Recently, by in car Lanzhou company bear the mast of the 200MW wind report that make makes an item, finished do sth for the occasion custom-built coloured drawing or pattern carries past wind field is installed, product of report of wind of the car in coming true helps strength the long-cherished wish of 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games. Production project of mast of report of this 200MW wind is the major project of power supply of Beijing Olympic Winter Games, according to the requirement, do sth for the occasion of need of outfit of tower canister besmear is custom-built coloured drawing or pattern. In car Lanzhou company the political sense of responsibility with height, organize wind report for many times board piece it is good to doing that the group learns Xi Jinping's secretary-general the “ that Beijing Olympic Winter Games makes has done 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games, it is us the majestic acceptance to international Olympic big family, also be the significant move ” that executive Beijing ferry hopes to develop the strategy in coordination important directive spirit, combine Xi Jinping's secretary-general to be met in peak of “ leader climate at the same time the speaking spirit on ” , requirement wind report board piece want elaborate organization, scientific arrangement, high quality to finish production job on schedule, fulfil Xi Jinping's secretary-general to will strive about “ with real operation the speaking spirit that carbon implements to amount to carbon of the peak, implementation before 2060 counteract ” before 2030. In report of wind of car Lanzhou company board piece in report of wind of car Lanzhou company board piece it is good to doing to organized construction personnel to learn Xi Jinping's secretary-general for many times Beijing Olympic Winter Games makes important directive mind, promoted the thought of employee understanding further, firm stresses product quality, ensure production is periodic. To ensure besmear holds mass, aid force Olympic Winter Games, wind report board piece faculty bear mission, take on actively, make from spray craft, pattern plate wait for link to guard a pass strictly, whole journey of spot of qualitative check personnel dogs, decide spray position and color scheme together with the worker, to achieve beautiful vision result, spray hind has elaborate repair to design again, in make sure the product is immanent quality while, also went out in the draw on mast in the ” of “ gold calling card of the car! The course tries hard, finished the job by the requirement eventually, also be second hold victory of Olympic Winter Games created a condition, product of report of wind of company of Lanzhou of the car in coming true to let serves the long-cherished wish of good Olympic Winter Games, the real operation of staff of company of Lanzhou of the car in using, the saw with one's own eyes of each country guest that will let come from all corners of the land at the appointed time is witnessed stand tall and upright in the canister of wind report tower all round competition ground, in ” of calling card of gold of “ of the car in going up to polish further.

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15-18 December

New York City