airline passenger flow to producing a hinge. However, of fuel price rise make district operation more and more profitless to the small-sized plane with finite capacity, force airline to turn to large airlines, flat perhaps cancel a service. For example, 2005 to 2 years of 2018, the distinctive course amount that 50 the following business fly in North America with the plane dropped 40% . Apparitor of banquet of beautiful couplet boat · division compares Scot (Scott Kirby) expressed in July 2021, we are solving “ how to be the problem that small town serves hard; We feel accountability maintain the connection between community, but because the economy of 50 seats is occurrent,be nail-biting …… eventually economically so fundamental change, this lets a person suspect what the answer is. We had not found answer ” in addition, the feasibility that oppugns its area network like airline is same, they also are in reappraise its environment footmark. October 2021, aviation industry compliance shows to 2050 clean 0 discharge. Real executive work will differ somewhat, but so far, include Alaska airline, Yi Jie airline and New Zealand airline inside 20 operation business had stepped a pace, its after 2030 the 30 % of group of short distance aircraft throws next generation planes. Other airline, if the United States combines airline and freight airline DHL, had issued order to area electron airline. To 2035, will plane of 5000 branch line retires, have a lot of positive demand signal. Turn the advantage that take to achieve electric power adequately, low weight, high-powered composite material is crucial. For example, newcomer Evion (Israel, kadima - Qadima, israel) reach its are completely dynamoelectric 9 Alice are connected diligent plane (Alice CoNverter Aircraft) will 2022 boat of the 1st quarter, its structure uses the composite material of 95% . Someone else predicts to will abide by this to devise way, in order to help the weight of quits batteries system, improve aerodynamics efficiency. Below the circumstance that values in this kind of foreground, large will be worth to be examined carefully with the distinctive development route of plane of small-sized branch line. Market of plane of large branch line is dynamic (70 many seats) fuel cost posed bigger and bigger challenge to the commercial reason of plane of large branch line; The result is, original the branch line plane of 5 kinds of model is produced by two manufacturer now, and manufacturer of aircraft of 20 years ago 8 branch line produced 13 kinds of model. Face sale against the wind, company of Brazilian aviation industry (Brazil holy Paul) , two when remain are in one of person that allow, considering to roll out engine of airscrew of a kind of modern turbine, the moving cost of this engine is lower than having type 20% . Once hydrogen advances technical maturity, it is offerred possibly also eventually without discharge move. Other incumbent, be like ATR (Paris, france) , dehaweilan (Hatefeierde, england) with MHRIJ (before Pang Badi CRJ, biBiRand, canada) also begin to explore new alternative, although be on a kind of any methods not quite believe firmly, because they study,be discharged and cost balance. What considering is combustion of mixture power cell, hydrogenous fuel cell, direct hydrogen, it is double fuel kerosene even / hydrogen burns. Plane of small-sized branch line is dynamic (<50) if advance a system newly to be able to achieve its affirmatory performance improvement, 50 the following planes will have an exciting new requirement opportunity. A research of bureau of American space navigation concluded 2016, as the fall of operation cost, the ideal capacity —— that 48 seats become district operation is passed not only optimize gain ability, still be opposite through opening more destination and give a frequency. Besides good luck of this one economy, small-sized plane also provided strategic benefit, the kind of new technology is bred before expanding to high-end application as a kind. So far, advance transform a method very common —— includes hydric (for example, general and hydric (los angeles of American California city) , ZeroAvia (Huo Lisi of American California city is special) with electric power (Lai is especially electric (los angeles) , and other plan had be notted change completely formally. For example, dehaweilan is considering to mix motivation and hydric system, and German aircraft company (Oberpfaffenhofen, germany) evaluating can last aviation fuel (SAF- Sustainable Aviation Fuel) and hydric. Own the aircraft that is less than 20 seats, be called increasingly now the traffic in “ area sky - (RegioSecond area of Nal Air Mobility)” or “ (Sub-regional) ” landscape, also gaining development momentum. 2016 of bureau of American space navigation same consider to conclude, if the plane carries battalion cost is reduced,exceed 40% , so 20 the following planes can be offerred to more destination. A lot of move a concept to be based on traditional aircraft design first, in order to realize easier attestation (for example, evion, heart Aerospace (Swedish Ge Debao) . Other more original concept includes short be apart from case fall (STOLshort Takeoff And Landing) plane (for example Airflow (san Francisco of American California city) , Electra (the United States Virginia city Fuersiche surprises) even “seagliders” (Regent. EVTOL company begins to see dimensions turns the challenge of urban operation, also exploring area passenger transport and freight task. Regard these newly established as the test and verify of the great ambition of the company, currently hold the post ofOEM to investigating new idea, include EnabaER, tecnam (Kasuoliya, italy) , saisina - Cessna (Weijida, can Sa this, the United States) with Britten Norman (Benbuliji, england) . The plane of all competitors still has a lot of jobs to want to do, in order to prove these paper blueprint will satisfy the cost of this domain and function objective, but mobile increase sharply is a hopeful sign. Although crucial sale still is put in a lot of technology obstacles, but in new-style composite material design and production support fall, new the success that advances a technology is carried out promote section route network likely, offer long-term high-end market opportunity for the supplier. Although foreground is bright, but shortage of increasingly exasperate aviation industry labor will be a crucial problem that entrepreneur faces. Besides necessary propulsion and innovation of composite material structure, can automation more job is secure improve solo flight clerk (or long-range air man) the new flight road-sense that commerce operates may be right area aviation and AAM become more and more important. When the plane original equipment manufacturer tries to do sewing work between these economy, operation and environmental problem when, the supplier must begin to if where,evaluate them potential composite material and engineering capability fluctuation are well-advised ante, these material and engineering capability will be in future appears inevitably inside 10 years position is won on structures of various plane of bear the palm. Note: Basis 2022.3.16 " RegioNal Air Mobility: A Meaningful First Step In The Electric Aviation Revolution " one article is compiled. Add: Liu He: Real power estate of economy depends on entrepreneur, their a new idea, new technology, carry new constituent form and new system throw on the market, and develop the market ceaselessly, such making economy is able to grow brief introduction of every of Yangchao of Yang Chaofan 2022.3.17: The plane makes senior expert, specialize in civilian machine in recent years composite material. Ministry of former aviation industry approves researcher step senior engineer, enjoy the State Council special allowance.

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