The article analysed our country to expand the macroscopical demand of composite material of high-powered high polymer, the fiber such as the carbon fiber in summing up composite material of high-powered high polymer, fragrant black silk ribbon, high-powered fibre glass enhances body and composite material to if resinous of colophony of epoxy resin, phenolic aldehyde, special type develops the current situation and characteristic,use matrix of high polymer colophony, grind the problem that sentenced composite material of high-powered high polymer to expand presence and the target that will develop henceforth and task. Consider to discover, carbon fiber domain is preliminary formed the industrialization system that changes production to the project from crucial technology research and development, material to high-powered with low cost two-way development; Contrapuntal industrialization of fragrant black silk ribbon is preliminary and successful; Fibre glass maintains low speed dilate; Industry of matrix of colophony of composite material of high-powered high polymer faces grim development situation. Be based on development demand, from pay attention to own innovation, hold to demand drawing, value industrial chain construction, enhance a person with ability the respect such as construction of education and supportive industry innovation put forward to develop a proposal, with period for our country the development of composite material of high-powered high polymer offers reference to draw lessons from.   of of composite material of; of matrix of colophony of high polymer of; of keyword   high-powered fiber one, composite material of introductive   high-powered high polymer points to use the fiber such as carbon fiber, fragrant black silk ribbon, fibre glass to enhance acyl of epoxy resin, double Ma Lai inferior a kind of material that the high-powered colophony such as amine colophony is a delegate, integral performance is superior, it is national defence and national economy construction indispensable strategical crucial material. Composite material of high-powered high polymer regards high end as the main material foundation of equipment, the light simple structure that waits for weaponry in spaceflight, aviation, ablation prevents the play on hot component to wear the function that cannot supersede, if apply at aircraft of excellent velocity of sound, draw near in the new generation weaponry such as exploration aircraft of dimensional aircraft and deep space and project of great science and technology. In the meantime, composite material of high-powered high polymer is being made with high-end industry, the orbit traffic, clean the sources of energy countryman economy that is a delegate each are great the domain also is having wide application. Current, be in on international domain of composite material of high-powered high polymer had been formed stabilize development continuously relative to relatively mature industry. Enhancing body data side, carbon fiber regards the buildup with advanced important composite material as body, the particular kind that faces applied demand is changed or high-powered change technology of low cost of technology and large-scale industry level to already became research heat. In counterpoint respect of fragrant black silk ribbon, industrial catenary is built more and more be taken seriously, technical unifinication trend is sent more apparent, burgeoning application domain is ceaseless emerge in large numbers. Fibre glass industry already was formed arrive from fiber, goods the whole industry catenary of composite material. The development of colophony matrix already entered orderly stability period. The technology is made go up in composite material, automation production technology is general with each passing day, aviation and technology of spaceflight composite material enter autumn, wind-force generates electricity and the application of car domain is the vitality with new infuse of industry of carbon fiber composite material, thermoplastic the composite material application in orbit traffic and automobile industry perspective is wide. In recent years, generate electricity as aviation, spaceflight, wind-force, the property such as container of orbit traffic, car, high pressure is right the further growth of demand of composite material of high-powered high polymer, industry of composite material of our country high-powered high polymer already took shape, applied domain and produce can expand continuously, develop to low cost, high-powered direction gradually. With abroad advanced level photograph is compared, development of estate of composite material of our country high-powered high polymer still is put in not little difference. For this, the industry that the article strengthens body and colophony matrix in all sorts of fiber in combing composite material of our country high-powered high polymer grows the foundation of the current situation and posture characteristic to go up, grind the production that sentences our country composite material and applied level, the analysis shows the problem that level exists and the account that with international advanced level forms difference, hind, the future that offers composite material of our country high-powered high polymer develops direction and countermeasure proposal. 2, macroscopical demand analyses composite material of our country high-powered high polymer composite material of   high-powered high polymer is national defence and national economy construction indispensable strategical crucial foundation material, also be " make 2025 " in the data base that domain of a lot of key expands. Develop new thinking as the transition of our country strategy and national economy put forward, raised pressing requirement to the development of composite material of high-powered high polymer and application. 1. The   of crucial foundation material that composite material of high-powered high polymer is demand of the safeguard of implementation safety domain that prop up develops the strategy as drive of our country innovation carry out, what the powerful nation strategy that is main avenue with spaceflight powerful nation, aviation powerful nation, marine powerful nation becomes a state is essential. The research and development of opportunity for combat of strategic missile, new-style armor and shipping, large airlines, new generation and satellite is right the demand of the high-powered advanced composite material of unifinication of function of high-powered, muti_function, structure is exuberant, crucial composite material and structure are made become the bottleneck that restricts task of great and safe project to finish. For example, engine of strategic tactics missile, aviation heats up aircraft of upright component, excellent velocity of sound to wait for carbon fiber of pair of T800 above class the demand of composite material is pressing; Carbon fiber of strong high standard and its composite material undertake the model in the executive need excel in of homebred and large airlines, advanced satellite and project of visit month project, freeboard safeguard. 2. Composite material of high-powered high polymer is to lead the crucial material   that the technology upgrades to be in equipment of transportation of aviation and spaceflight equipment, marine engineering equipment and hi-tech shipping, advanced course, energy-saving machine tool of industry of IT of equipment of industry of car, as new as new energy resources material, power, new generation, high-grade numerical control and robot and, composite material of high-powered high polymer is crucial foundation material or be lead a technology revolution upgrade replacement material. If be on the bridge cap of the wind report lamina of above of length 40 M, girder,use carbon fiber composite material, can make blade self-prossessed on one hand decrease 38% , cost is reduced 14% ; Increase blade fatigue resistance on the other hand can, enhance output power, can produce more easily character for material with carbon fiber a big diameter and adaptive wind report lamina. 3. The pressing demand   that composite material of high-powered high polymer is development of green of economy of implementation our country innovates finite circumstance to fall in the sources of energy, energy-saving the important research task that decreasing a platoon is automobile industry, light quantifying is one of keys that solve a problem. Composite material of advanced high polymer is had taller than the model is measured and comparing intensity, reduce heavy latent capacity big, security is good wait for outstanding advantage, it is a car light quantified beautiful choice. As the ceaseless progress of composite material technology, carbon fiber composite material already applied at car automobile body, empennage, batholith, engine cover, interior trim to wait now. The growth rate of demand of carbon fiber of domain of prospective automobile industry will maintain inside certain period in 7% the left and right sides. 3, the   of development existing state of affairs of composite material of our country high-powered high polymer is current, although the development of composite material of our country high-powered high polymer already gained materiality headway, but the industrialization progress that high-powered fiber enhances matrix of body, colophony and composite material preparation is relatively slow, powerful nation photograph compares partial domain and material to still have certain difference. The development case of composite material of our country high-powered high polymer is particular as follows. (one) high-powered fiber development provides characteristic     each 1. Carbon fiber domain is preliminary form research and development and manufacturing platform, face is high-powered developing   carbon fiber quickly with low cost direction is content of element of a kind of carbon the data of inorganic fiber account in 90% above, among them with polyacrylonitrile (PAN) the polyacrylonitrile that fiber gets for van body preparation base it is important that carbon fiber is, its preparation craft basically includes propylene nitrile (AN) fiber of preparation of polymer solution preparation, PAN former silk, PAN oxidizes beforehand, PAN beforehand oxygen fiber carbonization and the finishing that undertake for as compound as colophony place, if preparation is tall,modular quantity carbon fiber still needs to pass technology of high temperature graphitization [1] . The production of PAN radical carbon fiber controls equipment flow, if pursue,1 is shown.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Graph 1 PAN base   of flow of preparation of carbon fiber production is below the support of demonstrative plan of science and technology and industrialization, pass 10 one's remaining years tackle key problem in coordination, preparation of our country high-powered carbon fiber and applied technology obtained major breakthrough [2] . (1) preliminary build technology of high-powered carbon fiber and product system, technical level promotes   ceaselessly at present, the industrialization dimensions of class of T300 of preliminary already implementation and T700 class carbon fiber produces our country homebred carbon fiber. Specific in light of, function of T300 class carbon fiber reachs international level basically, apply in national defence domain gradually hasten is mature, still remain to develop in the application of civil domain; High-powered carbon fiber broke through T700 class, T800 class to do craft of gush wet spinning, realized industrialization production; Innovation sex was developed wet craft of preparation of carbon fiber of filature T700 class, relevant product already applied at aviation domain; Below lab condition, high-powered carbon fiber has broken through T1100 class crucial preparation technology. In high standard the quantity reachs domain of carbon fiber of excel in high standard, m40 class high standard measured carbon fiber to realize small lot production, produce can be 300 Kg/a about, apply on many satellites model; Carbon fiber of high standard of M40J class excel in already finished a project to change development, undertaking applied assessing; Carbon fiber of high standard of M55J class excel in still is in a project to change development level, more high-powered carbon fiber variety still lies phase of crucial technology research and development. (2) already built a batch of carbon fiber to produce enterprise and platform of research and development, situation of industry of homebred carbon fiber forms   basically to produce enterprise field in carbon fiber, our country has company of many 20 carbon fiber, basically distributing to be mixed in Shandong, Jiangsu, Heibei Jilin, the industrial situation of homebred carbon fiber is formed basically. Extend god of fiber limited company, Jiangsu constant with power sea Inc. , medium carbon fiber of answer god eagle is finite liability company, medium Shanghai of limited company of carbon fiber of meritorious service of energy of limited company of the science and technology that bring a letter, Jilin, petrifaction is petro-chemical the single track of 10 above since the 6 companies construction that Inc. is a delegate is produced can, additionally 18 enterprises built a few tons to be produced to hundreds of tons can product line; In the meantime, the excel in of foundation of acrylic fibbers industry big silk bundle technology of carbon fiber former silk obtains a breakthrough, limited company of carbon fiber of Jilin carbon cereal builds produce the former silk product line that can be 1.5×104 T/a. Theory of domestic carbon fiber was produced 2019 can achieve 2.6×104 T/a, produce effectively can be 1.5×104 T/a about, carbon fiber of class of T300 / T700 satisfies the applied requirement of national defence domain basically. The yield of carbon fiber industry can although grow ceaselessly, but existence produces can big, yield the problem such as inadequacy of rate of small, start working. The aspect is built in platform, our country already built science and technology of a lot of carbon fiber to study an unit in order to support carbon fiber industry homebred change development, namely lab of project of composite material of 2 lab of project of technology of preparation of 2 research center of technology of project of a carbon fiber, carbon fiber, carbon fiber, many key laboratories. 2. Contrapuntal industrialization of fragrant black silk ribbon is successful, photograph of as advanced as international level is more contrapuntal than still having difference   fragrant black silk ribbon is contrapuntal the important member with familial fiber of polyamide of scent a group of things with common features, by to benzene 2 armour acyl is chloric with to benzene make polymer is right after 2 amine condensation polymerization 2 armour acyl is opposite benzene benzene 2 amine, make product of gotten fragrant black silk ribbon via solution filature again. Fragrant black silk ribbon always produces the counterpoint on international can be 7.6×104 T/a about, start working rate is 70%~80% about. Our country already had 8 enterprises to build counterpoint at present fibrous of fragrant black silk ribbon produces device, produce already can exceed 7×103t/a, specific produce can distributing circumstance, if pursue,2 are shown. But produce per year a quantity actually to be 1.8×103 T about, trade go into operation leads inadequacy 30% . Overall for, our country is contrapuntal the difference of advanced level of level of industrialization of fragrant black silk ribbon and abroad is bigger, the respect has not wait to form strong competitive pattern in quality of industrial dimensions, product and application [3] .
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Graph 2 2017 year home is contrapuntal main business produces fiber of fragrant black silk ribbon can circumstance   notes: Yantai peaceful and express Yantai peaceful and new material Inc. ; La Xingxin material indicates Inc. of new material of blue star chemical industry; International Inc. is changed in international is being changed to express in; Heibei Silicon Valley represents limited company of chemical industry of Heibei Silicon Valley; In fragrant special fine expresses in fragrant special fine Inc. ; Appearance asks for chemical fibber to state appearance asks for chemical fibber Inc. ; Jiangsu luck is filled state Jiangsu luck contains limited company of new material science and technology; Horse of smooth coal god expresses to make the same score coal god Ma Ji is round. The aspect is built in platform, our country built fiber of many fragrant black silk ribbon and local research and development and technical platform. For example, dong Hua university is key laboratory of fiber material modified relies on an unit, huanali is versed in the university is to make lab of oar papermaking engineering stress rely on an unit, yantai peaceful and new material Inc. are center of engineering of fragrant black silk ribbon relies on an unit, limited company of academy of blue dawn chemical industry is the high polymer material such as fiber in of research and development of material of war industry of much breed, small lot rely on an unit. 3. Fibre glass is produced can reside, maintain   of low speed dilate fibre glass is a kind of good function stuff and structural material. The yield of fibre glass can be 3.8×106 T/a about 2016, occupy always produce can 60% . 2017—2019 year our country fibre glass is produced can year all compound increase rate is 6.65% , outclass is produced can year all compound increase rate 1.70% . The 9.5×105 T growth from 2005 reachs year of yield of our country fibre glass the 3.62×106 T 2016, crop year all compound increase rate is achieved 12% . Since 935 ” of “ , fibre glass is produced can maintain low speed dilate, new increase production basically can be in a few enterprise centrally, transform like what megalithic Inc. completed 5 product line, limited company of father-in-law fibre glass built pool kiln product line, put into production of Inc. of Chongqing international composite material cold repair line. (2) composite material develops a condition with high-powered epoxy resin and phenolic aldehyde colophony austere     1.   of epoxy resin epoxy resin is colophony of becomes by annulus oxygen chloric propane and condensation polymerization of double phenolic A hot solid sex, use the matrix resin that makes composite material in great quantities, use in aviation especially dominant place is taken in composite material. Epoxy resin always was produced 2016 can be 4.62×106 T/a about. Current, company of chemistry of contented family name, South Asia is plastic industrial Inc. and the epoxy resin that the United States strides 3 businesses of company of chemical of graph special type are produced can rank produce can before 3, occupy epoxy resin to always be produced can 37% . The yield 2017 can be industry of our country epoxy resin 2.3×106 T/a, occupy always produce can 50% , the crop 2017 is 1.2×106 T. The epoxy resin that our country produces has 9% to be used at composite material domain, the others is used at the domain such as sticky agent of electronic electric equipment, coating, glue. Epoxy resin of adjacent armour phenolic aldehyde is the epoxy resin that replaces double phenolic A to get with colophony of adjacent cresol aldehyde, have higher annulus oxygen cost than double phenolic A epoxy resin, the cross-linking point of 2.5 times can be offerred when solidify, make composite material has taller thermal stability, machine intensity, electric insulating properties and be able to bear or endure chemical sex. Current, market of epoxy resin of adjacent armour phenolic aldehyde is primary the business monopoly that is waited for by Japan, United States, Switzerland, our country still cannot dimensions changes the adjacent cresol aldehyde that produces high quality, tall purity epoxy resin. Normally the circumstance falls, epoxy resin forms meshy and stereo polymer through solidify processing, ability of composite material framework bag sth resembling a net is in meshy body. Differ according to solidify temperature, can divide for cold curing (20~30 ℃ ) , in lukewarm solidify (50~130 ℃ ) , high temperature solidify (130 ℃ above) etc. Compare with photograph of high temperature solidify, lukewarm solidify has solidify temperature in low, lax to mould requirement, internal stress the advantage such as stability of small, dimension, have vast development space. Produce tenacity difference, brittleness to wait for a problem by force to avoid the epoxy resin after solidify, need undertakes adding modified of pliable but strong to its, include balata kind elastomer is added pliable but strong, high-powered thermoplastic polymer adds pliable but strong, heat to send liquid crystal polymer to add pliable but strong to wait. Additional, still need to undertake to epoxy resin flame retardant modified, receive extensive research and application without bittern fire retardant in recent years. The functional monomer that certain amount N, Si or P element contain in molecular structure, use as flame retardant the reactivity monomer of epoxy resin or solidify agent, make colophony composite material has better anti-flammability. At present company of fire retardant production is like Zhejiang 10 thousand filling Inc. , Jiangsu to already began Inc. of elegant gram science and technology to produce organic phosphor is the fire retardant that do not have bittern, but integral level and effect and develop to still have bigger difference. 2. Colophony of phenolic aldehyde of   of phenolic aldehyde colophony, regard the matrix that is used extensively at composite material as colophony, it is by phenol apperception closes matter (like phenol) close matter with aldehyde apperception (like formaldehyde) condensation polymerization and become hot firm sexual colophony, among them colophony of typical, important a kind of phenolic aldehyde is becomes with phenol and formaldehyde condensation polymerization polymer. 2016, home has colophony of many 200 phenolic aldehyde to produce a business about, produce can be 1.3×106 T/a about, crop is 1.02×106 T about, reside the 1st. But reach its to colophony of a few high-powered phenolic aldehyde compound technology, cast a technology to wait, our country has not master core key skill, the modified of phenolic aldehyde colophony that earnestly needs to promote home the business and cast a level. Brittleness of phenolic aldehyde colophony is big, outspread rate is low, and easy oxidation of the phenolic hydroxyl on its structure and methylene. Be opposite to satisfy domain of high end of etc of aviation, spaceflight the requirement of function of phenolic aldehyde colophony, need to undertake adding modified of pliable but strong and heat-resisting modified. Be in at present already in colophony of some modified phenolic aldehyde, colophony of boracic phenolic aldehyde introduces B element in structure of element of phenolic aldehyde colophony, make phenolic aldehyde colophony presents the characteristic such as a tall oxygen index, low poison, low smoke, it is rocket, spaceflight, missile, nuclear power plant and car stop a car piece one of important material that wait for a domain to be badly in need of [4] . 3.   of matrix of special type colophony is in respect of matrix of special type colophony, basically have acyl of double Ma Lai inferior colophony of amine colophony, cyanic acid ester, benzene and Qin colophony. These special type colophony are had good hear resistance, anti-flammability, anti-radiant, appear wave sex, insulating property and mechanical sex, the colophony of matrix of polymer of sex of a kind of hot solid that is considered as to have capacious development perspective, the person that hopeful becomes the succeed sb in a post of epoxy resin, get applied extensively in aviation and spaceflight domain. Be in the United States in F-22 of the 4th acting battleplan, 24% what the dosage of composite material seizes its structure total mass, among them 70% cultivate fat radical for double horse composite material [5] . Come nearly 30 years, the United States, Japan, England, Germany come to double horse in succession acyl inferior the matrix of special type colophony such as amine colophony undertook a large number of modified study, give the matrix colophony data with more superior performance with preparation. These special type colophony all have research and development and production in home, with international advanced level photograph is compared, dimensions and existence of product stability respect are produced in the quantity bigger difference. Composite material of matrix of special type colophony needs to solve difficult problem of two old techniques when applying actually as high-powered data: ① passes copolymerization, be mixed in all or other way, improve resinous to machine function, solve solidify of solid photograph high temperature to shape brought brittleness ruptures greatly, easily wait for a problem; ② is in ensure material has enough high heat-resisting performance, mechanical property and mechanical strength while, raise tenacity, the superior performance such as preparation market strength, tenacity, hear resistance, processability the composite material at a suit, satisfy the use requirement of domain of war industry of etc of aviation, spaceflight. (3) our country composite material is made reach applied level to develop remarkable     1. Composite material technology enters autumn, begin ① of   of   of more large-scale application to be in aviation domain, the applied level of composite material gets promotion, dosage is occupied than taller and taller, if the composite material dosage of the 4th acting battleplan of our country is occupied,compare for 25% , dosage of large transport composite material is occupied than for 15% , some model dosage of helicopter composite material is occupied than for 34% . Additional, our country is planning to use carbon fiber composite material in the structure such as empennage, wing in the air bus of phase of research and development, composite material dosage will occupy the 15%~25% of its construction heft. ② is in spaceflight domain, as colophony matrix function raise the progressively application with advanced engineering technology ceaselessly, the applied trend of the composite material in structure of our country spaceflight by small size second bear force structure arrives large size advocate bear force structure way develops. ③ plays arrow weapon to go up in arms industry, main use fibre glass, carbon fiber enhances composite material to wait, its use range by blame bear force and second bear force structural member develops advocate bear force structural member, if fight the fire of high internal pressure of tall overload,armor-piercing projectile of arrow engine housing, large requirements is played hold in the palm etc. According to not complete count, year of dosage of arms industry fibre glass already achieved on kiloton, fibrous of fiber of carbon fiber, fragrant black silk ribbon, polyethylene year dosage already achieved above of 50 T, 70 T, 10 T respectively. ④ is in civil domain, wind-force generates electricity and the composite material application of car respect is the vitality with new infuse of industry of carbon fiber composite material, thermoplastic composite material applies foreground in orbit traffic and automobile industry domain capacious. 2. Production technology of composite material automation is mature with each passing day the   wide application as high-powered composite material, way of diversity of face of composite material workmanship, automation develops quickly, composite material shapes craft is planted from 2~3 (hand paste and manual shop are stuck) development goes to nearly 10 kinds (automatic shop is put) , the proportion that automation of composite material component produced 2016 is achieved 50% , the end of the year will achieve 65% above 2020. During 925 ” of “ , automation of our country composite material makes a technology get better progress, silk of automatic shop belt, automatic shop and beforehand dip makings is pulled automatically crowded wait for advanced and efficient engineering technology to throwing application stage by stage, developed hot frit beforehand dip makings production and autoclave composite material shape engineering technology, fiber / cloth belt is twined shape technology, colophony delivers moulding makings to shape craft (RTM) shape technology and whole of composite material structure shape technology, system of composite material production technology is initial form, can use at development and carbon fiber of small lot production, fibre glass to enhance acyl of colophony of high-powered phenolic aldehyde, epoxy resin, double Ma Lai with fragrant black silk ribbon inferior amine colophony and get together acyl inferior a variety of composite material such as amine, basically apply at building materials of electric power of traffic of car component, orbit, communication, building, electric power / the domain such as development of electric equipment, municipal infrastructure, new energy resources, satisfied aviation, spaceflight, enginery, the sources of energy and traffic basically to carry the requirement of the domain. 3. High end of face of technology of composite material of structural function unifinication is changed, practical change direction to develop quickly, development of the development that supported high-end equipment and technology of composite material of unifinication of function of structure of manufacturing   our country is remarkable, the structure is sucked wave and appear a composite material to wait for a domain to receive a large number of application in car of vessel of new-style plane, missile, ship, ground. Structural armor composite material holds concurrently fight play defend and the structure bears the weight of function, fight actingly play / fibre glass of excel in of —— of structural composite material enhances colophony radical composite material, function already reached level of composite material of armor of American MIL-46197A structure, already used at the port hatchcover that a variety of armor equip. Of the 2nd generation fight play / structural composite material is had fight play, bear the weight of, concealed body muti_function the characteristic of unifinication, in keep taller be spent stoutly and fight flexibility can below the circumstance, wave effect is sucked to highlight in wider radar wave band, already overcame cabin of large motive force with Yu Tan coping and appear component. Our country colophony base the composite material that prevent heat explores those who wait for development plan to drive in manned spaceflight and sky below, development goes beehive to enhance low density to colophony radical prevents hot composite material and be in carry a person to return the implementation on cabin to apply successfully. Composite material of high-powered carbon fiber is the core of composite material industry, 2016 carbon fiber composite material year dosage is 1.1×105t about, value of market total prices is 20 billion dollar about, market development perspective is wide. Our country composite material passes 30 old development, already built research and development of component of a batch of composite material platform and production base, in order to promote the promotion of composite material technology and industrial standard. 4, the problem   that development of composite material of high-powered high polymer is faced with is current, our country enhances composite material to still be in development phase for composite material of high-powered high polymer with carbon fiber, with abroad advanced level photograph is compared, still have bigger difference. Research and development of our country relevant product and industrial development direction are right more mark abroad already had a product, be modelled on in order to dog give priority to, the entrance of the product counts level taller, industrialization progress is slow, partial domain is serious the lag development at material powerful nation speed. (one) product of carbon fiber high end is little, low end product value is expensive, fragrant black silk ribbon develops counterpoint each breed develops high-powered fiber of hard   our country disequilibrium. To high-powered inorganic fiber, fibre glass enters industrialization to develop autumn, product quality is good and the market is had rate is high; Carbon fiber is in industrialization initial stage, produce can rise ceaselessly, but crop and market are had rate is inferior, the stability of product quality still remains to rise; Fiber of fragrant black silk ribbon is in industrialization initial stage, already had certain yield can, but crop is inferior, product quality stability and market are had rate still remain to rise further. Homebred carbon fiber produces cost house not to fall high, the high-powered carbon fiber that is used at the domain such as aviation, spaceflight and foreign existence generation are poor, own innovation ability is strengthened urgently. In the meantime, market of application of our country carbon fiber is bred logy, wind-force generates electricity, large-scale application has not have the industry such as the car, of industrial demand help motive force weaker. The product of enterprise of existing carbon fiber is centered at producing T300 class carbon fiber more, put in the certain low-level dilate that do not have foreword, plus abroad relevant enterprise is opposite cheap carbon fiber undertakes the price is hit in our country pressure, those who go against carbon fiber industry grow, form hard have competition ability and can last the industry of healthy progress. In counterpoint respect of fragrant black silk ribbon, foreign enterprise is opposite through price measure ceaselessly product of our country fragrant black silk ribbon undertakes essence of life allows to hit pressure, cause domestic company to use homebred the enthusiasm of product of fragrant black silk ribbon is not tall. In the meantime, company of production of domestic fragrant fishing line still is faced with abroad to strengthen monomer of pair of fragrant black silk ribbon (to benzene 2 armour acyl is chloric) exit pilot challenge. Anyhow, at present of industry of our country fragrant black silk ribbon it is as difficult as development to grow heavily. (2) the research and development that colophony base material expects and matrix of colophony of   of difference of applied level existence are fiber the weakness in enhancing composite material, constituent that is destroyed first, having crucial effect to the play of function of composite material whole. Main show is the problem that our country exists in colophony matrix respect and difference: Force of ① research and development is weak, study main body is given priority to with college and place of scientific research courtyard, the application that develops composite material with the enterprise considers to be out of line relatively; Dimensions of product of colophony of the epoxy resin of high quality, tall purity, phenolic aldehyde and modified high end changes ② productivity is low; ③ is aimed at the requirement of advanced composite material of high-end domain, colophony answer matchs a system to design ability to remain to strengthen; Capacity of industrialization of matrix of ④ high-powered colophony is insufficient, lack satisfies low frequency paragraph, complete to concealed body, fully wave, low density, prevent adiabatic, ballproof the product that waits for function. Still need to increase in addition new-style exceed the new technology such as Xi of choice of material, frequency, black lead, new material to attract wave and the application that show wave field in the structure strength. (3) colophony radical composite material design, make   of as low as applied level   (1) the structural member design of our country composite material replaces application to give priority to with dogging, ability of own design application is weaker. Current, according to actual application statistic of abroad, advocate bear of composite material of carbon fiber of class of force structure use T300 decrease heavy efficiency to be able to be amounted to 25% , and our country decreases heavy efficiency relatively inferior, majority is less than 20% . (2) automation of homebred composite material shapes the applied scale of craft is inferior, overall inadequacy 20% , the high-end domain such as aviation of main bureau be confined to and spaceflight, civil composite material still is papered with traditional hand or manual shop is stuck shape give priority to, with foreign automation production level is put in apparent difference. Craft is backward make disperse of composite material function big, n low, cost is high, become the outstanding issue that restricts development of high-powered composite material. (3) composite material makes weakness of level of crucial equipment technology, introduce in order to import give priority to, be modelled on for complementary, if partial equipment heats up frit beforehand the design of dip machine, twister, autoclave, hot press is made and automatic shop puts composite material equipment, beforehand although the development that dip makings helps crowded equipment automatically obtains certain breakthrough, but level is counted to what the entrance equips in scientific research and production still taller. (4) high-powered colophony base level of composite material application and develop advanced level is put in apparent difference. Dosage occupies the composite material of plane of ARJ 21 branch line that our country develops to be than making an appointment with 2% , dosage of medium-sized plane composite material occupies the C919 that developing to be than making an appointment with 10% , and the Boeing of foreign new development 787, the dosage of air bus composite material such as airbus A350 is occupied than achieving 50% above. The NH90 helicopter composite material of European helicopter company was achieved 95% , and the composite material dosage of Z10 of domestic new-style helicopter is occupied than be only 34% . High-powered colophony base composite material generates electricity in air bus, wind-force and the large-scale application of the domain such as the car had be notted defeat bureau, composite material industry has not form dimensions. (5) instability of structural function composite material, the technology develops lack to design ability integratedly. The research unit that strengthens the raw material such as filling of matrix of material, colophony, function is dispersive, low-level, coessential spend competition serious, function cannot satisfy existing requirement. New-style exceed the new technology such as Xi of choice of material, frequency, black lead, new material to suck wave and the application that show wave field to gain certain headway in the structure, but still be in academic design and phase of experiment test and verify, from actual project application asks to still be put in difference. Although our country is in structure / suck a composite material, structure / fight play composite material, structure / the research of respect of the composite material that prevent heat obtains apparent progress, but it is insufficient, important that the development of structural function composite material still is put in top layer to design ability of conformity of defective, resource the domain is vacant, interdisciplinary inadequacy of integrated design ability and technology are shared inadequate, low-level repeat wait for a problem, have not form the data system of generalization, seriation, standardization, lack the high-powered product that technology of the future that prop up develops. 5, the development target of composite material of our country high-powered high polymer and   of development proposal   (one)   of development target   1. Face the development target   2025 to face the development target 2025 to be: Finish diversity of seriation of breed of homebred carbon fiber, craft, produce can dimensions is changed, main product satisfies the model in excel in, excel in and carbon fiber of high standard excel in applied demand, have industrial competition ability; Break through large-scale unifinication counterpoint technology of preparation of production of fragrant black silk ribbon, build product line of 10 thousand tons of class; The dimensions of the 2nd acting advanced composite material of carbon fiber of the model in building based excel in changes preparation and applied platform, the major project such as solid big now airlines, manned spaceflight applies mediumly, get be replacinged in the round applied in weaponry respect, reach advanced level. The key develops direction to include: ① strengthens homebred carbon fiber research and development of technology of preparation of high-powered, low cost, those who break through T1100 level carbon fiber is homebred change a technology, begin carbon fiber of excel in of M55J class high standard to stabilize a project to change research of technology of technical research and key of preparation of M65J class carbon fiber, the product realizes application of national defence model. The breakthrough has the technology of Gao Yanshen of tall pliable but strong of excel in high standard, preparation of homebred carbon fiber that compresses feature of as balanced as drawing function development; Technology of preparation of industrialization of low cost of the T300 that develops kiloton class and above scale, T700 and T800 class carbon fiber studies, begin high speed to do technology of machining complex of filature of gush wet spinning compositive research; Above of breakthrough 48 K is big technology of bundle of key of production of carbon fiber batch. ② breaks through large-scale unifinication counterpoint technology of preparation of production of fragrant black silk ribbon, build product line of 10 thousand tons of class. ③ begins design of carbon fiber composite material and the applied technology research that wait for a domain in aviation and spaceflight, the tall tenacity that includes to match with carbon fiber of homebred T800 class beforehand dip makings is improved with colophony design reach dimensions chemical combination to become a technology, design of RTM colophony recipe and dimensions chemical combination become a technology, carbon fiber of the model in homebred excel in beforehand dip makings quality and technology of function consistency control, RTM composite material adds skill of pliable but strong, composite material fast metre makes technical research, technology of test and verify of comfortable boat of composite material of carbon fiber of the model in homebred excel in. ④ begins tall pliable but strong of excel in high standard and pull press balance carbon fiber to enhance colophony radical research of composite material technology, research and development is the 3rd acting advanced composite material of the target with replacing high-powered aluminium alloy in the round. ⑤ realizes homebred low cost composite material of high-powered high polymer is in the application of the domain such as cabled yarn of lamina of report of building, wind, transmit electricity, car and orbit traffic. 2. Face the development target   2035 to face the development target 2035 to be: Pass own innovation, those who build contented our country to use requirement is high-powered enhance body fiber technology and range of products, the abidance that forms national defence to use homebred high-powered fiber and its composite material ensures ability independently. Research and development gives the composite material of new-style high-powered fiber with advantage industry, strategy industry and new-style weaponry indispensible place, the scope that plays through using an environment changes test and verify, enhance the function of the product and market competition ability. Realize industrialization of composite material of homebred high-powered high polymer and promotion application, make technology of our country composite material achieves synchronism to develop a level to progressively implementation is surmounted in the round and lead international to develop a standard. The key develops direction to include: The project of the high-powered carbon fiber of the level such as ① implementation M55J, M65J, T1100 influences preparation, war industry of contented national defence and national economy grow demand. ② basis enlists in army actually the environment is right the demand of material function, the structural design that realizes matrix of high-powered new-style colophony and high polymer composite material exceed small interface control, implementation composite material shapes quickly new method, exceed unifinication of large size composite material to shape the development that waits for new-style technology. ③ builds system of innovation of technology of industry of composite material of homebred high polymer, contented national defence and national economy are great the demand of the domain. (2)   of countermeasure proposal   1. Pay attention to own innovation, stimulative industry can grow the development of composite material of   high-powered high polymer continuously, should insist to be with great field application oriented, with scientific acknowledge promotion is a foundation, with crucial technology the breakthrough is a center, with the industry innovation is a target, aim at major project to be badly in need of already, science and technology of forward position of give attention to two or morethings develops, eliminate the appearance that preparation and application are out of line, raise industrial technology maturity quickly, establish the moving mechanism with strict reasonable science. 2. Insist to be drawing to undertake the technology is broken through with high-end equipment demand, the scale that adopts civil requirement is changed drive an industry to develop, realize benign loop   to be in composite material of high-powered high polymer is high-powered change, low cost changes those who develop a tendency to be driven, the high-end product requirement that waits for safe domain with aviation and spaceflight is oriented, undertake the technology is broken through ceaselessly, provide safeguard of material of crucial strategy base, generating electricity with car, wind-force at the same time, the pressure vessel civil domain that is a delegate enlarges application, promote enterprise oneself hematopoiesis the function, the health that realizes industry of composite material of homebred high-powered high polymer but durative development, economy of modernization of contented safety, national defence, countryman and in the need of long-term and major project. 3. Take construction of catenary of industry of composite material of high-powered high polymer seriously, build carbon fiber composite material   of system of technology of application of efficient low cost strengthens investment to reach guide, enhance application of market of – of body – composite material to undertake systematic layout and technology tackle key problem from high-powered fiber, tamp expands a base. The key breeds good actual strength of technology and equipment, the chain of whole industry technology that builds composite material to design – to make – application be an organic whole. Drive composite material of high-powered high polymer to be carried in the sources of energy, traffic, the key such as construction project is civil industrial development, the complete industry chain that forms high-powered fiber to enhance production of body research and development and production, high-powered colophony research and development and composite material preparation and application. 4. Strengthen a talent to foster, respect intellectual property and standardization construction, center of supportive industry innovation builds   to suggest to strengthen the confluence of relevant across major, enlarge a talent to develop scale and strengthen cross major compound model talent education; The Gao Shuiping such as industry technology center and key laboratory is built to open research platform in key enterprise, cogent the engineering technology standard that strengthen and promotes a business; Take check seriously to measure standard, craft standard and product quality standard to be built normatively; Esteem intellectual property, establish reasonable and orderly talent flow mechanism, for our country industry of technology of composite material of high-powered high polymer lasts healthy progress provides power of own innovation source. So far, dried food of technology of this composite material, be worth to collect. Author: Cao Weiyu 1, yang Xueping 2, zhang Ousheng 2

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