“ carbon counteracts ” big setting to fall, hydrogenation station and car carry Chu Qing bottle to become hydrogenous the sources of energy to develop a key. Recently, hydrogen can subject matter obtains capital to pay close attention to continuously, capital stock, medium the company of industry of Chu Qing bottle such as collect An Ruike also announced collect capital or project construction to wait for a plan in succession. Trade public figure points out, whole hydrogen can industrial catenary, outside equiping as the key besides fuel cell caboodle, hydrogen can the layout of infrastructure and construction, car carries hydrogen the technical iteration of active power system, and the applied promotion of Chu Qing bottle all is hydrogen can the serious breach that the car commercializes development, its development is worth to pay close attention to mainly.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Problem of ” of “ card neck perplexes an industry long already bottle of the IV that   is used extensively in the international market Chu Qing, blank condition is in for a long time in home. To this, analysis of Chen Xuedong of project courtyard academician shows, chu Qing gas cylinder includes 4 kinds of type commonly: Ⅰ bottle is complete steeliness, main drawback is heavy, use at the car to carry not quite appropriate, it is OK to be put in hydrogenation station to regard stationary as Chu Qing; Ⅱ bottle and Ⅲ bottle is carbon fiber of the bravery inside the metal is twined, opposite also heavier, but want than Ⅰ bottle light; Ⅳ bottle is plastic inside bravery carbon fiber is twined completely, quality is light, agree with the car carries, it is mainstream technology course of abroad. In fact, home once also had developed the Ⅳ research that compresses natural gas gas cylinder and application, but because be designed at the outset,make reach detect the technology is immature, the product is put in certain blemish, caused safe accident, up to now still by taboo. Come round to say to eye so, of bottle of Ⅳ Chu Qing at domestic hydrogen can the industry still is problem of ” of neck of card of a “ . Bibcock of home of hydrogenous fuel cell 100 million China connect relevant personage to express, hydrogen can infrastructure does not perfect industrial catenary, it is to show level to restrict our country hydrogen can the great bottleneck that fuel cell car develops. Investment of existence of construction of station of our country hydrogenation is large, examine and approve flow the characteristic such as system of standard of diseased, lack, and upriver dimensions is changed make system of hydrogen of hydrogen, Chu Qing, carry be not perfected, bring about hydric cost to exceed normal level. Hydrogen can enterprise of industrial catenary upper reaches bank convert share relevant staff member expresses, hydrogen can furnish the main reason that cost house does not leave high is carriage cost too tall, chu Yunnan nods hydrogen basically is safety and cost issue. Because this industry is in,start level, still do not have wholesale business application, scope is so global not quite, with abroad advanced level still has certain difference. Much home appears on the market company   accelerates layout industry heat to warm up apparently   is notable is, this kind of situation as the increase that closes investment of city company project, the near future begins to produce change sadly. At present in stock of collect An Ruike, capital, inferior general share, Ketaike is in project of layout IV bottle, the foreign company such as Fojiya, Hexagon is right also bottle market accelerates IV Chu Qing develop. It is reported, capital stock released A of travel of blame fair development last year in March stock beforehand case (edit 2 times draft) , draft 52 million yuan to use collect fund, use at Ⅳ bottle intelligence to change numerical control product line to build a project, the IV that this project produces bottle basically applies at serving as hydrogen can the gas storage device in car and natural gas car, will issued July last year finish, already threw construction this year. The company of day sea industry of capital stock subordinate announced on May 17, 2021, roll out the new generation car that has completely own intellectual property to carry Chu Qing to enrage bottle ——IV bottle. This product and can reduce with quantity of proportion of photograph of norms III bottle about 30% , density of quality Chu Qing is higher, car of cell of the fuel that it is hydrogen was offerred light quantify a car to hold new option of the system that offer hydrogen. Current, day sea industry built flexible turn IV bottle product line, can design gas cylinder length and diametical parameter neatly according to the installation space of the model, make gas cylinder performance characteristics is optimized. Product line design is produced can be produce per year 10 thousand gas cylinder, follow-up meeting follows market demand and undertake enlarge is allowed. In addition, carbon fiber of the bravery inside the aluminium of high pressure of 35 million handkerchief that place of day sea industry produces twines compound gas cylinder completely (Chu Qing gas cylinder) already domain of car of cell of fuel of batch application Yu Qing. Collect installs lucky division to announced as Norwegian as tycoon of international of domain of bottle of IV Chu Qing Hexagon passes “ cloud to sign the kind that restricts ” last year in, online signed " book of strategic collaboration intent " . According to intent book, advantage of both sides general is complementary, extend hydrogen jointly can store motion equipment market. This year on March 3, collect An Ruike announces to hold water with Hexagon in in the light of the high pressure that reachs southeast Asia market to grow quickly hydric store the jointly owned company of carry, among them the manufacturing facilities construction of bottle of IV Chu Qing predicts early will 2021 the 2nd quarter begins. Collect installs lucky division to carry out trustee to hold general manager Yang Xiaohu concurrently to express in, the development trend that the car holds Chu Qing system is light quantify, low cost and low heavy look are compared, because this III bottle transforms to IV bottle,accord with future to develop a tendency. Collect installs lucky division to will form synergism with Hexagon in, the hydrogen with capacious race to control can the market. Inferior general share already announced bottle of layout 70MPa IV Chu Qing. State when answer investor put questions recently the company stares at industry direction closely, combine oneself characteristic, strategical the development that layout accelerates 70MPa IV of car of hydrogenous fuel cell car to carry Chu Qing jar, already gained level sex headway. Outward bound has disclosed division peaceful Ke Yiceng to be in layout IV bottle. Regard bottle of international Chu Qing as lead company, fojiya was won on the contract of steam group, will be one of approving commercial vehicle offer hydric canister. This order will make Fojiya can affirm up to now order total exceeds 250 million euro, and hopeful makes an appointment with a target in the autograph that achieved 500 million euro 2021. Those who deserve attention is, this year on April 30, fojiya (the Shenyang Si Linda that Faurecia) announces to already bought one of manufacturer of banner Chu Qing bottle brings limited company of division new technology. It is reported, silindaanke obtained the market to supervise the special type facility that manages total bureau new attestation to produce licence at the near future, manufacturing vehicle is had to use the native land firm of aptitude of bottle of IV Chu Qing in becoming. Will prospective   hold market of Chu Qing bottle into old car? Trade statistic shows, 2021-2050 year, equipment of accumulative total of correspondence of domestic hydrogenation station adds investment hopeful newly to achieve 83 billion yuan. According to " energy-saving with route chart of technology of car of new energy resources 2 " plan to show, to the construction that our country hydrogenation stood 2025 the target is at least 1000, to the construction that hydrogenation stood 2035 the target is at least 5000. According to " hydrogenous the sources of energy and fuel industry white paper " , long-dated target is 2050 implementation builds hydrogenation station amount 10000. And disclose according to personage of trade research organization, the cost that stands of the hydrogenation of bottle of 500kg gas storage at present is 12 million yuan of money about. According to " in hydrogenous the sources of energy and white paper of fuel cell industry (2019 edition " , hydrogenation stands 70% what installation cost occupies his to always invest. Be like the target that according to the long-dated plan and construction 2050 10000 hydrogenation stand, 2021-2050 year accumulative total of our country this industry adds investment newly to be 118.6 billion yuan about, 70% what assume installation cost forehead holds total investment, forehead of corresponding installation cost is 83 billion yuan. 2020-2025 year, year all invest amount to be 2.1 billion yuan, year all installation cost forehead is 1.5 billion yuan. Collect of illicit of asset of Long Ying Fu Ze grinds all right the personage expresses, basically enrage voice Chu Qing and Chu Qing of microtherm liquid state domestic and internationally to give priority to with high pressure at present, home basically uses high-pressured Chu Qing. But in this one link our country is produced can lag behind at abroad far. The batch that the much home company of Norwegian, Japan, France has accomplished Chu Qing bottle is produced, apply at all sorts of models. But code of our country standard is popularized slow, frequency of accident of one's early years goes out, bottle of the Chu Qing before bringing about this applies suffocate suffocate. In the meantime, our country to Chu Qing bottle a lot of link in workmanship still lack a standard to detect carbon fiber of material of key of method, upper reaches by international enterprise accuse, also bring about home market to lack available supply. But this was giving whole industry with enough big imagination anticipates and be born space. Current, much home is truckload layout of sex of the look up before company and professional production company already were begun and technical breakthrough, anticipate in prospective 3-5 in year, chu Qing bottle industry of this one fractionize is sure to greet bitter fleabane break out to exhibit. Hua Tai negotiable securities is forecasted, will become old car to hold market of Chu Qing bottle, 2020-2050 year aggregate hopeful attains scale of market of Chu Qing bottle 323.4 billion yuan. In addition, situation silver seeks advice from research to make clear, the car carries dimensions of market of Chu Qing bottle to predicted to reach 6.9 billion dollar 2030, suffer the cardinal number weighing card with huge market to drive, the car of the market inside 10 years carries share of market of Chu Qing bottle to anticipate promotion comes 39% , become old car to hold market of Chu Qing bottle. Be in considering bottle of carrier gas of vehicle of a car 3-6 differ, if by the program fuel cell car retained 2025,the quantity is 100 thousand, criterion Chu Qing bottle year demand is three hundred and nine thousand five hundred about, 2020-2050 year aggregate hopeful attains scale of market of Chu Qing bottle 323.4 billion yuan.

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