Epoxy resin (EP)/ carbon fiber (CF) composite materialIt is a when CF enhances composite material main branch. In recent years, as the ceaseless development that people understands to EP/CF composite material, ceaseless protruding shows its superior performance, make its dosage rise ceaselessly. 20 centuries before 70 time, EP/CF composite material is regarded as expensive stuff, the price is fibre glass about (10 times what GF) enhances composite material, use at the sophisticated technology trade such as war industry, space navigation only. 20 centuries after 80 time, CF industry and EP industry grow quickly, EP/CF compound technology progresses ceaselessly, the CF scale in joining EP rises ceaselessly, at present the bulk mark of CF already can amount to 60% above, make the quality of EP/CF composite material rises and price fall, widened its use a field, promoted the development of EP/CF composite material further. The characteristic of the basic characteristic 1.1CF of composite material mixes 1CF and its EP main ingredient CF basically is by carbon the element is comprised, its contain carbolic quantity to be in commonly 90% above. CP is had high temperature resistant, be able to bear or endure attrition, electric, heat conduction and anti-corrosive wait for character, what differ with material of general carbon element is, its anisotropy is remarkable, soft, can machine all sorts of fabric, edge fiber axial shows very high strength. The main raw material of preparation CF has rayon (fiber sticking gum) , polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fiber and bitumen. Normally preparation high strenth, high standard measures CF to choose PAN to be raw material more. Preparation CF needs a course to pull silk, draft, stable, char, graphitization 5 phase. The action EP of 1.2EP matrix has good treatment performance and mechanical property, its solidify shrinkage is low, felt performance is superior. The main effect of the EP in composite material is stick CF together, allocate the load between CF, protective CF does not suffer environmental effect. The character of the characteristic EP/CF composite material of 1.3EP/CF composite material basically depends on the felt between EP and EP and CF, CF is characteristic. EP/CF composite material has superior performance, compare with steel photograph, the is steel than intensity 4.8-7.2 of EP/CF composite material times, the 3.1-4.2 that is steel than modular quantity times, fatigue intensity is steel about 2.5 times, 3.3 times aluminous, and high temperature capability is good, its intensity and modular volume are main when working temperature amounts to 400 ℃ keep changeless. Still have density and linear expansion coefficient in addition it is small, anti-corrosive, good to fight sex of creep, whole, fight statified, fight concussion to wait, in existing construction material, its point to elevation more integratedly than the intensity, quantity that compare a pattern. Shape in treatment composite material of the EP/CF in the process has whole of easy large area to shape, shape the distinct advantage such as stability. Of 2EP/CF composite material shape 2.1 hands paper craft shape it is ordinal that hand paste shapes Fu of the besmear after the gel of EP(gel coat in moderate of Tu Bu of mould antrum surface or agent of the drawing of patterns that lay change, gel coat, viscosity) with CF, hold roller or brush to make EP macerate CP, and drive bleb, squeezing ramming basic level. Lay up operation relapses for many times, design ply till what obtain product. The main good point of this craft is but room temperature shapes, installation cost is little, mould depreciation cost is low; Can make large product. Main drawback is to belong to labor concentrated model production, product quality by the worker skilled rate decision; Hand paste is measured with colophony element low, normally likelihood relatively the person's health mixes the colophony deleterious with molecular high volume safe. 2.2 colophony are delivered shape to fluctuate CF park between the model, combine a model and tighten mould holder, EP is shot in pressure condition chip in, the mould is opened after EP solidify, get off goods. Must make sure EP is full of before gel model antrum, pressure makes EP transfer a pattern quickly inside and macerate CF. This craft shapes for low pressure craft, EP notes model pressure to be 0.4-0.5MPa, should produce tall CF content (the pressure when bulk mark exceeds the product of 50%) can amount to 0.7MPa even. Can shape CF beforehand inside a mould beforehand sometimes (take binder) , shape in the inject inside the 2nd mould again. To increase the capacity of EP macerate CP, optional choose vacuum assists inject. When once EP soaks CF, want to close EP sprue, in order to make colophony solidify. Inject and solidify can be in room temperature or heat undertake below the condition. The mould can use composite material and steel material to make. If use,heat craft, appropriate uses steel model. The main good point of this law is content of the CF in composite material but taller, the CF that was not infiltrated by EP is very little; Shut a model to shape, shape cycle is shorter, manufacturing environment is good, manufacturing cost is inferior; Goods but large change, intensity can be designed. Main drawback is to make lesser product not easily, because want bear pressure, reason mould relatively hand paste and eject craft want with the mould ponderosity and complex law of 2.3 vacuum bag shapes this law is hand burnt law and eject law is outspread. Good hand paste or eject laminose be together in the A phase of EP and mould, be in laminose on Fu with vacuum bag, circumjacent and sealed, use vavuum pump vacuumize next; Make laminose get not be more than the pressure of 101kPa and by squeezing ramming, shape. The main good point of this law is to use common and wet lay up technology, can obtain the composite material of tall CF content normally; EP but CF of better land macerate. Main drawback is additional process raised labour force and cost, and ask operation personnel has higher technical level; Manufacturing efficiency is not tall. Infiltration of 2.4 colophony film shapes CF and EP piece alternant shop is put inside the mould. Wrap Fu lay up with vacuum bag, vacuumize of use vavuum pump, take out air. Heat next make EP fused and macerate CF, make through appropriate time next EP solidify. The interstitial rate that the main good point of this law is composite material is low, can obtain high CF content accurately; Lay up cleanness, be helpful for health and safety, and produce cost low. Main drawback is current use at space navigation industry only, had not won large-scale promotion; The mould asks to be able to withstand the craft temperature of EP diaphragm. More information pays close attention to Http://cnfrp.net of composite material website please

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