Epoxy resinGood physical machinery and dielectric protecties, with all sorts of material stick receive performance, and the flexibility that its use technology is other heat originallies plastic place does not have the sex. Accordingly it can make coating, Composite material, material of mould makings, adhesive, mould pressing and inject expect into profile, wide application receives in each domains of national economy. One, the epoxy resin application in coating occupies coating   larger proportion, it can make each have characteristic, use the breed of each different. Its general character: 1. Be able to bear or endure chemical sex is admirable, be able to bear or endure especially alkalescent. 2. Paint film adds exert oneself strong, be opposite especially metal. 3. Have better hear resistance and insulating property. 4. Paint film colour retention is better. But of coating of double phenolic A epoxy resin be able to bear or endure the difference that await a gender, loss of gloss of easy pulverization of paint film outdoors is owed again plump, should not be outdoors use with what coating reachs coating of tall adornment sex. Because coating of this epoxy resin basically uses as priming paint of anticorrosion lacquer, metal, insulating varnish, but the coating that epoxy resin makes annulus a group of things with common features can use heterocycle and fat at outdoors. 2, adhesive   epoxy resin besides plastic to the blame polarity such as polyolefin caking property bad besides, be like; of aluminous, steel, iron, copper to all sorts of metal stuff metalloid material if the; such as glass, lumber, concrete and hot solid sex are plastic wait to have like not phenolic aldehyde, amino, saturated polyester stick admirably receive performance, say because of what this has all-purpose glue. Annulus oxygen adhesive is the important breed of structural adhesive. More information pays close attention to Www.cnfrp.com of composite material website please

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