(one) the notional epoxy resin of epoxy resin is the annulus that two above contain in structure of catenary of finger height element the floorboard of the high polymer compound of oxygen radical group, belong to colophony of hot solid sex, representative colophony is of double phenolic A epoxy resin (2) the characteristic of epoxy resin (point to double phenolic A epoxy resin normally) value of alone epoxy resin application is very low, it needs to cooperate to use ability to have economic value with solidify agent. 2. Stick high receive strength: In synthesizing adhesive the adhesive bonding intensity of epoxy resin glue occupies front row. 3. Solidify shrinkage is small, the shrinkage *** in glue of the epoxy resin in adhesive is small, this also is one of reasons with tall adhesive bonding of solidify of epoxy resin glue. For example: Glue of phenolic aldehyde colophony: 8—10% ; Organic silicone glue: Glue of 6—8% polyester colophony: 4—8% ; Epoxy resin glue: If 1—3% machines the shrinkage of epoxy resin glue after to be able to fall through modified for 0.1—0.3% , hot coefficient of expansion is 6.0×10-5/ ℃ 4. Be able to bear or endure chemical performance is good: In solidify system annulus of ether radical, benzene and adipose hydroxyl suffer soda acid not easily to erode. Enrage in the hydrogen of seawater, oil, kerosene, 10% vitriolic, 10% chloridize, 10% acid that taste second, 10% ammonia, 10% phosphoric acid and two years can be used in 30% soda ash; And in 50% vitriolic immerse with normal temperature of 10% nitric acid half an year; Caustic soda (100 ℃ ) immerse a month, function keeps changeless. 5. Insulating property is admirable: The puncture voltage of epoxy resin can be more than 35kv/mm6. Technical properties is patiently and stability of measure of good, product, good with bibulous rate low. The good point of double phenolic A epoxy resin is admittedly good, but also have its drawback: ① . Operation viscosity is big, this appears a little no-go in construction respect ② . Condensate sex is fragile, percentage elongation is small. ③ . Come off intensity is low. ④ . Be able to bear or endure mechanical concussion and thermal shock are poor (3) the uses epoxy resin application of epoxy resin: ① coating industry: Epoxy resin needs dosage in coating industry, at present relatively *** uses coating of ability in swimming, coating and Gao Gu divide coating. But *** is used at the industry such as conduit container, car, shipping, spaceflight, electron, toy, handicraft. Industry of ② electron electric equipment: Epoxy resin glue can be used at electric insulating material, for example the sealed perfusion of rectifier, transformer; Electron yuan the sealed protection of parts of an apparatus; The insulation processing of mechanical and electrical products and stick receive; Of accumulator sealed stick receive; The surface of capacitor, resistor, inductor wraps around Fu. ③ hardware is acted the role of article, handicraft, sporting goods tastes an industry: Can use at sign, adorn article, on the product such as things of brand, hardware, bat, fishing tackle, exercise, handicraft. ④ photoelectricity industry: Can use at glow diode (LED) , lamp of indication screen of digital canal, canal resembling element, electron, LED acts the role of those who wait for a product to enclose, perfusion and stick receive. ⑤ builds industry: Repair in construction of paint of system of level ground of road, bridge, ground, steely structure, building, wall, dikes and dams, engineering, cultural relic wait for an industry to also be met *** is used. ⑥ adhesive, sealant and composite material domain: Wait for all sorts of material like lamina of wind- driven dynamo, handicraft, pottery and porcelain, glass between stick receive, of the material of compound, microelectronics of carbon fiber plank sealed etc. (4) the character of epoxy resin glue 1, epoxy resin glue is to its on the foundation of epoxy resin character undertakes rework or modified, make its performance data accord with specific requirement, normally epoxy resin glue also needs to ability of solidify agent collocation is used, and need mixes even hind ability is complete solidify, glue of general epoxy resin calls A glue or advocate agent, solidify agent calls B glue or solidify agent (stiffening agent) 2, the major attribute before mirrorring solidify of epoxy resin glue has: Color, viscosity, proportion, deserve to compare, time of gel time, up time, solidify, touch denaturation (stop shed a gender) , tension of hardness, surface. Viscosity (Viscosity) : It is the internal friction obstruction that in showing colloid is flowing, produces, its numerical value is decided by the element such as corporeal sort, temperature, chroma. Gel time: Sizy solidify is the course that changes to solidify from the liquid, the time of the critical condition from glue begins reaction to have solid body of colloid incline to is gel time, it decides by the element such as the mixture quantity of epoxy resin glue, temperature (depend on different product is different setting) touch denaturation: This character is to show colloid suffers outside force to touch (shake, agitate, oscillatory, ultrasonic) when, the master piece outside following is used by stiff become rare, when outside element suspends action, colloid restores the phenomenon of the consistency when before again

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