Value of colophony of oxygen of black flying Ma Huan is daily criticize state of price of 01 epoxy resin: Epoxy resin of quoted price of land of delivery of weak force product (solid) Hua Dong / epoxy resin of China north 18000/18000 (fluid) Hua Dong / general situation of market of epoxy resin of China north 20000/20000 02 epoxy resin market is stable now, quote relatively in light of last week invariant. But the market slants buyer, although make benefit space not big, but exchange views accept the order atmosphere is grumous. The city after predicting epoxy resin still firm in have weak, solid weak demand exchanges views, maintain sales volume to give priority to. After all raw material and prices go weak already publicity, when inflection point comes just should care truly.

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15-18 December

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