2022The 5th Guangzhou composite material and goods exhibitionPostpone meeting summary report

Composite material of the 5th Guangzhou and goods exhibition in July 2022 6-8 day is in Guangzhou city new harbor of sea bead area east ” of Na Feng international exhibition center of Guangzhou of “ of road 630-638 date is held successfully. Current exhibit can attend a meeting ginseng postpone a business in all 140 (additionally 38 ginseng exhibit an enterprise to cancel temporarily or adjourn to issue a ginseng to exhibit because of epidemic situation reason) , than previous term or session (158) decrease 11% .

As 2022 exhibition of composite material major, abiding by the sectional epidemic situation such as Guangzhou municipal government and public security, sanitation strictly to prevent control a demand, execute current limliting and the circumstance that nucleic acid negative asks to fall to daily and present staff, this second attend a meeting exhibit business and professional audience number to be 6803 people, attend a meeting than previous term or session number (6600 people) grew 3% . Audience of course of study of its technical secondary school 6287 people, ginseng postpone business 496 people, audience of the major outside the condition 20 people.

Current postpone can original plan in April 2022 10-12 day is held, because epidemic situation reason adjourns,arrive in July 6-8 day. In the government relevant function branch, sponsor unit, ginseng to exhibit the unit cooperates closely to fall with what purchase an unit, exhibit can conclude satisfactorily. Numerous exhibit business to express in succession: Prevent in strict epidemic situation accuse premise to fall, the professional view mode that attend a meeting measures those who exceeded them to anticipate, exhibit harvest during the meeting quite abundant, obtained satisfactory result.

Current exhibit meeting audience to originate equipment of aerospace, exercise, car changes his costume or dress, yacht of electric equipment of artificial intelligence, electron, ship, car is made, medical treatment equipment, unmanned aircraft, wind-force generates electricity, You Le equipment, sports is recreational wait for more than 20 industries. Include golden wind science and technology, Ming Yangzhi group of science and technology of intelligent energy stock, Shang Fei, spaceflight, Zhuhai is science and technology of Long Hua helicopter, medium boat connects flying Hua Nafei machinist job, big border nobody.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

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