Before two years, epoxy resin price all the way Gao Ge, attracted large quantities of colophony manufacturer to march annulus oxygen market, let reaching the sky of complain of suffering of manufacturer of annulus oxygen rubber however. At this late hour, accompany those who follow a double raw material to stop drop, the price of epoxy resin also stops from this drop time firm, factory of mainstream epoxy resin renews quoted price in succession. The market also has the sign of small get warm again after a cold spell, the part is versed in be moved on price of factory annulus oxygen. Price of new reference of solid epoxy resin is in 16800 yuan that day / ton, price of new reference of liquid epoxy resin is in 18300 yuan / or so tons before this, the bluff type that passed two months drops, epoxy resin price already fell to low, main reason is demand has disappeared to turn continuously and double raw material dives greatly. Loss of annulus oxygen company, announce stop production in succession, market supply is cut and apparent. To this, the Ceng Shen before this spends public figure of the know the inside story inside course of study analyse think, epoxy resin is produced can superfluous, it is to cause cause of epoxy resin unprofitable. Before “ some one knife cuts year of chemical industry project, epoxy resin enterprise builds a purpose to examine and approve get the rigid limitation of relevant function branch. But in recent years composite material of one part carbon fiber is used with epoxy resin, optical character reach special electron material to be labelled by relevant section with ” of epoxy resin of high-powered “ special type new material of ” of “ card neck, what close personage and expert through photograph of inside and outside of course of study is excessive unscramble, ” of a few neck of card of epoxy resin of “ special type are thought to include solid state, liquid state by accident these extremely common double phenolic A epoxy resin inside all epoxy resin, the investment that caused surge of a heat wave consequently builds factory upsurge. And, suffer public opinion guiding, epoxy resin is built produce can become relatively easy. ”Concerned data statistic shows, mainland epoxy resin is existing produce per year can many tons 200, in build and plan to build produce per year can have many tons 400, aggregate have be close to 7 million tons / year. However, real consumption was mainland epoxy resin 2021 1.5 million ~ 1.7 million tons, among them electron electric, coating, answer material (the report that contain wind) 3 large trades are occupied each about 30% , the others 10% medicinal powder in be being used in other industry. Produce can (contain produce potentially can) with reality exist between consumption 3 times or the superfluous circumstance of 3 times above. Nevertheless, the epoxy resin that there still are nearly 40 companies this year is built or extend, ability revises a project, those who have relevant procedures examine and approve a newspaper to send.

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