On November 15, annulus is chloric present smooth state, jiangsu sends it is 16800 yuan / ton, relatively reduce 800 yuan considerably last weekend / ton. At present propylene law cost is less than 10000 yuan / ton, profit vacuum is giant, gain of current market price is sizable. And glycerine law is done not have so lucky, demand is low fan, inventory perch, cost is hanged profitless, even so miserable still cannot stop drop, in the bookshops passes a part to produce business new sheet to offer to be reduced actively, have dozen of idea that suppresses glycerine, predict to fall again even a few. BPA contest is patted is round swim, clinch a deal be in 15600 yuan / ton, obvious market confidence is insufficient. But difference of fluctuation midday price is apparent, do not value in the morning have a cable high afternoon 17000 yuan / ton, your person surpriseds, ascertain is not appeared. According to tall person the analysis discloses, at present PC has profit, start working bear carries somewhat litre, demand of double phenolic A will have growth. LER leaves completely, PC factory is purchased actively to the factory, makings general supports BPA market, whether durative look observes again. If LER is analysed, few shop is small are adjusted, other not throw the troops into battle mostly, hand in early days order to give priority to. The factory does not lack order for goods temporarily, delivery slants close fluctuate plus double raw material each different, need observes tendercy goes after that, adjust a plan to be laid aside temporarily, estimate future for some time, LER market will still be given priority to calmly, just needed to purchase a risk not quite.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City