According to the report, ”2 of “ clean sky plans IMCOLOR project to had developed a kind of new workmanship, much needle the craft that note model and compositive and successive carbon fiber strengthen data phase tie, use use up material of sexual salt core (can bear inject load) , can use at the production of the component of air loop machine of light-duty, environmental protection. Introduce according to relevant partner, note model to shape + thermoplastic automatic fiber shop is put + former a solidify (TP-AFPisc) between the design that formation synergism will promote future, namely light quantify, the high mechanical performance, automation, production technology that duplicates easily. In addition, the partner notices, through using the part that TP-AFPisc makes, fiber structure got used to the demand of the user accurately, reduced the workload of component of clip composite material, reduced the generation of flotsam. It is reported, this kind of new technology still brought a few additional profit. For example, do not need 6 price chromic ion in producing a course (the noxiousness of chromium of Cr6+) processing —— is big, have negative effect to the environment. In addition, as thermoplastic of material introduce, the component that produces through this kind of craft will improve efficiency, decrease specific power consumption and discharge, can reclaim use. A few challenges that IMCOLOR project faces include to search appropriate housing design and inject parameter, so that embed CFRP,shape to inject in polymer. According to the view of project partner, find right material combination very hard to promote CFRP to strengthen the good tie between body and polymer. In high-pressured infuse process, CFRP enhances body to also must be secured correctly, such ability won't happen be out of shape or amlposition. The discovery that an expect is less than is 23 lay up on model spare parts (3 millimeter ply) on appeared blemish of the drape outside plane. However, this kind of effect did not happen in 70 lay up (10 millimeter ply) on sample. The project will undertake new material development and built-in new technology are evaluated next. This research group returns the latent capacity that uses core of salt of the research in interiorly and follow-up project at composite material production and metallic foundry technology. The partner that enlists this project includes Er of French suddenly sea university of industry of Munich of SAS of at present of aerospace graph Lu, Germany, Holand is thermoplastic company of Apppex of composite material research center, Germany and Austrian FACC are advanced company of composite material package. Of the European Union aid financially amount to be 254775 euro.

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