Origin: Medium change international

On August 30 evening, international was changed to announce in half an year spent a report 2023.

Chemical industry was produced first half of the year 2023 can put in centrally and downstream demand is insufficient, value of product of company share focal point lasts be issued to lower levels, fall to nearly 5 years the history is low, management outstanding achievement bear pressure. Implementation battalion receives twenty-nine billion and twenty-one million yuan first half of the year, drop compared to the same period 35% , eliminate is natural rubber business, income falls compared to the same period 23% ; Implementation puts in parent net profit 's charge first half of the year - 164 million yuan, buckle blame hind to put in parent net profit 's charge - 562 million yuan, reduce 1.43 billion yuan compared to the same period.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

1, business of chemical new material

Fundamental raw material reachs intermediate put oneself in another's position: Chemical market level glides considerably first half of the year, fault of downstream supply and demand deserves to affect upriver foundation raw material and market of the body intermediate badly, price month by month declines, gain ability is far not as good as level of the corresponding period, through hammering into shape ceaselessly oneself potential, dig market space, increase sale strength, widen for increment product channel, sales volume grows 47% compared to the same period first half of the year.

High-powered data: Value of epoxy resin product drops continuously, Gain circumstance not beautiful, through undertaking with core client all-around business affairs negotiates actively, deepen client relation, live firmly market share, lock up ahead of schedule trade surely quantity, safeguard is produced newly can put in, Sales volume grows 93% compared to the same period first half of the year, deepen the business cooperation that uses domain core client with wind report further among them; Fragrant black silk ribbon is advanced continuously grind sale of unifinication of produce and sale is politic, optimize a product to sell combination, make sure gain ability is stable, sales volume grows 39% compared to the same period first half of the year, high standard excel in and common product of fragrant black silk ribbon is had in home market rate all promote somewhat compared to the same period, overfulfil the beginning of the year to book a target; ABS business faces Europe to consume the adverse effect that demand glides, adjust sale strategy actively, optimize sale structure, ensure production manages outstanding achievement to stabilize.

Polymer additive business: Advocate perch of battalion product value glides, stare at raw material price closely, keep close with the client communicate, take quick price step, defer as far as possible depreciate speed, safeguard is current management outstanding achievement, stabilize market share stoutly, sales volume grows 8% compared to the same period first half of the year, among them Thailand factory extends attestation of big client of international and southeast Asia and examine and verify continuously, month by month of product sales volume grows.

2, chemical industry tastes sale business

Chemical product market is small fan, advocate battalion commodity price lasts be issued to lower levels, chemical industry tastes sale business aggrandizement to give government of letter admittance, receivable exceed the time limit, senile goods in stock, severe accuse to run a risk, control dimensions of battalion transport fund, accelerate stock turnover, promote operation efficiency.

3, strategical burgeoning industry

Business of lithium report data accelerates client development actively, rely on chemical company dominant position to advance craft innovation, grip market level, promote gain capability continuously.

4, other business

Medical health business is faced domestic and international low confused market environment, hold to focusing advocate course of study, strengthen a client to communicate, catch clinch a deal, sales promotion makes work, core business is managed solid advance, management outstanding achievement is dovish grow; Industrial resource business stares at the market closely, answer vicissitude of the market neatly, seize the favorable opportunity with fluctuant value of market of product of coke, LPG, management outstanding achievement overfulfils the beginning of the year to book a target.

The crop of main product, sales volume and income realize a circumstance

Annulus oxygen chloric propane is produced can rank the whole world the 2nd, epoxy resin is produced before can ranking the whole world 3, garden of industry of the harbor that connect the cloud 180 thousand tons / year epoxy resin project succeeds at driving in June 2022 and yield eligible product, form 350 thousand tons / year epoxy resin always is produced can, become company of bibcock of domestic epoxy resin.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
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