On August 2 BPA, a day in the situation with bell of pilfer of as sudden as lightning, pullback the price again 27000 yuan / ton, have the idea that does not go up then to death downstream greatly, do not give an accident, this goods will rise again really tomorrow big hundreds of, tongue of sip making a person! ECH current gross profit is good also, before a few days of city after because be opposite,be being returned look to let benefit accept the order for nothing, see situation in a flash also begins to offer today pull go up hundreds yuan ton. All these, strong epoxy resin comes, soon colophony accepts the order to improve somewhat, the price just was pulled a bit with respect to sleeve of Xuan fist capture be eager for doing sth of strive to be the first, the little benefit that just was about to get resin again loot and go, eat the photograph is a bit indelicate. Current colophony part of ” of this “ long-term hired hand, it is difficult to suffer upper reaches to press at the same time, at the same time by downstream and accusing, live very hardships. Although such, still have itch to try of fearless successor ready to do sth however, oath undertakes annulus oxygen construction after all. The person has keep in mind each, this is hind word, for the moment is not expressed. Will suffer double raw material to pull on August 2 go up influence, after each colophony factory was making be moved on wave, accept the order following one by one still, the eye sees present price is answered feebly, cry in succession golden withdraw troops is sealed dish do not receive, wait for give the matter further thought think thrice before you act redo make a decision. Forecast, tomorrow big probability continues to go up situation give priority to. Say colophony is downstream here people, in every case is downstream the day that waits for dropping mood to warm up, it is to continue to rise however after force you fill inventory when. Before several days, let you take money, you are not urgent not confused, saying is still have in the library wait a moment again…, more annoying is to still take on one: Dropped to inform me. Before long, colophony one night rocket, your person unawares. This is good, it is empty storehouse so drop, do not drop to go up instead now, “ mechanism calculates too clever, instead by accident picture of ” of Qing Qing life has job last week wife person is forecasted say the market wants to change, essence is kindness reminds, this round of price adjusts of short duration to accuse paragraph, get better closes. But someone says actually: We do not take money, how to see you go up? Cite the word of a personage inside course of study says: It is overrate of kick against the pricks simply force, too take oneself to should return a responsibility, you do not buy somebody, the market is not short of consumer. How many does the substantial reason that rises in price without giving thought to have, close phase be in short supply - rising in price is thematic, big trend“

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City