Recently, city of Hunan Province Yue Yang releases list of base of patriotism education of city of the 3rd batch of Yue Yang, on a list of names posted up of exhibition hall of company of Ba Ling petrifaction famous. Ba Ling petrifaction only then built in September 1969, by Yuan Yueyang hill of factory of petro-chemical total factory, nitrogenous fertilizer of hole front courtyard, eagle is petro-chemical the factory is shirt-sleeve and into. Already became at present large joint venture of chemical industry of petro-chemical, coal, also be home at the same time company of production of amine of the acyl inside big lithium department balata, oneself and important epoxy resin produce base. Exhibition hall of company of Ba Ling petrifaction is used at be being cast formally in August 2019, gross area amounts to 434 square metre. The exhibition hall carries on benzine of gules tradition, inheritance with “ god, Geng Xushi changes traditional ” to give priority to a problem, enter petrifaction, innovation petrifaction, green petrifaction, responsibility petrifaction, harmonious petrifaction, dream petrifaction to give priority to a line with act vigorously, through what display tens of “ is cultural relic of history of ” of 3 lines builder, gigantic a mural of the setting that build a plant, sculpture, since introducing Ba Ling petrifaction to build a plant do poineering work difficultly course, revealed the state-owned company that regards “ banner as ” and “ pillar ” adequately to be national economy and social progress to make important historic contribution in each historical phase. Include to be party job in economic domain, to Hunan Province, Yue Yang city place economy grows economic contribution, and the content such as the construction of enterprise party, culture construction, team construction, advanced type and entire media. In recent years, ba Ling petrifaction begins “ to explore continuously public of ” of wisdom the sources of energy opens day of activity, invite social community to walk into an enterprise, visiting company exhibition hall, innovation of low carbon of spirit of war industry of detailed knowledge “2348” and company green develops. As we have learned, exhibition hall of company of Ba Ling petrifaction is cast with 2 years of many time, already accumulative total recieves the public such as official of delegate of community dweller, student, media, government 5000 more than person. (Xu Liang shines)

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