Because epoxy resin is stuck receive strength tall, stick receive wide, shrinkage the advantage such as the processability with the insulating property with low, good, excellent stability, mechanical tall, good strength, apply extensively at coating of electric insulation mould, anticorrosion, metal stick receive wait for a domain. In recent years, epoxy resin develops flourishingly as an industry rose.

But most now annulus oxygen goods is able to bear or endure await function relative weakness, produce fill of annulus oxygen adhesive, LED to seal glue, epoxy resin to act the role of especially when tasting glue to wait, strict to product color requirement, also be opposite thereby of annulus oxygen system fought yellow denaturation to be able to raise taller requirement.

The element that causes annulus oxygen goods to fizzle out changeably has a lot of. 1, carbonyl of generation of easy oxidation of structure of A of epoxy resin double phenol forms scent a group of things with common features hair Huang Ji is round; 2, component of amine of the dissociate in amine solidify agent is direct as aggregate as epoxy resin, bring about local limits warm up, become yellow quickly; 3, accelerant of amine of father's younger brother, Ren radical phenolic accelerant is below illuminate of hot oxygen, UV changeful color; 4, the temperature in reaction process is exorbitant, activator of the impurity that remains in the system, metal is met prevail on is yellow change.

Effective means of settlement adds antioxidant and ultraviolet absorbefacient namely, can prevent effectively to fizzle out with defer happening change. However the sort of antioxidant is various, select applicable product from which, need certain technical support and experience to accumulate.

The classification of antioxidant, one kind is advocate antioxidant: Had taken oxidation freedom base, basically be suffocate suffocate phenolic antioxidant; One kind is auxiliary antioxidant: Decompose hydrogen to cross oxide, basically be inferior phosphoric acid ester kind, sulfur acting ester kind. Usually, according to the production of each manufacturer craft reachs raw material, dissolvent, auxiliary, filling, of which phase yellow change, yellow change of degree different, and the proposal uses different antioxidant.

Cause oxidation of annulus oxygen system to fizzle out the main prime culprit that change still has ultraviolet ray, origin basically is sun's rays, accordingly, the product that comes out to production in the face especially needs the client that outdoors uses, we can recommend the ultraviolet absorbefacient that adds certain amount in the product, absorb ultraviolet radiation effectively, defer yellow change. And, ultraviolet ray and antioxidant are used together, can remove a synergism, arrive since 1 add 1 be more than the effect of 2.

Of course, the use of antioxidant and ultraviolet absorbefacient not can from go up at all solve yellow change problem, but inside the limits with be in certain and proper time, still prevent product oxidation effectively to fizzle out change, maintain product water quality transparent, increase the class of the product.

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