LER price is pulled today go up 30000 yuan / ton (the bucket is installed) , ECH/BPA in pairs rises 500 yuan / ton, achieve 15000/23000 yuan ton closing quotation price. Introduce according to market personage, ECH factory besides stop production is small negative charge, jiangsu sea promotes overhaul shortly, insecurity of merchandise on hand cannot alleviate temporarily. BPA trafficker does not have goods mostly in the hand, accuse dish of authority to return factory hand again in, tomorrow mark of contest of petrifaction of short for Zhejiang Province, reach new height likely, the market the card predicts taller. Hey, colophony cost should go up again. Colophony factory accepts the order general already 9 into the left and right sides, there is sheet in the hand, in the heart not confused, and the demand that still has 1/3-1/4 downstream was not released, pull as market price case litre, etc a group of things with common features also do not sit, begin to sweep money everywhere, cost and market element will price of more effective the colophony that prop up. Here reminds everybody: The price that you will take tomorrow, not be current high price for certain, sign of fall after a rise cannot see at all in this month. Or else is taken should regret again, remember please: Although,make money not easy, be economical also is benefit.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City