The day before yesterday, the article forecasts a Zhou Huan the whole line of product of oxygen industry catenary waves red give priority to. Enter this week, have no missay as expected, neither one product does not go up. Double today raw material is pulled again new tall, dish hind the newspaper closes: Annulus chloric Jiangsu 13500 yuan / ton, hua Dong of double phenolic A 21300 yuan / ton, there all are 200 yuan yesterday relatively / ton go up. According to the analysis, this week follow-up is strong still the pattern that give priority to. Suffer double original cost to affect, colophony factory go up in succession today v factory quoted price, some is big the factory goes up one day twice, show the necessity that moves price and pressing sex from this. As just needed to come out to take money stage by stage, colophony factory accepts the order to also pass half, did not have the thirsty feeling that accepts the order at the beginning of the month, state of mind to good. As we have learned, partial plant delivers goods begin insecurity to rise, after some plant tank car discharge goods to plan to want to issue half moon, gaze around again indecisive, run out of grain of really possible run out of rice and fuel. Had issued sheet, some goods had been not sent, some still go up in the road, goods did not rise to the price, suddenly feel appreciation, it is a bit little surprise; Hesitation did not take, perhaps buy what more or less to have surplus grain with how much, estimation should pat ham to have bit of small dismay now. Do not have a thing, thing of the daily life of a family of profit and loss, not too care about. Adjust good intention condition, metre of follow closely market, the life continues even.

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