Exel Composites of Finland of composite material manufacturer rolled out his to defy solution of virus Protector series recently, this company says this solution already was proved to be able to reduce composite material surface (include COVID-19) virus holds an amount. The result makes clear, this product and the composite material photograph without processing are compared, the virus after a hour carries a quantity to be able to reduce 99.44 % , the virus after 24 hours carries a quantity to be able to reduce 99.99 % . The main principle of Protector series solution is to be in the manufacturing process of profile of Exel Composits composite material, add poison of a kind of disease-resistant to the middle of colophony additive group share, ensure its are in in colophony distributing equably, offer disease-resistant poison to protect in whole material lifecycle thereby. Exel Composites expresses to already sent the independence that is engaged in bacteriological, virus technically learning to study with industrial microbiology tripartite lab material sample, sample already according to ISO 21702: 2019 had a test, in order to make an on-the-spot investigation plastic the disease-resistant poison with the other surface that do not have aperture is active. The result makes clear, the individual plant of COVID-19 229E bacterium on sample of Protector series composite material decreases apparently. Are technology of Exel Composites company and research and development advanced vice-president Kim Sj? Dahl expresses: “COVID-19 craze highlighted the significance that must take disease-resistant poisonous solution and precautionary measures to all virus. Material of production disease-resistant poisonous surface can raise the disease-resistant poison of each domains easily to protect ability, our Protector series composite material can reduce virus to hold an amount, mix in armrest of public traffic tool, cleanness safeguard the bacterium such as equipment handle to accumulate the area with higher level to provide additional protection. ”“ is showing an advantage is, additive acted as the defence layer of material interior. ”Sj? Dahl continues to complement, what the additive that “ works in colophony can ensure disease-resistant poison is protected is durative with dependability, because its effectiveness won't drop as the elapse of time, and this is other finishing method commonly (for example spray, coating and tinsel paper) collective defect. Although composite material surface by scratch, disease-resistant poison protects a function to also won't be affected. ”Exel Composites expresses, protector series has had combination of mature composite material solution, OK and contented ask to all sorts of industries of window frame from turbine lamina, OK and compositive in the production of any composite material profile to Exel Composites. Sjdahl complement says: Our solution won't affect “ the chromatic, quality of a material of material, mechanical or the structure is characteristic. This means it to be able to apply at any composite material products of any industries. Exel Protector series is us what stride in range of products is important one pace, we hope the health that improves with this help is safe. ”

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