Open quotation of grand prosperous electron signs up for 7.46 yuan yesterday, end 09:50 minutes, this go up 9.95% newspapers 8.07 yuan, zip harden board.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Disclose, also do not have what, no more than is prices of close epoxy resin good, accept the order receive be irresolute when firmness is needed, the number that count money in one's hand cramp stopped. Market of an epoxy resin communicates group, there is the iron lever vermicelli made from bean starch of a grand prosperous electron inside, earned money on stock of grand prosperous electron every time, with respect to can aglow Bao Qinghe, harden board is a case bright red bag. This morning, grand prosperous electron one harden, send a bright red package, I am grab a customer, more than 30 yuan in one's hand, great rejoicing, added a drumstick midday. Close period of time, epoxy resin good prices can persist, this year should won't differ, buy epoxy resin idea should be to earn firmly not deficient, hope grand prosperous electron and rainbow of mayor of ox of Na Weiren elder brother, wrap aglow every day. Continuance of double today phenolic A goes up situation, the newspaper receives 29800 yuan / ton, the business that manage money holds out valence to accuse to estimate a sale, defeat 30000 yuan / ton be concerned about leaves tomorrow; Order of export of annulus oxygen chloric propane has add without decrease, interest good news is ceaseless, the newspaper receives 15000 yuan / ton, sun rises 300 yuan / ton, occupy the personage inside course of study to forecast, because a large number of exit are pulled,move, epicycle annulus develops 16000 yuan on chloric price hopeful / ton. Superintend group undertakes in garden of economy of loop of badge state division superintend and director is checked today, so factory of this area colophony be ready in take action and dish do not sign up for; And home each are big the factory also is sealed mostly dish do not receive, asked some big plant is led, because accept the order to had been filled this month,inform and the part needs to be delayed to will hand in May, at present already boundless can be received, and the order May is vogue early, so but seal dish, other plant is roughly such, some factories are obliged to pull costly case to decline. Quote of main trend of bucket costume market is in now 40500-41000 yuan / ton, clinch a deal not much, medicinal powder door just needed a few purchasing to give priority to. As downstream inventory increasingly exiguous, predict to clinch a deal meeting step up, follow-up price remains the same strong, close attention overhauls manufacturer to halt postpartum vicissitude of the market.

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15-18 December

New York City