Open quotation of grand prosperous electron will sign up for 7.15 yuan on April 8, end 13:20 minutes, this go up 10.06% newspapers 7.66 yuan, zip harden board, share price already approached historical high price. Grand prosperous electron basically pursues the production of epoxy resin of electric sub level and sale, also be home gives priority to course of study exclusively with epoxy resin advocate board appear on the market enterprise. Since January, BPA is pulled go up, a series of elements such as insecurity of exit grow in quantity, inflation, stop production, merchandise on hand, bring about madness of market of domestic epoxy resin to rise, the price does not get control. At present liquid colophony already was close to 40 thousand yuan / ton, rise compared to the same period 153% ; Solid colophony also breaks through 30 thousand yuan / ton col, rise compared to the same period 152% . The crumble of “ ceiling ” of tradition of market price case, where can prospective high price go to, everybody cannot be forecasted. It is OK to contrast a little discovery, the price that the share price of grand prosperous electron takes situation and domestic epoxy resin goes closely related situation, since January, the share price of grand prosperous electron grew 70% above steadily. Often pay close attention to grand prosperous electron can know, investor people the price that pays close attention to epoxy resin very, colophony rises in price, investor people buy go up the mood is met very rising. Annals had not released grand prosperous electron 2020, but premonitory already went out: The company predicts 2020 year vest in appears on the market the net gain of company shareholder adds 51.14 million yuan compared to the same period - 73.54 million yuan, grow 32%-45% left and right sides compared to the same period. Compare at annals, what should care more is this year actually the outstanding achievement first quarter, the likelihood is more exaggerative. Foreground is auspicious, trustee adds hold electron of grand prosperous of company stock   evening will release announcement to say on April 7: The company gets president Lin Ruirong, director / general manager Jiang Shengzong, trustee / Lin Renzong of vise general manager increases the announcement that opposes company stock plan of one's own accord, the confidence that is based on pair of companies to did not develop and the approbating that invest value for a long time to the company, afore-mentioned personnel plans remove the kind that allows through system of Shanghai stock exchange inside 6 months to add from this announcement day hold company share. Lin Ruirong, river gets the better of a Bencizeng to hold his amount not less than money 800 thousand yuan, do not exceed money 1.5 million yuan; Bencizeng holds Lin Renzong amount general not less than money 200 thousand yuan, do not exceed money 500 thousand yuan, add hold place to need capital to be own reserves.

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