One, definition 1, Epoxy resin(Epoxy Resin) it is generally refer to contain two or oxygen of two above annulus base, with adipose a group of things with common features, fat annulus a group of things with common features or the organic compound such as scent a group of things with common features is framework and can carry ring the high polymer that reaction of oxygen radical group forms useful hot solidify production is low get together body (Oligomer) . It is zero hour when N of degree of polymerization, the oxidation is annulus that say closes matter, abbreviation annulus oxide (Epoxide) . Although colophony of these quality of small opposite element do not satisfy strict definition completely but because have the major attribute of epoxy resin,also do not add discriminative ground a general designation to be epoxy resin when appellation. Typical epoxy resin structure is as follows type. 2, annulus oxygen base the character that is epoxy resin base round, more or less is its content this kind of colophony attachs most importance to wanted quota. Describe annulus oxygen radical content has the following kinds of different notation: Equivalent of ⑴ annulus oxygen: It is to point to the mass that contains 1mol epoxy resin, quality of small opposite element (the element is measured) the annulus oxygen equivalent of epoxy resin is 175 ~ 200g/mol, increase annulus as what the element measures Duan Yue grows the catenary between oxygen radical, the annulus oxygen equivalent that so high polymer measures epoxy resin is corresponding tall. ⑵ annulus oxygen is worth: The place in every 100g colophony contains annulus the quantity of the material of oxygen radical (rub Er) . This kind states what the method is helpful for solidify agent dosage is metric the expression with dosage. Because the meaning of solidify agent dosage is the affiliation of agent of the solidify in every 100g epoxy resin,measure (abbreviate of Part Perhundred Of Resin becomes Phr) . Our country uses annulus oxygen to be worth this one physical quantity. Oxygen of annulus of =100/ of annulus oxygen equivalent is worth 3, the definition viscosity of viscosity: When the liquid is flowing, arise between its element inside the property of attrition, call liquid stickiness, the size of stickiness indicates with viscosity, it is to use the obstruction factor related token liquid property. Viscosity unit has two kinds: 1, li berth (second of handkerchief of Cps) 2, fine long hair (M·pas) 1 li berth (Cps) second of handkerchief of = 1 fine long hair (M·pas) 2, sort and function 1, double phenolic A epoxy resin: Double phenolic A (namely 2 phenol base propane) model epoxy resin namely 2 phenol base aether of propane shrink glycerine. In its raw material in epoxy resin easy, cost is low, crop is consequently big (the 90 % that hold epoxy resin total output about in our country, making an appointment with the 80 % of 75 % ~ that hold epoxy resin total output) , use is extensive, be called general-purpose epoxy resin. The function that decided it by the molecular structure of double phenolic A epoxy resin has the following characteristic: ⑴ is thermoplastic colophony, but have hot solid sex, can with a variety of solidify agents, activator and additive form the condensate with a variety of superior performance, can satisfy all sorts of use requirement almost. Sex of ⑵ resinous craft is good. Young member volatile basically does not arise when solidify, but low pressure shapes. Can dissolve at a variety of dissolvent. ⑶ condensate has very high intensity and bonding strength. ⑷ condensate has taller corrosion resistance and electric property. ⑸ condensate has certain tenacity and hear resistance. ⑹ main drawback is: Hear resistance and tenacity are not tall, be able to bear or endure sex of damp and hot and be able to bear or endure the difference that await a gender. 2, double phenolic F epoxy resin: This is to reduce a kind of when the viscosity of itself of double phenolic A epoxy resin has same function and development goes new-style epoxy resin. It is to use double phenolic F normally (2 phenol base methane) the F of liquid state double phenol that as chloric as annulus oxygen propane reacts below NaOH action and gets epoxy resin. The characteristic of double phenolic F epoxy resin is viscosity small, be less than the 1/3 of viscosity of double phenolic A epoxy resin, good to fibrous macerate sex. The function of its condensate and double phenolic A epoxy resin is almost identical, but hear resistance is a bit low and corrosion resistance actors or actress a bit. Double phenolic F epoxy resin can use liquid state at having solvent coating, adhesive, casting plastic, glass reinforced plastics andCarbon fiberComposite material. 3, aether of glycerine of much phenol shrink epoxy resin: ? Ku has the  that retreat limp to inspect hare crow to expend  of Jia children's hair and shine Zhuo of flatter of T of  of children's hair of Jia of cost of vomit of Gorgon euryale of rostellum a keeper of domestic animals is swollen again Ge of  of  of wholesale of cost of act of department of fall from the sky of left-eyed flounder of apricot laborious reef this admire of mace of leave uncovered  melt  Du however apricot of Xi  smile: Adipose a group of things with common features shrink glycerine aether epoxy resin is by binary or multivariate chloric propane of alcohol and annulus oxygen is changed in aether of the open loop below activator action, generate chloric alcohol intermediate child, again with alkaline reaction, take off HCl closed circuit, form shrink glycerine aether. Adipose a group of things with common features shrink glycerine aether epoxy resin is by 2 or oxygen of 2 above annulus base be linked together directly with adipose catenary and become. The cricoid structure such as benzene annulus, fat annulus and heterocycle is done not have in molecular structure. Viscosity of great majority of this kind of colophony is very small, most breed is on Ou Shuirong sex, great majority is long chain element, because this is full of flexibility. But its hear resistance is poorer. 5, shrink glycerine ester epoxy resin: Shrink glycerine ester epoxy resin is 20 centuries a kind of epoxy resin that 50 time development rises, it is an element there are 2 in the structure or ester of glycerine of 2 above shrink base compound. Its are main the characteristic is: ⑴ viscosity is small, craft sex is good. Can use at pouring, cover, also can use as active thinner. ⑵ reaction active is big, gel time has the half left and right sides of double phenolic A epoxy resin only. The photograph dissolve sex of ⑶ and other epoxy resin is good, can mix in order to to improve the performance of common epoxy resin to it. ⑷ is stuck receive strength tall, the mechanical performance of condensate is good. ⑸ is had be able to bear or endure goodly ultralow temperature sex. In - 196 ℃ arrive - below the ultralow temperature condition of 253 ℃ , have higher than double phenolic A epoxy resin shear strength. ⑹ insulating property is good, be able to bear or endure especially track sex is good. ⑺ surface glossiness and pervious to light the gender is good. Because ⑻ does not contain phenolic oxygen in the element base, because this is able to bear or endure,await A of sexual excel double phenol epoxy resin. The existence that ⑼ main drawback is ester key makes be able to bear or endure ability in swimming, acid-proof sex and alkali resistance sex are poorer, hear resistance is inferior also. 6, shrink glycerine amine epoxy resin: Shrink glycerine amine epoxy resin is with uncle amine or intermediate amine and annulus oxygen chloric propane complex contains 2 or amine of glycerine of 2 above shrink base compound. The characteristic of this kind of epoxy resin is much more luscious sex, viscosity is low, active is tall, annulus oxygen equivalent is small, cross-linking density is big, hear resistance is tall, stick relay strong, mechanical function and corrosion resistance are good, can mix with other type epoxy resin with. Its defect is to have certain brittleness, there is link in molecular structure oxygen radical has amine radical again, because this has from solidify sex, period of keep in storage is short. 7, compound of annulus oxidation olefin ⑴ fat annulus a group of things with common features epoxy resin: Fat annulus a group of things with common features epoxy resin (compound of olefin of annulus of annulus oxidation fat) it is to contain annulus of 2 fat annulus the small element compound of oxygen radical. Itself is not polymer, but the polymer that with solidify agent action hind can build the structure of three-dimensional bodily form with superior performance. Fat annulus a group of things with common features epoxy resin is small element compound, viscosity sex of small, craft is good. Can use as active thinner. Annulus oxygen equivalent is small, cross-linking density is big, plus the rigid fat link with have thermal stability nice, hear resistance is accordingly tall, but more fragile, tenacity is poor. Solidify systole is small, tensile strength is high. Because plasma of Cl, Na is not contained in synthetic process, electric performance is so good, especially function of high temperature report and be able to bear or endure electric arc sex is good. Do not contain benzene annulus, be able to bear or endure consequently ultraviolet ray and be able to bear or endure it is good to await a gender. ⑵ is adipose compound of olefin of oxidation of a group of things with common features annulus: It is with adipose a group of things with common features the epoxy resin that the Shuang Jian of alkene has used oxide to annulus oxidizes and be made. Benzene annulus, fat annulus and heterocycle are done not have in its element structure, have adipose catenary only. Its function characteristic: A, for line macromolecule. Have polybutadiene balata structure and epoxy resin structure at the same time, because this has good concussion tenacity and felt property. B, with fat annulus a group of things with common features epoxy resin is similar, easy with acid anhydride kind solidify agent produces reaction, and with agent of solidify of close nucleus sex (amine) reactivity is inferior. Shuang Jian and hydroxyl still are contained in element of C, colophony. D, should use acid anhydride - multivariate alcohol is solidify agent, add styrene to had reached oxide initator at the same time, can increase cross-linking density further, improve hear resistance and mechanical performance thereby. The E, viscosity after mixing dissolve with solidify agent is small, the operation is convenient, craft sex is good. F, condensate has good hear resistance, heat is out of shape temperature can amount to 200 ℃ above, there is very outstanding intensity to maintain below high temperature rate. Caking property, be able to bear or endure await gender and electric function all exceedingly good, in function of 200 ℃ report very stable. G, main drawback is solidify shrinkage big. 8, heterocycle and mix model epoxy resin of glycerine of heterocycle of ⑴ of epoxy resin shrink: This is a kind of high-powered epoxy resin that contains heterocycle. Shrink glycerine base direct link is on heterocycle, have exceedingly good hear resistance consequently, be able to bear or endure await gender and electric function. Main product has: A, 3 get together cyanic acid epoxy resin (3 get together cyanic acid epoxy resin of 3 shrink glycerine, TGIC) : Be 3 get together the much more luscious round epoxy resin that chloric propane of cyanic acid and annulus oxygen has 3 nitrogen heterocycle one kind in the complex below activator action. The reaction active of TGIC wants than double phenolic A epoxy resin tall, dissolvability is poor, become solidify agent with acid anhydride normally so, heat solidify, it is had exceedingly good high temperature resistant gender, chemical stability, be able to bear or endure sex of violet smooth ageing and be able to bear or endure await a gender. Mechanical function and electric performance are good, can hold good mechanical performance and electric property below high temperature especially. Condensate is hard and fragile, be able to bear or endure mechanical concussion and thermal shock performance are poor. B, sea because (Hydantion) epoxy resin: The sea because epoxy resin is to because of,contain the sea annulus (5 yuan of 2 nitrogen are heterocyclic) a kind of new-style epoxy resin. This kind of colophony can be shrink glycerine amine model, shrink glycerine aether or shrink glycerine ester colophony, also can be Chanhaiyin nucleus or much of great capacity because nuclear colophony. Its have following characteristic: ① viscosity sex of low, craft is good. ② thermal stability is good, hear resistance is tall. ③ is able to bear or endure it is good to await a gender. Its coating insolates in sunlight or ultraviolet ray below, send Huanghe pulverization not easily. ④ is highlighted in function of the report below tall voltage and superhigh pressure, have especially be able to bear or endure admirably electric arc sex and fight track sex, usable do be able to bear or endure parts of an apparatus of tall voltage insulation. ⑤ polarity very strong, viscosity is low, mix to fibre glass, carbon fiber consequently a variety of filling are to have very good embellish wet ability and caking property, a large number of filling are added below the premise that can not reducing craft sex, thereby bilge coefficient and cost are reduced. ⑥ noxiousness is small. Can use as food is packed and sanitation packs used coating, avirulent adhesive to wait. ⑦ water-solubility sea can use processing textile, paper because of epoxy resin, with raising its intensity is mixed fight knit function. ⑵ mixes model epoxy resin: This is one kind contains annulus of two kinds of different types at the same time in its element the epoxy resin of oxygen radical. Accordingly it has the character of these two kinds of epoxy resin at the same time. Brought the characteristic that place of epoxy resin of a few onefold types does not have on its solidify function and performance characteristics thereby. For example, as a result of two kinds of annulus the active of oxygen radical differs, realize section solidify likely consequently, or make B rank resin, also realize the requirement that microtherm solidify high temperature uses likely. Selecting solidify agent from time to tome bigger flexibility. This gave recipe design and technology design to provide more choice margin, contented craft asks and can use a requirement better, enlarged scope of application. More information pays close attention to of composite material website please

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