Workaday 2022, trade day, the whole line of product of catenary of annulus oxygen industry waves red. Contest of BPA of petrifaction of short for Zhejiang Province is patted annulus relatively before leave high, before changing a few round of You Jiong condition, pull go up 3 rounds to clinch a deal, than last week 4 go up 1600 yuan / ton. This day all has plant of downstream PC/ colophony merchandise on hand is purchased, the market that makes supply insecurity originally more show have too many problems to deal with, discuss atmosphere enthusiastic. The business that manage money offers tall look forward to, 18200-18300 is as high as when closing quotation yuan / ton. Relatively last weekend closing quotation rises 1100-1200 yuan / ton. Trafficker predicts, tomorrow open quotation will be in 18500 yuan / ton or over, clinch a deal limits can be in 18500-19000 yuan / ton between, this is a bit horrible. Annulus oxygen chloric propane also is the cause with tight money, strong today rise, merchandise on hand is looked for hard. Information website closing quotation 16000 yuan / ton around, should be futures as we have learned, intent of factory merchandise on hand is in 16500 yuan / ton or on face, will observe the routine of Shandong some company quotes tomorrow, predicting is push on centre of gravity. In view of last week BPA already accumulative total rises 1000 yuan / ton, when 5 have a factory to face closing quotation last week, announce to seal dish do not receive, although other plant does not have a movement, during having a holiday actually, also do not accept the order, wait to be sealed then dish. LER market changes today last week declining tendency, begin hair power, early announce to rise in price with respect to factory of home of know exactly about sth, also have announce to seal dish of observation. Rise in price atmosphere makes just needed market vivid capriole to come immediately, some is big after the factory delivers goods order the plan delays a platoon to 10 days at a draught, be forced afternoon seal temporarily dish; Another big plant rises in price in the morning, before coming off work, announce to defer to accept the order again, the extent that moves price does not follow to go up double raw material goes up when, must look again etc. Double raw material goes up too suddenly too fast, cause what low of colophony factory early days receives to did not hand in monadlist to be close to the brim of deficit likely, the bill that so later period receives must consider somewhat profit is made up for. Look so, this month price of LER of the first ten days of a month not only drop impossibly, continue the raise on concussion is to do not have doubt. Before coming off work today, bucket of LER of some big plant announcement installs Jiangsu 700 yuan are moved on price general / ton, tank car rises in price 900 yuan / ton, not diatomic, carry out formally on January 5, this sees LER factory holds out the strength of valence and manner. In great majority of annulus oxygen market the person looks empty atmosphere in, product of catenary of annulus oxygen industry is crossed year receive pawn applause, tiger year happy event greet make a good beginning, must saying is good sign, hear today wind report had big odd invite public bidding again recently, it is with might doubled more, meddlesome and geminate, do not make does the price rise situation if is rainbow had absolutely period? Predict shipment is smooth before January 20, so after 20 days, content shedding decreases stage by stage, have a holiday gradually downstream, demand halt comes down, how should the product that colophony factory lacks flow deal with? Be to hold out valence to do inventory or tone price to make sales promotion? Our wait and see what happens.

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